DisinfoCast: 62: Lee Camp and David Seaman

Picture: Lee Camp and David Seaman

Picture: Lee Camp and David Seaman

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Comedian Lee Camp (“Moment of Clarity”) and independent journalist David Seaman (The David Seaman Hour) join the DisinfoCast for a discussion about the NSA, DOMA, privacy, business outsourcing and more. Find out more about our guests at www.leecamp.net and DavidSeaman.net.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    the Kitty Genovise story is an example of yellow journalism
    that has since been reexamined and found to a different kind of story
    butt nonetheless
    Baudrillard makes the point that citizens are indolent & irresponsible
    we don’t want to be involved with government
    it’s a nasty thankless job
    so wee let surrogates do the dirty work for us
    and sure they’re a bunch of thieving fuck-ups
    but as long as they leave us white peeps alone
    wee let them run wild
    until they over step the line
    then a revolution
    then it stats all over again

  • emperorreagan

    Shit, does this mean I’m in the Greenwald community now?

    I downloaded the podcast and I post here!

    Just in case, before the NSA can read my mind: I prayed to 37 different gods last night for Bono to be eaten alive by an army of rats. More sins to confess later.

    • Matt Staggs

      Yeah, probably so. Look for the NSA to leave you some glittery angel GIFS on your profile page.

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