Contacting Extra Dimensional Forms of Intelligence Through Sex Magick

kingofwitchesservitor3(1)The other day I got yet another question about the nature of sex magick on the Facebooks (like my page) and it occurred to me, you know, if I had a quick guide I could refer these people to that’d make my life easier, and hell, not everyone’s going to ask me questions on Facebook (or follow me on twitter @Thad_McKraken) so I might as well just get it out there. As a matter of fact, I actually directed this person to an article Jason Louv just did on the topic, but I’m not super comfortable with that either, mainly because I completely rejected a lot of the supposed fundamentals of that protocol regarding sigil design years ago. I didn’t choose magick, magick chose me (long story and you’ll have to read my book), and maybe a part of the reason magick chose me is because I’d revise the narrative on the subject of what sex magick is and what it does.

First off, what you’re doing with sex magick is developing your ability to communicate telepathically. Human language is the operating system by which our brains are tuning us into reality, but it’s also incredibly primitive. The other side communicates by means of directly projected subjective metaphor. We’re already evolving toward this more advanced means of inner connection unconsciously with our art, music, and films, which are now beamed into our lives via the synthetic telepathy of the internet. Like any spiritual practice, the primary trick you’re pulling with sex magick involves taking yourself out of traditional linguistic thought and evolving toward this next level psionic functioning. Before you get started, it should be noted that while the basics of this stuff are incredibly simple, the implications are potentially paradigm shattering in regards to the way you perceive reality. If you have much of an interest in fitting in with traditional society, stay far, far away as you might just start “talking to gods”, and everyone will think you’re totally batshit.

Choosing an Intent

This is probably the most important part of the whole process and the phrase “be careful what you wish for” exists for a reason. Don’t be a dick. If you request incredibly selfish shit that’s only going to benefit you at the expense of others, I’m not saying it’s not going to work, it’s just that you’ll have to suffer whatever pain it is you caused others personally and maybe not even in this life. You very well might be binding yourself to this lower realm for a thousand more boring lives for incredibly short sighted reasons. This is how the lower hellish realms operate.

When you say intent, what do you mean? Pick a plotline that you’d like to see manifest itself in reality. Frame it in the context that what’s good for you is good for the collective whole of our conscious time stream and do your best to live up to that. Write it down and save it in a word document or somewhere where you won’t lose it. Here’s where my take on this differs from the popular version: don’t forget this intent. That’s ridiculous. You’re trying to focus your will, so I’m not sure how forgetting what it is you were trying to accomplish would help you. I’m of the mind that the more you’re aware of these things you want to do with your life (or for the lives of others), the more you’re coming into contact with your true will. Truthfully, I must have missed the part where you were supposed to forget the intent to your sigils when I started. I did the exact opposite. I spend a lot of time molding the contents of my mind’s eye into acrobatic contortions compulsively now, when I’m riding the bus, when I’m bored at work, at concerts. I will say that I’ve been at this for a while and in a lot of instances these plotlines take long periods of time to develop, so there certainly have been instances where years after the fact I all of a sudden realize, oh yeah, that is what I asked for 5 years ago isn’t it? I sort of forgot about that.

Designing a Sigil

The traditional sigil design technique has been discussed ad nauseum and the thing about it is, I’ve never used it. When I was first summoned into my magickal practice, I intuitively rejected the entire protocol and focused more on the fact that Grant Morrison (who piqued my interest in the topic in the first place) was suggesting that the sigil look magickal. I say the more magickal the better, and with crap like photoshop, getting it to that point shouldn’t be tough in this day and age. Forget the whole writing down your intent and taking out the vowels charade. But, that’s the most important part. Really? That’s what Austin Spare suggested and yet when I read a biography about Crowley (I don’t remember which one) it seemed like when he wanted say, money, he’d just envision gold bars in his head during magickal states. So which is it, Crowley or Spare? I go with a bit of both. Write down your intent, and then attach it to an image, the weirder the image the better. That’d be the thing, as mentioned, this is about learning to communicate telepathically. The more complex the shit you can envision in your mind’s eye, the more you’re developing this ability. So whereas a traditional sigil would look like this:


sigilpicMine would look like something like this:




Which is more difficult to hold in your mind’s eye? Well, mine of course, and that’s the point. You’re supposed to be developing this ability. Eventually you can become an entire planet. You’re trying to turn yourself into a god, and that’s the sort of thing that gods do. Limiting yourself to black and white, rather simplistic sigils isn’t going to help you on that path. Fuck, they don’t even have to remain static. See them as living breathing thought forms. Make them dance in your head. Get your weird on.

Not an artist? Totally cool, just pick a piece of art you like, assign your own meaning and use that. Possibly designing a more traditional sigil that comes directly from you would be more effective. I honestly don’t know. Experiment. I’ve used art done by others and it’s seemingly had the same effect.

On another front, I usually assign a 3 or 4 digit number to mine, so I’m envisioning a sigil and simultaneously a 3 or 4 digit number in concordance with said sigil. Why? Because I read a lot of books about remote viewing when I was younger and it’s been fairly well established that our unconscious minds can pick up on the meaning attached to numbers. Is it necessary? I have no idea. Does it work? Yep. I’ve often written the number next to the intent just like they do with remote viewing targets when saving them to my computer. A lot of spiritual people talk about seeing the same numbers everywhere, and I can tell you, if you sigilize a number pattern, it will start showing up everywhere you look, reminding you that the world is made of imagination and not matter.

