FCC To Put 1,000 Low-Power FM Frequencies Up For Grabs For Community Radio

low-power FMWhat would you do with your own community radio station? It’s your chance to snap one up this fall! Nation of Change writes:

The FCC has just released free applications for thousands of new noncommercial FM radio licenses. These community radio stations can reach listeners in a radius of 2 to 10 miles, and generate their broadcast signal on just 100 watts—the amount of power consumed by a light bulb.

In some cities a single low power FM station could reach more than 100,000 listeners. Across the country, millions of people will be tuning into these new stations as they go on air over the next few years.

This is the largest expansion of community radio in United States history. It’s also the biggest chance, and probably the final major opportunity, for grassroots groups to get on air.

Philly-based nonprofit Prometheus Radio Project has led a 15-year campaign to challenge corporate control of the media and open up this space on the dial. If you’re potentially interested in starting a station or supporting others to get on air, we want you to sign up for updates.

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    Do they still make radios?

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