Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

A clip from What The Bleep Do We Know!?: Down The Rabbit Hole

  • Simon Valentine

    the beauty of light’s illumination, oh illuminatus baphomeus
    is that it illuminates the wrong that it is
    the brightness is not related in any way to the wave
    nor energy
    nor location
    nor amplitude, etc.
    but, as anything, everything, and also nothing, it is related to the generic pattern in the metadata concerted with the objects we are, the objects which constitute us, whether those be real or not, existent or chemical, many body or lightning,,, particle, wave, or wrong, magic or otherwise;

    to find its number then
    as a factor in the cosines (for you, mapped in but three dimensions of the many seen below)
    if only to be in a wave that represents a prime
    a prime as a dot
    a data bit
    a piece of a graph
    with so many more questions unanswered
    a primordial pool
    out of which one evolves backwards to learn the simple obvious truth
    and connect to that with which one started
    only to realize that two dots could be apparently linear
    or a veritable ingenium engine
    something grand enough for the Noxa
    the distinction between particle and wave is a false dichotomy
    one of the more basic viral patches of a young and criminal humanity
    or, rather, dipshits with too much ad hominem and not enough arithmetic
    demanding that the system be collapsed into torpid illusion
    totality of the incomplete and wrong

    if but only all that would have been
    had become unto the eye
    in that their was only one to catch the drift
    in that there was a rule of two like the Sith
    ha ha
    try a different receiver pattern
    interfere with the observer
    punch it ever-more-fractioned-of-a-second nearer to the time of passage
    and see once again that which you have already
    yet seek still

    • Simon Valentine

      forever and a day …
      anyone else get a reading off of this part:

      “[sic] whether those be real or not, existent or
      chemical, many body or lightning,,, particle, wave, or wrong, magic or

      the inductive list seems to have affected my participle particle brain
      the part that i switched it up at the end
      “particle, wave, or wrong, magic or otherwise”
      was meant to merely be “merely the same type of listing”
      e.g. A or B, C or D, etc.
      but it became an application
      “magic or otherwise” read into my mind as being applicable (and indeed applied itself) to the previous data listing

      such a paragonal prestige accident, there never wasn’t o.0
      not “taught”ology
      so much as “tension”ology

      read it again just to check
      it switched back to my intended meaning

  • BuzzCoastin

    if anything
    the experiment shows that wee have no idea what’s going on
    nor any clue about the invisible reality that dominates our existence

    • echar

      What dude? That would mean we are not all powerfully masterful and stuff.