Creating an Altered Head Space and Charging the Sigil

What I never see anyone mention in articles like these is that the best way to create the altered headspace necessary for sigil projection is weed. I have no idea why so many occultists just gloss over this aspect of the practice, but as I’ve learned from blogging here, people are really fucking uptight when it comes to pot. You’re a druggie, pot isn’t important. Well, I don’t know dick about Crowley, but Robert Anton Wilson studied his shit pretty extensively and his base assessment of Crowley’s practice in the book Cosmic Trigger was that it involved hash based sex tantra. See the first word in that phrase? Yep, that’d be hash. Why is this crucial? Because it intensifies the sexual experience, particularly the orgasmic state. Pot is the most potent sex enhancer we have next to things like Ecstasy and LSD (which work even better), but hey, you’re not going to take those super often are you? Why? Because you’ll fry your brain if you do. Pot is basically harmless and can be used daily if you’re so inclined with far less consequence than even a daily drinking regimen (which does exactly nothing to intensify the sexual experience I’d point out, although it does tend to get people naked). Oh and hey, pot’s now legal in places like my home state of Washington. I still don’t believe this is necessary because I hate weed. Well, Grant Morrison was admittedly high the entire time he was writing the Invisibles and when he had his “abduction experience”. So was Robert Anton Wilson when he made contact with beings he interpreted as being from the “Sirius Star System”. If you’re not using weed, you’re not really doing what those guys were doing now are you?

So, smoke pot and then have sex and visualize your chosen sigil in your mind’s eye while doing so. Doesn’t honestly matter if you’re masturbating or fucking, either way’s good and I do both. Throw on some trippy music while you’re doing so as it helps intensify this head space. Seeing as pot has been illegal forever and the majority of religions spend most of their time focusing on repressing sexuality, you see why this stuff gets slandered as devil worship? It’s the religion of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and let’s face it, we all knew there was something more profound there than going to church now didn’t we? How old timey religions are going to compete with freaks like me in the eyes of the youth I have no idea. Good luck with that.

Projecting Your Sigil

Now I know some of you may be thinking, why is sex so important to this whole process? Good question. Sure, you can cut sex out and do the same type of exercises using meditation or just weed and music (which can work quite splendidly), or dance, or whatever, but you’re not having what Shakespeare referred to as the “little death”. Another way of putting that would be, you’re trying to communicate with entities that exist outside of the human time stream, so you need to get yourself out there so they’ll notice you. The easiest means of doing this is by having an orgasm, and that’s where the projection aspect comes in. You’re projecting your consciousness into their realm. I’ve actually been shown in visions that they actually see these projections as bursting explosions of light from above. Just a few weeks ago I had a transmission re-iterating this where an entity explained to me something to the effect of, “I just checked out your plotline because I was bored and it seemed entertaining.” So if any of these visions have validity, it’s sort of like advertising to them and again, this is why weed helps, it really transforms an ordinary orgasm into an epically subjective time distortion. Man, throw in some LSD (and do this sparingly and ritualistically) and time basically stops. That’s how “they” get in. Try and envision your sigil leading up to this state and to the best of your abilities during, projecting it upward and into their realm. Truthfully I’ve found that I black out a bit during that state and have an easier time focusing on my chosen images during the afterglow of the orgasm. Ride that afterglow to cosmic paydirt.

Just one more note on sex. Doing these things has really made me think about just how sexually repressed we are as a society, and to further this point, as mentioned, the majority of the world’s dominant spiritual philosophies involve a strict regimen of sexual repression, usually stemming from misogyny of some form or another. Yet, why wouldn’t your sexuality be tied to your psychic abilities? I have no idea why this seems so crazy to us. Sex is the primary creative force in the universe lest we all forget. We all came from fucking.

Knowledge and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel

Ahhh, and here’s where that whole communicating with extra dimensional forms of intelligence thing comes in. The thing about supposed aliens is, they’re not aliens, they’re us. They’re the us that exists outside of the human time stream. Why do I think that? Because that’s what they fucking told me. Yep, they showed up in my room one day and explained to me that they are the beings who were communicating with Robert Anton Wilson (hadn’t read his books in years) and that they are also the grey aliens (among other things). They presented themselves to me as (you guessed it) me. Not just me, but an idealized version of me, one that I increasingly resemble every day. The real question behind UFO phenomenon isn’t what are they, it’s what are we? They’re not from outer space, they’re from outside of time. Totally different shit, and why they’re constantly fucking with the staunch materialists who keep trying to pin them down with their reductionist philosophies. It’s not necessarily trickster phenomenon, it’s they’re way of saying…colder…cooooooolder…..coooooooooolder. Man they/we have a sense of humor.

So how do you chat with them? Follow the above instructions. After your orgasm, lie down on your back and put your hands on your chest sarcophagus style. Remain as still as you can and let your mind become receptive. Pot intensifies the hypnagogic state, and this is where you can chat with them. When I first started doing this, I went through about a six month period where they were seemingly building a telepathy translation device in my mind. It felt like nightly updates were being installed at speeds I couldn’t remotely comprehend. Then the conversation started. Voices in my head? Yep, they’d rather talk in telepathic subjective metaphor but I don’t always understand that (although I’m getting better), which is why they installed the link which translates the dialogue into human language. While I just admitted that I hear voices in my head, this doesn’t happen in sober states of consciousness, it happens during states of intentionally focused meditation. Same thing R.A.W. talked about in Cosmic Trigger, and I can do it at will, any time I want really. What’s it like? Well, I wrote about that here, so have a look. Oh, did I mention that I’d recommend this sort of thing more to women? Well, I would for reasons I mentioned here and here. I’m pretty sure I’ve also mentioned that you should really have a good banishing ritual here. On one last note, I should point out that I’ve been somewhat taunted by the spirits on occasion for thinking that what I’m doing is magick. That we would conceive it in this way is hilarious to them. The idea that a combination of sex, weed, and internal visualization exercises can lead to the development of telepathic abilities is something our science has refused to even touch at this point in human history, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. You need to go rogue, get out there, figure it out yourself, and tell others what you’ve found. Godspeed tripsters.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

110 Comments on "Contacting Extra Dimensional Forms of Intelligence Through Sex Magick"

  1. Adamas Macalz | Jun 25, 2013 at 8:39 pm |

    Two different types of sigils you have listed… the first one is the sigils of a spirit(lucifer) which acts as a telephone number for the entity… the second is a desire manifest as a sigil, a form of sympathetic magic. how familiar are you with spares artwork?

