Flying Saucers And The Working-Class Struggle

flying saucers and the working-class struggleWondering where socialist revolutionaries stand on the question of alien life? Via, a translation from a pamphlet distributed in 1968 Paris penned by J. Posadas (whose ideology was dubbed Posadism):

Capitalism has no interest in UFOs and, as such, makes no research into them. It has no interest in occupying itself with these matters because they cannot reap profits, nor are they useful to capitalism. But people see in UFOs the possibility of advancement and progress. This thus accelerates the fall of the bourgeoisie, shown in all its uselessness.

All the people who say that they have seen extra-terrestrials, UFOs, coincide in the fact that these beings have not frightened them, and that they have made themselves understood, without using an audible language, showing them that they mean no harm. They do not provoke a feeling of alarm, but of serenity. They create sensations of mellowness, suppleness, harmony, reassurance.

Starting from the fact of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings, we can accept that UFOs also exist. We need to wait for further proof. It is possible that they have appeared, though it is also possible that there has been much fantasising, exaggeration or mystical deductions on the part of those who have seen them.

Neither the capitalist system nor the bureaucracy [in the workers’ states] have an interest in researching this subject, because they cannot draw any commercial, political or military benefit from it. Capitalism feels that it has been made to look inferior, faced with a system that it sees as superior. People draw the conclusion that capitalism is useless. They say ‘Look at that! And you, what are you any good for?’ Capitalism tries to spread the impression that this is fantasy, so people will not think that there are superior forms of relations and that capitalism is incapable of reaching this level.

But at all events, the facts are coming to light in spite of the smokescreens, because there have already been many testimonies. The capitalist ruling circles, the chemists, the military, are hiding the facts. But all the information still gets published. In spite of all these other concerns, people are interested in UFOs.

The inhabitants of other planets who come here must consider the Earth’s inhabitants as mad, always fighting one another. The notion of struggle, of confrontation, certainly does not exist where they come from. Why fight? The historical foundation of the capitalists’ and workers’ states’ bureaucracies’ lack of interest in studying UFOs and living beings on other planets is that they see the threat of their own elimination. The most immediate consequence we can draw is that, if these beings do exist, they must have a societal organisation superior to our own.

They have no aggressive impulse, they have no need to kill in order to live: they come only to observe. We can foresee the existence of such beings, even taking into account the fantasies that exist among the reports, stories, observations and statements. If they exist, we must call on them to intervene, to help us resolve the problems we have on Earth. The essential task is to suppress poverty, hunger, unemployment and war, to give everyone the means to live in dignity and to lay the bases for human fraternity. To this end, we must suppress the capitalist system, as well as the bureaucracy of the workers’ states.

We must unite with them, they who seem more powerful than human beings, such that they will come and help us resolve Earth’s problems. Then we can concern ourselves with going to see what other planets are like, how life and matter are organised, and everything regarding nature. But most important is first to resolve the problems of humanity on Earth. We do not have a fantasist or idealist position with regard to flying saucers. As we accept that they exist, we want to use all means at hand, including those from outside of this planet. When we seriously reach a scientific discovery, we must try to use it to the benefit of humanity.

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  1. Opposite Day | Jun 7, 2013 at 11:28 am |

    At least more people are accepting that they’re real. That can only be a good thing.

    There has been way too much evidence throughout the years that proves these things exist and are not just hallucinations, shooting stars, or misidentified terrestrial objects. I would venture to guess that some portion of them are military craft developed under secret USAPs. Either way though, the technology they’re using is NEEDED if we ever hope to save our ungrateful species.

    The road block seems to be with our current physics model. Which is flawed because it doesn’t allow for quantum-energy extraction. The fabric of space (or space-time for you Einstein fans) has never been officially recognised as a source of energy. Yet it seems that this is what they’re using for energy generation and propulsion. So if the energy monopolies would just surrender to the idea that energy can be harvested from non-material sources, such as the fabric of space (space-time), the ZPE field, quantum vacuum, what have you. We might actually have a chance at surviving the future.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  2. manyrhythms | Jun 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm |

    This article seems to ignore the reality of the CIA’s “invisible hand” in guiding the UFO movement and in their propagation of the extraterrestrial hypothesis to disavow citizens away from real activism (against the capitalist state), towards spacey new-age passivity. High-ranking Nazis after WW2, working closely with CIA agents, sought to infiltrate UFO cults around the world and redirect them away from socialist-bolshevik leanings towards one-world, globalized, predatory capitalism. Reading Project Beta should be a first start in understanding the US Airforce, military and intelligence involvement in the UFO movement — deliberating causing people to go mad by inundating them with material from “invading space armies” and deflecting real attention/criticism away from secret military projects/experiments.

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