Brazilian Television Host Fails Hilariously In Effort To Paint Protests As Unpopular

A must-watch case of mainstream media manipulation crashing and burning as a broadcaster is repeatedly stymied in his efforts to use a live push poll to make it seem as if the Brazilian public at large is opposed to the recent political unrest. As he would put it, “It’s neck and neck but a lot more people say ‘yes’ than ‘no’. But we can say it’s equal.”

  • Jeff A. Taylor

    A true classic

  • Adamas Macalz

    this fucker can dance

  • Ittabena

    Cna you hear what he is thinking as the vote goes the wrong way? “I hope I still have a job after this, it sucks to be me right now.”

  • InAwe


  • Rhoid Rager

    “Perhaps we phrased the question wrong.”
    Are you in favour of protests with riots and babies on fire?

    • sonicbphuct

      ok, ok. we must have phrased badly: Are you in favor of protests with riots, babies on fire, your loved ones being raped by masked men with elephant arms, and your house being burned down? Hmm… ok, lets try this again…

  • Anarchy Pony

    Go back to bed, Brazil, you’re government is in control again.

  • echar

    Is it just me or does his face look digitized?

    • alanbnogueira

      It is just you. I saw this program alive. This guy, and his program which is a kind of Fox News program, became a joke between the protesters.

      • echar

        That’s how fake this person appears to me though. It may be the poor quality of the video. Thanks for sharing your experience.

        • alanbnogueira

          It is OK. If you see him everyday, you will not believe that someone like him truly exist.