    • The Well Dressed Man | Jun 25, 2013 at 11:32 pm |

      let there be light

    • Looks like some random scribbles to me. Tell me again how any of this can scientifically prove the likelihood, that such intelligences exist in any meaningful sense?

      • Adamas Macalz | Jun 26, 2013 at 2:23 pm |

        It can’t be proven objectively only subjectively, as with anything dealing with consciousness itself… the better question is is how much can consciousness effect reality? seeing as how consciousness is the only way we have any sense of reality is via consciousness I would say in every way imaginable… but if you feel like tryingto measure it out of existence so you can have certainty in your reality go ahead, you won’t get very far

  2. Why the hell would I want to become a god?

    (Pun intended.)

  3. This is BULLSHIT. There is absolutely NO proof to substantiate the existence of extra dimensional forms of intelligence. No reason to believe in ghosts or spirits or angels. Same goes for magic and magical powers. This is ridiculous superstitious trash.

    • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Jun 25, 2013 at 10:49 pm |

      Also, no proof against them. Let’s call it a draw and have some cocktails.

      • so do you believe in leprechauns and hobgoblins and pokemon too? technically you can’t prove they don’t exist either. don’t you see how it’s all so equally absurd?

        • As absurd as the sentences you’ve strung together out of letters which are made of pixels. The only value is that which is given. As for hard ass internet blowhards, I give little value.

          • bahahaha, typical non-response.

          • Rhoid Rager | Jun 26, 2013 at 1:59 am |

            So what do you substitute in place of that which you can’t see?

          • what the hell is that supposed to mean? more new age nonsense.

          • Rhoid Rager | Jun 26, 2013 at 7:35 am |

            It’s not new age nonsense at all. Every forward-thinking scientist that has come up with something new to add to the body of knowledge that we refer to conveniently as ‘science’ has done so under the assumption that there is something that remains undiscovered, unseen, hidden from observations up to this point. So my question is completely relevant epistemologically when I ask what you use as your explanation to substitute for the countless anecdotes about phenomena that remain unexplained because they have not yet been observed by those that have been tasked to methodically record their observations of them (i.e. scientists). If you choose not to believe such anecdotes piecemeal, then so be it, but those limits are what you place upon yourself epistemologically. You shouldn’t expect others to place the same epistemological limits on themselves.

            Others who wish to remain credulous regarding such observed phenomena as related through anecdotes understand that the collective body of human knowledge can only progress through opening up uncomfortable boundaries, rather that dwelling (sulking) within them. To ridicule those that wish to open up their epistemological boundaries is entirely anti-social and, thus, antithetical to the progression of science; science is a social methodology of learning and teaching about the world around us. All knowledge exists because of the efforts of previous generations to learn and teach their successors. Ridicule disrupts this social process. You should think carefully about that.

          • Sergio Poalsky | Jun 26, 2013 at 11:24 am |

            Your being silly. In the realm of conciousness the only evidence is experiential. The question is; Do these entities independently exist (currently im not sure) or are they projections of your own mind? or is there a difference?. So I don’t see your problem, are you denying these individuals experiences? or do you have a belief system preventing you from thinking ontological reality is anything but material existence.

          • No, silly is believing in dated superstitious nonsense. Spirits and magic are not satisfactory explanations for why things happen.

          • Carbon emissions.

          • Well, how about peer reviewed experimentation? How can we know anything for sure without experiencing it first, or at least attempting to?

        • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Jun 26, 2013 at 4:57 am |

          This world is full of mystery that I do not understand. That is what I most fundamentally believe.

          The scientific worldview is fatally flawed, in that it requires the presumption that the universe is knowable. So there is an epistemological filter. All unquantifiable and intangible things cease to exist when viewed through the lens of science. So it doesn’t tell the whole story. The image that science gives you is a mimeograph, the taste is reheated in the microwave.

          You should read some Joseph Cambell. As living, breathing things, symbols and rituals speak a language that is older than our species. The truth which one can speak in that language can never be said in the sterile words of science. Does that make it untrue?

          There are many illusions that are much more dangerous than Thad’s zany antics. Some of the worst are promulgated by objective materialists. The myth of technological progress is one that comes to mind.

          • Well said! I’d like to add some scientific horrors.
            eugenics, sterilization of mental patients/invalids, transorbital lobotomies, and Experiments in the Revival of Organisms specifically performed by Sergei Brukhonenko.

          • Amacai Zerand | Jun 26, 2013 at 12:16 pm |

            While I agree with you here, I do wish to disagree on one small point.

            “The scientific worldview is fatally flawed, in that it requires the presumption that the universe is knowable.”

            Yes, the scientific worldview is fatally flawed, but that is more to do with status quo and not making waves with radical new thought. The universe is knowable and the idea that it isn’t is just a trap to keep folks from looking at it too close.

            And my illusions are better than those of the staunch materialist. Why? Mine are more fun. 😉

            “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.”

