Canada’s CSEC Runs Massive Domestic Spying Program

Canada has a massive domestic spying program of its own:

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On the basis of secret government directives, Canada’s national security apparatus is conducting mass surveillance of Canadians parallel to, if not directly patterned after, the domestic spying operations of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the NSA’s Canadian counterpart and longstanding partner, has been scrutinizing the metadata of Canadians’ electronic communications since at least 2005.

Moreover, the NSA routinely provides Canada’s security agencies with intelligence on Canadians and CSEC reciprocates by providing U.S. intelligence officials with information about people living in the U.S. This arrangement allows both agencies to circumvent legal bans on warrantless surveillance of their own citizenry’s communications.

It was “common” for NSA “to pass on information about Canadians,” Wayne Easter, Canada’s Solicitor-General in 2002-3, told the Toronto Star this week. As Solicitor-General, Easter was responsible for overseeing the operations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The extent and scope of CSEC’s spying and who is being targeted and why are all zealously guarded state secrets. The CSEC functions under secret directives issued by the Minister of Defence—directives whose very existence is unknown to parliamentarians, let alone the public at large.

The Conservative government has responded to this week’s slight and very partial lifting of the veil on CSEC activities with a campaign of disinformation, dissembling and lies. This campaign has been facilitated by the opposition parties, especially the ostensibly leftwing New Democratic Party, and the corporate media; they have made no more than tepid calls for greater transparency about the CSCE’s spying.

On Monday, the Globe and Mail reported that in November 2011, Defence Minister Peter MacKay signed a secret directive authorizing the CSEC to continue its “mining” of the metadata of Canadians’ telephone and internet communications. The Globe said the program had been first authorized by Bill Graham, Defence Minister in Paul Martin’s Liberal government, in 2005, that is six years earlier.

MacKay, like U.S. President Barack Obama, responded to this revelation of massive state spying by flatly denying that CSEC is “targeting” Canadians or violating constitutional prohibitions on warrantless surveillance of their communications. This lie is predicated on the drawing of a spurious distinction between the metadata created by any electronic communication and the rest of the communication and on the transparently false claim that such information is innocuous.

According to the Globe, a briefing prepared for MacKay in 2011, presumably by CSEC or lawyers within his department, declared, “Metadata is information associated with a telecommunication … And not a communication.”


  • Daniel Gill

    Canada has managed to thwart numerous terrorist attacks since this spying began. Some of them were plans that would have resulted in a lot of deaths. It’s hard to criticize the spying…

    • Rhoid Rager

      *does secret prison camp handshake* you can speak freely here, friend. the guards are busy in Calgary at the moment.

    • BuzzCoastin

      what? they stopped the anti-bankster protestors from protesting?

      • Daniel Gill

        look up the Toronto 18

        • shablon

          Grooming some impressionable people, brainwashing them, and spending millions to do it, by some ambitious cop, does not result in “saving Canada”.Zionists do that every day in the occupied Palestine. Give a kid rock and encourage him to throw it at a Jeep, then go an cuff him at three o’clock in the morning in his house. This a Zionist technic, Canadians must not fall for this crap.

          • Daniel Gill

            no this was seriously a heinous plan.. to bomb a commuter train, would have resulted in a lot of deaths and these people who concocted this plan had the materials and the means to do it, they had it all worked out and was feasibly before they were caught

          • shablon

            Every plot is heinous. Although it seems every Zionist plot is not heinous at all. Setting up people and providing them the means to do the deed is also heinous

          • Biggly

            And who told you all this? The same gov’ spying on you, right?

        • BuzzCoastin

          it early in the morning
          and I haven’t read the whole thing
          but it looks like they foiled a terrorist plot
          in Algeria
          Algeria is now part of Canada?

        • Christopher

          They were caught because the group was infiltrated, not because of sweeping, suspicionless, domestic surveillance.

          Please use relevant examples next time.

    • misinformation

      It’s hard to argue with that evidence.

    • Simon Valentine

      the picture is nice.
      maybe some of them just don’t realize that people do help when asked.
      i guess they don’t play enough MMO to run it all like an MMO.

    • Calypso_1

      no one stops death

    • Rhoid Rager

      where’d you get thinking like that anyways?

  • echar

    Maybe the Canadians who make the noise are busy criticizing America to see what’s happening right under their noses?