Coincidence Control Network Podcast: Laser Pizza Edition


This week: The Beast cometh!, Weed Weekly, Wake up and smell the bacon, Joe’s infomercial, Beware the Build-A-Bear Group, Kim wants Google glass to look at porn because Kim is a massive perv, Icke-TV, Bradley Manning’s trial, Kim wants to join the Israeli army to perv over girls because Kim is a massive perv, and Lou Reed gets a new liver…for cash.


PersonnelJoe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins


  • The Mark of The Beast has Arrived! – Link

  • Two excellent reasons to get stoned – Link

  • Francis Bacon’s Triptych Turns 40 Link Link

  • Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2 Link Link

  • Bilderberg comes to the Uk, provides speakers corner for twats – Link, Link

  • Awwwwwwww – Link

  • David Icke is launching a TV channel … fuuuuuu- Link Link

  • Bradley Manning’s Trial Begins Link

  • Lots of reasons to join the army – Link

  • Lou Reed Gets a New Liver Link


Arnie, The Lonely Island, and Zombi

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Joe Nolan was born under a bad sign on June 13th in Detroit, Michigan in the last Metal Year of the Dog. Polymath, provocateur, inter-media artist, his tell-tale signs have turned up in music, visual art, journalism, poetry, fiction, video and film. A double Gemini, his interests range from the pharmacology of phenomenology to fly fishing; from mysticism to mixed martial arts; from chaos science to chaos magick. Joe Nolan's Insomnia blog republishes to some of the most read counter-culture sites on the web and the Coincidence Control Network podcast which he hosts has been downloaded more than half-a-million times.He is recording his fourth CD in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives to the east of the Cumberland river on a little wooded lot dubbed Bohemian Walnut Grove.

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6 Comments on "Coincidence Control Network Podcast: Laser Pizza Edition"

  1. I listened to this and enjoyed it.

    A couple things

    I am not sure if the password tattoos and pills are about being lazy, at least in the consumer market. I think they would be more like appealing to peoples egos, just imagine the God like feeling one could have if things around them reacted by proximity.

    There is an annoying side about dealing with adverts in differing media mediums such as Back to the Future II, Minority report, and a few books by Neal Stephenson.

    As far as buying things, this can already be done with a cell phone, or with those credit cards that touch to the credit machine to pay. So the whole mark of the beast thing, not so much. Yet I feel this was dealt with in the show by signifying this may be more of a concern for those that are more religious minded.

    • We regularly deal in wild exaggeration and dubious research 🙂 Plus we love sending up anyone who sees a conspiracy around every corner. Also, I think you’re right – a lot of it has to do with fashion, ego, early adoption mentality etc. Thanks for listening!

  2. emperorreagan | Jun 12, 2013 at 12:03 pm |

    The Beast has arrived…and its name is the Google/NSA private-public initiative. You will be bound to your device, all data will be collected, and your behavior will be modeled. All dissenters will be sent to re-education camps.

    • Please, Mr. Reagan, say it ain’t so??!!?!?!?! I’m reminded of Harry Dean Stanton in RED DAWN – “Avenge me!!!”

      • emperorreagan | Jun 13, 2013 at 9:20 am |

        With the popularity of public-private partnerships, you can’t expect ole scratch to miss the opportunity!

        On the plus side, it will give me the opportunity to move on to an exciting second career as an amateur surgeon. I’m stockpiling hacksaw blades and gauze already! And I’ve got the flyer text ready:

        “Took the Mark of the BEAST (TM) before you realized what it was? Let Emperor Reagan, (fake) MD, fix your problem!

        Pack 1 lb of rice, 1 lb of lentils, and 6 cans of assorted vegetables into a bag. Hike into the state park, following the orange blazes. At the 13th orange blaze, head southwest approximately 1200 paces until you see a large oak tree marked with a V in blue chalk, 2 feet above the ground.

        Leave the food underneath the oak tree. Head due west an additional 400 paces. Another large oak will be marked with a V in yellow chalk. A canteen will be tucked into a small directly below the V. Drink the contents of the canteen and lean against the tree.
        When you come to, the appendage which offends the sight of God shall no longer trouble you.”

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