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:10 pm |

            Some truths can’t be proven. Science discounts their value to zero. What is priceless become valueless. Do you see my problem here?

          • Yes, science dispels the illusions of a bygone age. This is nothing to disparage. It’s something to embrace. If it can’t be proven, it’s not truth. It’s not just a matter of semantics. It’s true that if you jump from up high, you will fall. Every single time. You could say this is because of gravity, or because of invisible pixies that hold everything down… but which is more likely?

          • Amacai Zerand | Jun 26, 2013 at 9:32 pm |

            I do! I was not talking of proof though. Just because you can’t prove a truth doesn’t mean you can’t know it is true.

            A mundane example: It is true that I hate olives. Can I prove it? Nope. You just have to accept my opinion.

            None of this is to say I am anti-science. Without it we would not be having this conversation. It just needs to cast its nets a little wider and then not hide that odd little unexplainable fish that it had never seen before.

          • Yes the universe is full of mystery. We humans have been progressively uncovering the answers for a while now. Just because we don’t currently know something, does not mean that we should assume gods or magic powers are the answer. It’s that simple. We have never had any evidence to suggest god or magic, and lots of evidence to suggest that we are mistaken in those assumptions which our ancestors made regarding magic, spirits, and the role that these play in our lives.

            The universe is most definitely knowable, even if you won’t personally know everything about it in your life time. Humans are progressively learning more about the universe in which they live. What we don’t know now, we can learn. When we learn new things, we have new questions. When it comes to fundamental questions, which we already have answers for, it does us no good to revert to a primitive understanding. We know the earth is not flat, we know it revolves around the sun. We know magic powers don’t exist and that spirits are not responsible for weather. This is progress.

            I have read Campbell, and many others. I did not arrive at the same interpretation that you did. I think it’s not so hard to understand and apprehend the worldview of our primitive ancestors.

            I can’t think of many things that are more dangerous than the wide spread belief in things that don’t exist. What good can come of so many people being delusional? I don’t care if it makes you feel good. Sorry to burst your bubble but you have to see that this is no different than any other religious superstitious BS. There is as much reason for you to believe in this, as the devout christian has to believe in what they do.

            One more thing, you said “the myth of technological progress”. What the fuck are you trying to say? Computers work, planes fly, doctors are healing people. This is progress. Religion has not contributed anything so useful to us. It’s a pretty ignorant/naive thing to say that technological progress is a myth. We’ve been to space for crying out loud! Go ahead and tell me what religion and a belief in magic powers has done for us.

          • Rhoid Rager | Jun 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm |

            ‘Primitive understanding’ you say? I’ll take the worldview of San or the Lakota over modern industrial civilization any day. Their so-called ‘primitive’ thinking, which involves ‘magical’ explanations for how the world has come to be and continues to become involve an ethic of care for the ecosystem and fellow humans on which they depend. I can’t say the same for industrial civilization.

            Industrial civilization is based on a naive epistemology of separation of subject and object, the effects of which can be tangibly measured through ecological destruction. In other words, we act as though we aren’t really within the ecosystem that we actually are in.

            Energy use is another indicator of the naivety of our fractured worldview. Economics is really just the measure of the energy flows within our species. However, our economic system is based on usury (charging interest), which, by its very nature, works in contradiction to what scientists have only recently labeled the 1st law of thermodynamics (energy conservation). I use ‘works’ loosely, because this usurious economic system will only work for a little bit longer. ‘Primitive’ indigenous peoples have an intuitive understanding of the insanity of this system, and have consistently opposed it through the centuries.

            Now can you tell me that this insane worldview of being separate from the rest of the universe is in any way progressive? I don’t feel it is. The technological innovations you cite as ‘progress’–planes, computers, modern medicine–are simply epiphenomena of the massive boost of energy our spoiled civilization has received through fossil fuels, and can only be maintained through a constant increase in net energy input. Some social critics might refer to this as a materialistic civilization, but there is nothing materialistic about ignoring the 1st law of thermodynamics in the conduct of human affairs. It’s actually quite idealistic, because we are projecting our own distorted image of reality onto our actions within the real, material world. This is suicidal behaviour, not progress.

          • We are facing problems which those societies never dreamed of. Complicated problems require complicated solutions. I am positive that the solutions to the current problems we face will involve innovations in technology. We are a young species and we are learning about how we affect the environment.

            You are waxing all poetic, but you sound like a hippy. Pining about going back to the good ol days. It’s an impractical pipe dream. Those indigenous people you mention were living in the stone age, long after our european ancestors moved on.

            Incidentally I find your view pessimistic and unhelpful. Religion has not offered us any answer or insight into our current world problems. The explanations they have fashioned are woefully inadequate. We did not come from mud, or adam and eve, or aliens, etc. Neither are any of these new age whackado ideas even close to being a viable answer to our problems.

          • Arrogant, cocky, and full of absolutes… yep an adherent of scientism. Yawn

          • Scientism? I looked it up, and the only people I saw using the phrase are evolution/climate deniers. Conspiracy theorists and far right wing jobs.

          • Is that what the results have proven for you?

          • Well if your using the phrase, i guess i can add new age nuts to the list as well. I can see why you guys would thumb your noses at science. It’s just no fun, no fun. You wanna play dress up and act like a level 10 spell caster.

          • Well I guess if your using the phrase I can add new age nut jobs to that list as well.

          • Well if your using the phrase, i guess i can add new age nuts to the
            list as well. I can see why you guys would thumb your noses at science.
            It’s just no fun, no fun. You wanna play dress up and act like a level
            10 spell caster.

