Belief In Science Increases In Stressful Situations

belief in scienceBelief doesn’t have to be superstitious or irrational to give us comfort. e! Science News reports:

A faith in the explanatory and revealing power of science increases in the face of stress or anxiety, a study by Oxford University psychologists suggests. The researchers argue that a ‘belief in science’ may help non-religious people deal with adversity by offering comfort and reassurance, as has been reported previously for religious belief.

‘It’s not just believing in God that is important for gaining these psychological benefits, it is belief in general,’ says Dr. Farias. ‘It may be that we as humans are just prone to have belief, and even atheists will hold non-supernatural beliefs that are reassuring and comforting.’

The researchers say their findings are consistent with the idea that belief in science increases when secular individuals are placed in threatening situations. They go on to suggest that a belief in science may help non-religious people deal with adverse conditions.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Whoa there, cowboy! Don’t you think you may be jumping the gun a bit?

    Merely understanding that there is a statistically consistent set of relationships between two phenomena doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be tormented by a neurotic need to manipulate them. There is always the possibility that you understand but simply do not give a sh*t.

  • DeepCough

    To a degree, I can attest to this. I myself have been dying from a very painful cancer, and, for some reason, it has made me infinitely more astute in the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics than I was in high school, (at that time, I was a “Liberal Arts” major). But ultimately, death just has a way of realigning your perception.

    • BuzzCoastin

      “Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of being hanged at dawn”
      Samuel Johnson

    • BuzzCoastin

      sorry to hear about your medical condition
      I hope this period of difficulty passes favorably
      and that your new found focus results in renewed health

  • BuzzCoastin

    yeah, the ‘belief in science’
    has taken the place of conventional religion for atheists
    and it would have to be a belief & not a reliance on the facts
    because science has very few facts at its disposal
    and science has a history of being doctrinaire &
    manipulated for the benefit of a few to the detriment of the many

    all the benefits of our modern science
    have brought us to the brink of extinction
    even god is better than that

    • bobbiethejean

      He said, blissfully ignorant of or purposely ignoring the fact that the very internet and computer he used to type his message were both brought about by science, without which he would still be in a cave, smearing his shit on the walls and cursing that guy with all those silly ideas about wheels and fire and planting crops.

      • BuzzCoastin

        he said blissfully ignorant of the fact
        that the very internet and computer
        he used to type his message
        was used to spy on him
        rob him of every shred of privacy
        and possibly imprison him
        for saying something wrong on the internet
        smearing his shit on the cell walls and cursing
        that guy with all those silly ideas
        about how technology can save humanity
        and set humans free

        this message brought to you by PRISM
        the pinnacle of scientific spying

        • bobbiethejean

          He continued, still using the internet and computer, not realizing that those negative aspects are the fault of corrupt government, not science.

          • BuzzCoastin

            it’s obvious you’re clueless about my position
            since I’ve repeatedly pointed out here
            that technology & science are not your friend
            so how could I not realize their negative effects?

            it’s also obvious you have one sided points of view
            that you’re attached to
            whereas I hold that science & technology
            have both services & disservices
            but at this point in the game
            their disservices far outweigh the services

            and it was science that enable the government’s overreach
            as it has for thousands of years

          • bobbiethejean

            If I’m clueless about your position, it is because you have failed to communicate your thoughts in a logical, coherent manner. Based on what you’ve said in this thread, it is not unreasonable to conclude that you’re too lacking in self-awareness to realize how hypocritical it is to complain about science while relying so heavily on it, especially since you could just move off into the mountains and adopt the cavetard lifestyle you seem to be espousing so vehemently.

            I acknowledge that science is not perfect and it has its downsides but all these detractions you brandy about are NOT the fault of science; they are the fault of humans. Science is merely a method of understanding our universe and technology is the child of that knowledge. What we humans do with that knowledge and power is on OUR heads. You can’t blame science for the consequences of humanity’s shortsightedness, greed, and lack of empathy anymore than you can blame knowing how fire works for getting burnt.

            So put that in your smoke and pipe it!

          • BuzzCoastin

            Science is a tool of humans and not an individual with some kind of noble bearing. It’s a friggin human tool that has been kinda deified by stupefied humans.

            Take a look around you, you’re living in Science Land.
            This is your idea of Paradise, the product of science?

            sent from my ISpyPhone

          • alizardx

            bobbiethejean and I disagree with respect to what you meant by that comment – care to settle this?

          • BuzzCoastin

            hearz an easier way to think about it
            every service has a disservice

            yin & yang
            can’t have one without the other
            to pretend that science has no disservice
            only bad tool handlers
            they become blinded to the real disservices

            we shape our tools
            and then our tools shape us

          • bobbiethejean

            “Science is a tool of humans.” Pay attention because I’ve about had enough of your ridiculousness. You DO NOT blame the tool when the human does something stupid with it. If technology blows something up for facilitates the stealing of your mightily important personal data such as how long you spend playing videogames or how often you search the term “donkey midget sex,” YOU DO NOT BLAME THE TECHNOLOGY OR THE SCIENCE, you blame the people misusing it! This is simple logic. I don’t understand how you can not be getting this.

            As for living in Scienceland, yeah, I’m happy to be. My mother would not be alive if we weren’t.

          • BuzzCoastin

            hey bobbie
            I have a rule
            I never respond to you
            and then months go by and I forget
            then I respond
            and then I remember why I don’t respond to you

          • bobbiethejean

            Because I correct you when you’re wrong. No one likes being corrected.

      • alizardx

        I suspect what he meant is that science should not take the place of religion.

        If that’s what he meant, I agree.

        Science is a mental tool kit for evaluating the parts of the real world accessible to that kind of evaluation, and that’s precisely what I use it for. Just as I use an oscilloscope for analyzing electrical signals. I don’t treat it with reverence any more than I treat my tool bag with reverence.

        Anyone who “believes in it” is doing it wrong.

        • bobbiethejean

          That’s not how I interpret his words at all. It sounds to me like he’s blaming the faults of humanity on science which is merely a method of understanding our universe. You can’t blame science for humanity’s failings anymore than you can blame knowing how fire works for getting burnt. Ne?

          • alizardx

            Posted a reply above to his comment, pointed a link to your comment, invited him to tell us what he meant. We could both be wrong. :-)

        • BuzzCoastin

          what I’m pointing out
          is that Science is not your friend
          and that what passes for Science is really a religion
          and what I’ve noticed here is
          that it’s OK to take on establish religions
          especially when they are called religions
          but it really pisses people off
          when you challenge the religion of science

          science as the exploration of Nature in itself is benign
          but its scientific application is usually destructive

          Viktor Schauberger was a Natural scientist
          who discovered some some interesting properties of water
          he was naive and
          like a proud kid wanted to show off his discoveries
          he did
          and then
          they were used to harvest the old growth forest in Austria
          with serious ecological consequences

          Science is not your friend
          and you should be wary of its consequences

          and you can tell boobie that Science
          cannot be separated from humans
          it’s a fucking human mental construct
          it’s a human artifact
          and not a stand alone thing
          and to make it SCIENCE
          is to anthropomorphize a human tool

          • bobbiethejean

            Yes, science CAN be separated from humans. It was called The Dark Ages, genius.

        • bobbiethejean

          Now do you understand? “is that Science is not your friend
          and that what passes for Science is really a religion.” and you can tell boobie that Science cannot be separated from humans
          it’s a fucking human mental construct it’s a human artifact
          Says it all right there.

  • Brian William Thomas Whalen

    someone falling to their death feels reassured because “oh its just gravity” science is not religion