            *Your original message before you edited it*

            You are so convinced that you can’t see the pope on your nose. I feel kind of sorry for you to be honest. Making up things to fit the results of the absolutes you need to cling to, like the skirt of a protective mother. If you can get past yourself, you may be able to learn something new. Ya know, surrender. It’s a process, but right. More new age non-sense.

          • Go ahead and feel sorry. Pray for me if you need to. I don’t need to make anything up. I am informed of the facts of reality. Evolution, history, chemistry, science, etc… it’s all available knowledge in the public sphere. Religion on the other hand just makes up it’s dogmas and cosmologies out of thin air and declares them to be true. You wouldn’t be arguing with me if you didn’t have some personal reason to believe you are right, and everyone else is wrong. But just like a christian, or a mormon, or any other fundamentally religious person, you are refusing to face the facts. Content to live in your own isolated bubble within reality. Worse off is that you probably don’t belong to any one conventional school of thought and so most likely it is you who makes things up as you go along, clinging to your superstitions like the skirt of protective mothers blah blah blah.

          • Ok, I “pray” that you have an experience that completely shatters your worldview. This makes you question the foundation of everything you feel which serves your identity.

          • Been there done that. Many times… and I’m not just talking psychedelic triply experiences. Life circumstances, changes, etc… What are you saying? Despite what you think, I am a person too and I have gone through all the typical things you can imagine. You are not special… just because you arrived at some spiritual or magical explanation for yourself does not mean I am so satisfied or so gullible.

          • I am saying you ( or the character you are creating in this instance) are so convinced and full of yourself, that you are making assumptions that prop up your ego.

            I am none of these things you want me to be. Mostly I am toying with you like the majority of the people here, because they get the joke.

          • My ego? How about yours? Can your ego handle the soul crushing blow of realizing it is wrong about all this magic nonsense? I bet you have such a personal stake in this that you would not believe it, even if tomorrow an article declared that scientists have proven conclusively that god doesn’t exist. Your like a christian who is in denial of the facts of world history. It doesn’t matter what you tell them, they have “faith”… and so do you apparently.

          • Rhoid Rager | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:35 pm |

            Take some shrooms sometime. Most of us hippies have and we’re the better for it. Hooohaaaa! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Kaloomp!

          • Faith, you are adorable. I’ll let you continue with what you are convinced of.

          • that’s just too much!
            “oh yeah, well, I bet you’re SO STUPID, you wouldn’t even believe it, if tomorrow, an article came out proving CONCLUSIVELY, BY PEER REVIEW, that god doesn’t exist!”
            “well, oh yeah! I bet yer so brainwashed, that you would deny yer own experience, because an “official” magazine tells you it didn’t and cant and will never happen!”

          • You know, I’m kinda surprised at how tolerant and even indulgent people here have been with this clown. And he still doesn’t get it . . .

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Jun 26, 2013 at 4:22 pm |

            I appreciate your romatic zeal for your opinion. I have to admit, I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m actually quite allergic to horses. But if you will indulge me just a little, to ask a few questions to which I don’t expect a reply but will surely respond in kind if you do.

            Is it possible that knowing one thing precludes understanding another? Economists might call it an “opportunity cost”. A kind of Schrodinger’s cat of learning. So for instance one could A) vivisect a cat to learn about its metabolic response to research drugs or B) steal away the cat and learn what the animal is like for the next 15 years. – Notice the latter option is subjective and relationship based. Not something science does well.

            Are you sure that inaccurate, even willfully inaccurate, views cannot be adaptive? How about this one: habituation to highway travel. Everyone who drives on the highway should be terrified. It’s a dangerous place. Yet there they zoom by, presuming relative safety, listening to shitty dub-step music (which is a great argument against technology in and of itself).

            In regards to f-bomb Mc touchy subject, can I just say, in the nicest way I can, wow you took that bait. Yes, funny thing about myths is that they are not untrue. The stories we tell ourselves in any culture carry profound truths. And that is the very point I was trying to make about the woowoo sex majik that started this jovial banter. But just as myths carry truths, they also reveal assumptions. Computers, planes, smart phones, yes, they function well for their intended purpose. But for all the neat toys, look around your local tavern and see all the 20-somethings staring at their palms. Is this progress? To where? They could be learning fellowship. Instead they learn about pictures of cats doing stupid shit. Again, the opportunity cost of knowledge.

          • What are you even babbling about? We’re not even having the same conversation any more… you are whining about technology and youth… Meanwhile, plenty of opportunities exist in the secular world for people to find fellowship on a global scale. I think it’s amazing that people can access the internet wherever they go. Our ability to communicate and share information on a large scale is an amazing feat.

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:00 pm |

            Sorry if that was over your head. No, we aren’t having a conversation. That involves dialog. Enjoy your true belief. Believe me that I’m jealous.

          • Given the evidence, the advancements we have made in the fields of neurology and psychology, there is just no reason we should continue to rely on a model of reality that involves magic and spirits, etc. That’s all I was saying. If you have a response to that, go ahead. I’m not interested in some philosophical discussion over the usefulness of religious dogma or delusional ideas. That is an entirely different conversation.

    • Hey, thanks for settling that for me, Mr. Randi. I feel so much better knowing I can ignore all that business as “ridiculous superstitious trash.”
      “There is no god but Allah, and Mohamed is his prophet.”

      • Muhammad didn’t exist, neither did Jesus Christ. Same goes for Crowley’s fairy tale, and Joseph Smiths’ too. Aiwass, Moroni, it’s all the same Bullshit.

        • I see that like most fundamentalists, subtlety, humor and irony are lost on you.
          Have a nice day Mr. Falwell.

    • *Invokes Dawkins for Good measure*

    • The Well Dressed Man | Jun 25, 2013 at 11:31 pm |

      Hmm. I’m going to guess “born in 1993,” not “Current 93.” I like to pick on Thad sometimes too, but hope I don’t come across like this. Disinfo is one of those places where it’s totally okay to explore alternative reality-models.

    • Arthur Cullipher | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:40 am |

      Prove to me that dreams exist. Then prove they don’t mean anything to the individual experiencing them.

    • nozodurendozuuo | Jun 26, 2013 at 12:42 pm |

      lol! There was once a time where I would have invited you to see the foolishness of your suppositions. Now I am glad.

    • Hoarfraust | Jun 26, 2013 at 3:56 pm |

      And when quantum physics proves that consciousness is the building block of all energy and matter, you’ll trumpet and strut around claiming “of course–how obvious”. Science is about pushing boundaries of knowledge and understanding, not merely propping yourself up on the achievements of others in an effort to egoically satisfy yourself.

    • atlanticus | Jun 30, 2013 at 10:28 pm |

      “No reason to believe in ghosts or spirits or angels.”

      If you experienced something odd with your own senses, would you simply write it off like Ebenezer Scrooge? Undigested bit of beef? Science, or your own lyin’ eyes?

      • There is always an explanation. If i experienced a significantly out of the ordinary hallucination, for no reason at all, I’d probably assume that I was having a psychotic brake with reality and seek help. Otherwise I’d remind myself that there is a perfectly logical explanation. There always is. Drugs, or meditative trance, or whatever. Plenty of causes for this sort of thing. Just because you can trick your brain into wigging out, doesn’t mean that what you hallucinate is real or significant.

        • What do you think about the idea (or have you ever considered the
          position) that belief is a tool? Does it matter if your hallucinations
          are “real” if they are useful to you?

          • No, I do not see unfounded religious beliefs as a tool. I see them as obstructions to critical thinking.

            It’s not about whether a particular hallucination/experience has value or not. It is about making unfounded claims about things that you have insufficient evidence for.

          • And just what, pray tell, are “FOUNDED religious beliefs”?

  4. What did someone once say about hearing voices in your head? It’s not big trick, the real trick is knowing if you’re being told the truth? Something like that.

  5. Shakynavelbones | Jun 25, 2013 at 10:54 pm |

    Thad I love your way with words. I smoked a certain chemical when I was Kid, that apparently should have been ‘washed up’ first. Bonged it; and considering the binge I had been on, I can see why my heart felt like it had a mini soldier firing a gun out of it. I had a heart attack at 15 and a friend got the ambulance that took me off. Now, whilst in the ambulance I had suffered enough pain and accepted death (got over fear). What immedeatly occured after this acceptance I believe is the conversation with (…) The higher force said I was not to die and I heard a strange ambient music (alien music perhaps!/whatever). This was some psychedelic shit! Anyway I got told I was not going to die and I was to become an artist. 6 years passed and I had started to operate with the local soundsystem at weekends, one day during the week I took too much psilocybin mushroom during a factory shift. To cut a long story short, the dialog with this higher force returned and told me to jack my job in. What about my arrears etc? The voice of a higher me said don’t worry about any of that. And the next day… every thing fell into place and i’ve not had to do a 9-5 since. A further 10 years have passed and I now work two days a week in the food industry and have five days a week to be creative. I have since made a recording that is based on the praeterhuman demo I heard in the ambulance + several other albums. Not too bad for a chav that got expelled from school and has pretty much avoided academia ever since (I’m not slagging it off, I’m just saying I didn’t need it!), Thanks.

    “Nothing is true…

  6. dude, you are trying way too hard to get laid. the thinly veiled descriptions of your magical adventures carry an underlying message trying to reach out and touch the lonely and wishful, and the message is: touch me instead. shit’s creepy man.

    • Unfortunately, this kind of role playing tripe is especially appealing to a specific demographic of losers. These people believe in magic powers and demons and spirits and all sorts of new age woo woo. In their excitement to emulate Crowley, they entirely miss his point.

    • Projection much?

  7. Interesting article! Thanks Thad for making it enjoyable and light hearted. Would appreciate more provisos in future episodes as in my own experience, many things manifested but were short lasting and often left me with a sense that magickal bubbles surely burst.

  8. David Crowe | Jun 26, 2013 at 6:38 am |

    Thad, good article. I like your DIY, “let’s take the mystery and elitism out of this” approach.
    Wow. Mike 93 is an idiot. If he spoke that way to people’s faces he’d get punched. He is a coward who acts tough on the internet because hje just doesn’t have the guts to do so in real life. I know the type, he will insist that he speaks to people in real life just like he responds here. I will ask him to provide scientific proof that he speaks the same to people’s faces as he does on the internet. Until such proof can be established, mike93 should withdraw from the discussion.

    • What a pathetically amusing attempt to draw the conversation away from critical inquiry, and into ad hominem. Bottom line, there is no reason for any thinking person to assume the existence of magic powers or disembodied spirits, or anything like that. Absolutely none. There is equally just as much reason to believe in unicorns, or jesus or santa claus or anything else just as absurd. This magick BS is just like any other new age religious crap. Magic/psychic powers have never (not once) been satisfactorily demonstrated to be a reality. There are million dollar prizes for this. I think if anyone could demonstrate magic it would be front page news and someone would win a nobel prize. You would think that with all the people making these claims it would be easy, but so far no one has done it. Furthermore, there is absolutely NO reason to assume that spirits, gods, entities, angels, etc really exist. Anecdotal evidence does not count. Neither do arguments from ignorance. Just because you couldn’t explain something, doesn’t mean that it was anything supernatural. Modern psychology and neurology are giving us better explanations for what people are actually experiencing in these states.

      • Cyprus Mulch | Jun 26, 2013 at 2:55 pm |

        “Anecdotal evidence does not count,” sayeth Frater Mike.

        Abrahadabra! Now empirical evidence doesn’t count, either.

        All through the magick of language.

        • Ok, but you know how silly this makes you look? It’s akin to christian evolution deniers or something.

          • Cyprus Mulch | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:34 pm |

            I don’t deny the validity of an empiricism-based, scientific perspective. But that doesn’t mean that I will allow that perspective to shape or dictate all my own experiences and interpretations of those experiences. Human minds have the (pardon the religious language) “miraculous” ability to perceive things from a variety of perspectives — some of which aren’t even represented in academia.

            OK, so nothing Thad McKraken reports in the above post has been scientifically validated to your satisfaction. Perhaps it never will be; perhaps such areas of exploration remain so controversial that any scientist willing to investigate them will be label’d a “loony” and denied funding. The worst case scenario regarding Thad’s practices is that he is enjoying dazzling, life-transforming and apparently immensely pleasurable experiences that are all inside his own brain (while offering a very clear set of techniques for others to potentially have somewhat similar experiences). Assuming, for the sake of discussion, that that is the case — what’s the problem?

            My only criticism of McKraken’s recent posts is that, in my opinion, he understates the perils of such “paradigm-shattering” practices: it’s all too easy to lose one’s mind in the attempt to expand it.

          • I think you may be right. While I am not sure exactly how much mind expanding I’ve done, I have certainly modified my world view to the point where I deal with a fair amount of alienation from most people. When your basic values and ontological perspective are at odds with mainstream culture, things can get a bit lonely.
            I can imagine that if you start to get really “out there” like PKD, for example, things could get . . . very complicated.
            This could be why various traditions recommend a guru and being part of a community of “fellow travelers”–psychic hygiene.

          • Cyprus Mulch | Jun 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm |

            “Find the Others,” to quote an old Disinfo slogan (borrowed from Leary, I think). It’s an ongoing search.

            I think the map (or set of techniques) one uses determines, to a large degree, the territory one will find hirself in. It’s been observed that those who practice Zen Buddhism do not generally become Peruvian shamans. In PKD’s case, he spent his entire literary career constructing a wild, multidimensional map, and then — suddenly — found himself plunged into the territory. He spent the rest of his life trying to figure out what the hell was happening. His example is both inspiring and cautionary.

            In the absence of any authoritative ontological map (despite the claims of mainstream science apologists) — in this age of many realities, many voices — a lot of us find ourselves checking out many paths, many maps, without ever necessarily committing to any one as the Real Truth. We face the Spiritual Omnivore’s Dilemma — the place where the New Age and the Chaos Current overlap. In preferring a multiplicity of perspectives, do we sacrifice the kind of spiritual growth and progress traditionally associated with the gurus and communities you mentioned?

          • Excellent question, and one I can only answer for myself. Since I am temperamentally not a joiner, though lord knows I’ve tried, I have nothing to contrast my experience of going it alone and borrowing willynilly from all kinds of traditions.
            Though lately, when it comes to navigating the the psychic seas, as it were; I have more or less aligned myself with the Shipibo shamanic tradition of the upper Amazon. Though, For all the benefits I have gotten, I have to admit, that it is not exactly what I would call a perfect fit. I find myself sometimes struggling with the suspension of disbelief as my “rational” “skeptic” kicks in and starts deconstructing everything.
            Since many of these ancient traditions are very specific to a particular culture, they do not always travel well into postmodern, western civilization.
            It could be that Chaos Magick will be one among many other home grown, viable traditions or vehicles that evolve here in “the West” that will enable people to transcend the limiting paradigms of the current reductive, materialist worldview.


            Why stop and define things? “Just go man”!

      • David Crowe | Jun 28, 2013 at 11:45 am |

        Better? In what sense and according to what comparative criteria?
        What is reality, mike93? And why does this get you so riled up that you must be so rude? So you disagree with much of what is said in this article. Who cares? Why wouldn’t you rather go look at material that doesn’t make you so upset? I don’t even pretend to understand what motivates you to put yourself through this ordeal. Your evangelistic zeal in this regard is puzzling and to me, in my opinion makes you seem mentally unbalanced. But that’s just my observation, based on my experience of dealing with people who live with certain delusions of paladinhood. Are you a paladin, mike93? 😀
        (Now just watch, everyone, how he won’t be able to resist replying. I, for one, am done with discussion.)
        I look forward to more posts, Thad.

        • Upset? No. Sorry if my brutish language offended you, pops. It’s not evangelizing to state the obvious. If magic were real, we’d know. This isn’t Harry Potter after all. Anyone can undertake these stupid “magick” experiments. Only the gullible will believe they have any sort of effect whatsoever, beyond a possible psychological-subjective effect.

          For all these people claiming extraordinary things, there is a surprising lack of tangible substantial evidence. How do you explain that? All these serious believers, and still nothing. No one psychically robbing a bank, or solving unsolved murders. Nothing. It’s the stuff of fantasy and movie. Demonstrate otherwise.

      • Mike…have you ever meditated? Like, ever? Have you ever had a dream?
        (Trick question, yes you have, whether or not you remember it.)

        you know that lucid dreams and out of body experiences both have some
        scientific research and rational explanations behind them? Not to
        mention placebo effect, which I can’t help but notice, you have failed
        to address.

        At the end of the day, from your point of view, you
        have to come to the conclusion that A) There are very many crazy people,
        or B) There are very many liars. Do you think that ALL of these people
        are crazy (i.e. deluded) or that ALL are simply liars? Half and half?
        I’m really curious to know which universe you live in.

        opinion, for what it’s worth (at least as much as yours) is that there
        are certainly liars and crazy people, but the MAJORITY of people who
        experience these things are neither and they happen find a suspicious
        amount of commonality between their experiences. (Psychoanalysis,
        advertising and poetic metaphors also work to create certain effects in
        the brain–ta-da! Magic!)

        • Yes, meditated. Taken drugs, been in a trance, etc. There are a variety of ways to induce so-called spiritual experiences. Music, dance, rhythm, etc… Plenty of religions report people having these experiences all over the world for centuries. This is no reason to think that there is validity to these primitive and superstitious ideas.

          • But this is also no reason to believe these ideas are “primitive” and “superstitious”. These are still only beliefs.

            Would you please explain why you *believe* that these ideas are “primitive” and “superstitious”?

            because something can be explained by science does not mean it does not
            have other, equally true explanations. Note the classic philosophical
            argument that it’s nearly impossible to prove that you are actually
            seeing anything you think you are seeing at this very moment (that it is
            not also an illusion). Even people unfamiliar with the philosophy at
            least saw The Matrix, no?

      • uncle gilly | Jul 1, 2013 at 4:05 pm |

        So now there is one ” SCIENCE” ? if you look a bit, you will find several ” SCIENCES” where this type of thinking is accepted as one form of explanation. Don’t blame you for being unwilling to accept new ideas Mike, change can be scary.

        • Yes, medical sciences, chemistry, aviation, etc. The world is full of science. These are not new ideas. For thousands of years people believed in magic and other nonsense like gods and spirits. You are the one who is afraid of a new idea; one that does not involve superstition.

          The only proof people here have is the same age old proof which has been sighted for thousands of years “I saw it”, “I experienced it”, “I read it”, “he said it”, “I believe it”. These are not new arguments. You guys offer nothing new.

          Modern understandings of history, archeology, religion and yes science (psychology, neurology, etc.) help paint a new picture.

  9. Amacai Zerand | Jun 26, 2013 at 12:33 pm |

    Thad, excellent article. I also love how your stuff brings out a shitload of comments so quickly. Especially from those almost pleading, “No, no, that can’t be true.”

  10. Thad, excellent piece.
    I have tried in the past to figure out what all this magick business was about, and just got confused. Thanks for breaking it down and making the topic so accessible.

  11. NarratorJack | Jun 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm |

    Is folding one’s arms sarcophagus-style essential to the experience described?

    • The Well Dressed Man | Jul 2, 2013 at 1:08 am |

      Crucial. Also, the extended live version of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is highly recommended when making this gesture.

  12. Adam's Shadow | Jun 26, 2013 at 3:42 pm |

    Yay! Materialists vs. mystics! Let’s see if I can’t throw some gas on this fire:

    Placebo Effect!

    Simulation Hypothesis!

    Meditation’s effect on the brain!

    Sam Harris, fool!

    Ken Wilber, son!

    Gurdjieff, motherfucker!

    Round three… FIGHT!!!!!!!!

    • All those people you mention are lame.

      • Amacai Zerand | Jun 26, 2013 at 9:43 pm |

        Is this opinion or can you prove they can’t walk?

        Personally, I think the Placebo Effects has got legs!

      • Adam's Shadow | Jun 27, 2013 at 6:04 pm |

        Wilber and Gurdjieff usually get tied to the “New Age” movement/magical thinking/”superstitious bullshit” you apparently despise, so those two I understand. But Sam Harris? Why for no likey Sam Harris Mr. Troll? Why? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. Microhero | Jun 26, 2013 at 5:00 pm |

    Gave up half way trough the article…

    But the discussion totally rocks!!

  14. Matthew Georgio | Oct 26, 2013 at 8:59 pm |

    Your writing is like a fine mix of prose and mystical journalism.!. I aspire to write in much the same voice or a tone that is very similar. I enjoy reading your stuff and you always inspire…
    Considering the experience of sex magick heightened by cannabis, I can relate from personal gnosis that this plant matches the ceremony with greater awareness and ability to expand imagination; not to mention the way being weeded opens up all the nerve-endings with a sensual sentience.!. I’ve reveled in that afterglow like you mentioned and been engulfed by what seemed like telepathic messages, always from a macrocosmic perspective, sometimes in a shocking manner, and persistently transmitting a message of love and revelation.
    I wonder if more and more people are having this experience as if a great revealing were under way, the landscape of Revelations coming to life in prophecy but in a format modern and subtle. The Second Coming of Christ Consciousness may well be the grain of truth in that God-forsaken book!! Pun satirically intended.
    Back to the weed though, I wonder if these “messages” that seem like “alien” intelligences are really simply chemical ones. The weed itself may have a presence in our bodies, a separate consciousness speaking through the transmutation of our own chemical process. Psilocybin, mescaline, and ayahausca have their own as well; it’s just plant consciousness, it’s how we communicate with them… No wonder they are always telling us to take better care of the Earth, their species has a vested interest in it.!. Each may have their own personality, reflected in our perceptual field as our bodies ingest and transform them into enhancing energy.
    Weed opens a transmission different from the psychedelics, its personality is intellectual and a bit less dramatic. A bad trip on weed only leads to paranoia, while the psychedelics could yield drastic estrangement of the mind.
    I can’t say I totally invest any belief in the objective reality of separate self-conscious entities alive in the flora and fauna around us but any explanation of psychedelic experience and the UFO phenomenon is plausible. Palpable reality…

  15. Dimitri Goryenko | Apr 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm |

    Enjoyed the read.

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