Fotamecus: The Chaos Magick Film You May Never Get to See

fotamecusIn 2001, Matt Lee, director and epic beard-owner, announced the Fotamecus Film Majik Project, a plan to make a “film about time and modern magick, a story about shifting perceptions of time.”  The film would follow six chaos magicians as they cast a spell through the use of a sigil to “construct a tool with which our subjective perception of time can be altered.”

The film’s title, Fotamecus, comes from the name of a servitor created in 1996 by a magician calling himself Fenwick Rysen.  In chaos magic, a servitor is an artificially created being with limited autonomy that executes a pre-programmed task.  In the case of Fotamecus, the the task was to literally condense or expand time, dependent on the needs of the operator.  Say, for instance, I was running late to an appointment.  In theory, I could call upon the entity to contract the amount of time it would take to get there, and the trip would shorten.  The problem, according to Fenwick, is that to contract time in one place meant that time had to be expanded in another.  To this end, the servitor was then programmed to self-replicate clones of itself as needed, creating a matrix of servitor nodes.  That way, if I needed to make my trip shorter, then a node would be created which another person could access if they wished to make another time period last longer (insert minute man joke here).  This would keep me from having to “pay” for my time.  With me so far?

Jump ahead five years to Matt Lee and friends, plotting out a film that would manifest the entity onto a projector screen, reaching a larger audience and teaching them how to contact it, effectively taking control of their own perception of time.  Matt began soliciting crowd-sourced funding in return for what he called The God Maker Program, a CD/DVD/VHS package including background information on the film, images, audio files, and writings pertaining to DIY servitor creation.

Interest surged.  Julian Vayne mentioned the film in his book, Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick.  Discussions and comments popped up all over the internet expressing excitement for the project.  Filming began.  A release date was projected for 2003, but was pushed back later to 2006.  Then, to the frowns of the internet occult community, it was canceled altogether.

Due to the economic downturn, the film’s production company, Indifference Productions, had closed its doors, leaving Matt with hours of 16 mm film that would never be seen.  The only publicly available footage resulting from from the work would be a trailer and a forty-one minute documentary entitled Chronomancy.

The first portion of Chronomancy features the magicians making a batch of cookies with the Fotamecus sigil imprinted on them while discussing their own experiences with the servitor as well as some explanations of the sigilization process.  The second portion documents a ritual in the woods being performed to invoke Fotamecus into the film while a narrator explains what is happening.  Throughout the footage, we hear the entity’s name being repeated as a mantra.  As we watch, we are forced into the role of participant, with the mantra being burned into our memory on a level matched only by “Call Me Maybe.”  By witnessing the ritual, we are perhaps invoking Fotamecus ourselves.

Although Matt Lee and numerous internet commentators seem a bit disappointed with the outcome of the Fotamecus Film Majik Project, I have to say that the original intent may have found fruition even without an actual release.  This writer, at least, has now been exposed to the entity, and plans on future experimentation with his own subjective perception of time.

*sniff* Dammit.  I think I left my sigilized cookies in the oven too long.


Frater Isla

Frater Isla also writes under the name Joshua Lee. He lives in Albuquerque, NM.For more of his work, visit .

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  1. When i was younger I used to doodle this little demon I called the Time Goblin. He could control time in any which way he wanted, but he wanted to promote as much chaos as possible, so he leaves time constant.

  2. I can see a potential for backfire, such as after years of “contracting” time others have stopped using this entity and you get stiffed with the expanded time. Which would be death. So imagine a fate like that of Prometheus, except a slow and near timeless (stasis) decay. No thanks!

    • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 3, 2013 at 8:20 am |

      It is a damn good job this is just a delusional fantasy on the part of its creators, then! You cannot do ‘magic’ by making up astral pokemon, and you cannot change the world by masturbating over sigils. Not in real life.

      • I know, I was using my imagination. I thought about what could go horribly wrong. There may be some psychological effect, mostly a thrill from breaking from the norm, but I bet that gets old after a time. One may want to ramp it up and do more risky things. This is coming from an educated guess.

        • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 5, 2013 at 5:15 pm |

          Lol. Perhaps it is a slippery slope. You start off making imaginary Pokemon to do your ‘Will’, and end up as a category A sex offender. “Nothing is true, and everything is permitted.”

  3. Can you describe any of your experiences with Fotamecus, or other entities you’ve invoked?

    I’m always curious just what people mean when they invoke or summon an entity. Are they talking about a kind of abstract, internal experience, or are they literally holding a conversation with something that appears in their livingroom? Is there something on the internet comparable to Erowid’s “trip reports?”

    • I’ve always wondered about the same thing.
      Now, I’ve seen some pretty wierd shit that has included what appeared to be an actual “entity” with self volition. This was a spontaneous and very brief thing, so it was not like I could have a conversation with it. I was way too freaked out to even think to try that.
      I’m not sure, but I think most of these evocations or summonings result in some kind of an internal experience. But if you add powerful entheogens to the ritual, then you might have a better chance of experiencing an actual entity. But, whether the thing has it’s own ontological reality, is another story all together. If you do summon and entity and another person or persons sees the same thing, how “real” is that?

      • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 1, 2013 at 12:56 am |

        Chaos Magic servitors are visualized. They are like pretending to have a Pokemon that does magic for you. And it doesn’t work.

  4. threeshotsofx | Jun 30, 2013 at 5:46 pm |

    Hi, welcome to the 21st century. Got a computer? Upload that shit to youtube, screw releasing it on VHS or whatever the previous plan was, if you really wanted people to see your film, its not impossible to do.

  5. Antediluviancurrent | Jun 30, 2013 at 11:57 pm |

    A servitor designed to stretch time and a movie about it that got delayed to the point of no release.
    It’s definitely doing its job.

  6. Perhaps DISINFORMATION would be interested in reporting on this story.

  7. Alcadema | Jul 1, 2013 at 5:49 am |

    I’ve employed Fotamecus a few times; he works quite well. When you need to run home and back to work on your lunch break, having a means to contract the travel time is nice. Doing the opposite, *dilating* time, is nice when you need to spend more time working on something than you actually have. I’ve also used his viral-replication feature in one of my own servitors.

  8. Ittabena | Jul 1, 2013 at 5:59 am |

    <"Say, for instance, I was running late to an appointment. In theory, I
    could call upon the entity to contract the amount of time it would take
    to get there, and the trip would shorten."

    I have remained somewhat silent on this subject, but…

    When I was investigating different religions that led to mystery schools – which was hard – and that led to the much easier Magic, in that Barnes and Noble carries that subject quite well.

    At the end of all this I came to the personal conclusion that focus was 95% of magic. Perhaps ritual is a tool for accomplishing focus, or perhaps it starts as a tool but finishes as a crutch. In my readings I ran across a book; The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder. In it she spells out what to me was tantamount to a morning meditation of sorts on paper.

    She told how to start and end the list while the body of the list would be, in this order; Things you wished to eliminate from your life, Things you desire, and Things you are thankful for. She also instructed the reader to try it for a couple weeks and see what happens. She even welcomed you to disbelieve it, or even dare it to work while you tried it. I tried it, doing all the things she suggested, and was amazed to find that it worked. For years this became an everyday ritual for me.

    Gradually though I came to the conclusion that this had a lot to do with training your mind to focus, instead of the million thoughts a minute randomness that our internal dialogue practices from birth. I had also read, I think in Wicca that my personal angel (we'll use that word though the word itself is unimportant) was named Ariel.

    After a while I stopped writing and began to focus without the list writing in the morning. Eventually, I started to just stop and ask Ariel for what I wanted. Many times have I, while running late, asked Ariel to stretch time for me so that I would not be late. When I asked, I arrived on time.

    Down through the years i have asked Ariel for various things, like a ride when my car was broke down and I was forced to walk to work and back, firewood to drop out of the sky and land in my back yard, a frustrated and very attractive married friend to drop by and jump my bones – this one was very unlikely, but did actually happen – and for my lost pup to come home, just to name a very few. The vast majority of the time these requests would be granted, but usually in a way that was quite amazing.

    When asking for a ride, several times I would no sooner finish the thought when i would hear someone honking and pulling up behind me. Sometimes it was a friend, sometimes a stranger. When I asked for the firewood the landlord showed up a couple days later and informed me he had hired a crew to come cut some trees and some big limbs down. The guys literally dropped the firewood over my fence into my back yard. And it was hardwood which is rather rare in WA. When i asked for the sex, the woman showed up and with no prompting from me was all over me in the space of fifteen minutes from her arrival at my house. When I asked for my missing pup to come home, a man rang my doorbell while I was at work, returned my pup, and told my roommate that something told him that ours was the correct house as he entered the cul de sac.

    So to me ritual is nice in that you get to buy all sorts of nice Dungeons and Dragons-ish looking paraphernalia, but to me the end result is developing something that we all have, but very few take the time to develop.

    I may be wrong, but that is what I have gotten out of it.

    Oh and I also believe that belief, though not absolutely necessary, serves as an intensifier when it is present.

    • Cyprus Mulch | Jul 1, 2013 at 2:19 pm |

      Great example of an effective practice. I find similar, seemingly simple practices to be highly effective.

      “Perhaps ritual is a tool for accomplishing focus, or perhaps it starts as a tool but finishes as a crutch.”

      But I think one of the great things about ritual is that it can be aesthetically, emotionally, and poetically satisfying, as well as effective in terms of attaining the desired results.

      • Ittabena | Jul 1, 2013 at 3:21 pm |

        Though far from what you would think of as Christian I do find some passages of the Bible that seem to ring true and free of human interference; such as, and I paraphrase out of laziness; Whenever more than one of you ask something in my name it shall be granted.

        When I was a DJ in Memphis I would spend my days by the pool at my Apt. complex. Generally I had it to myself all day. This was back when tanning was in vogue.

        One day something just wasn’t right. All day I felt this low dread that I could not shake. I thought our club was going to be raided that night, but it wasn’t. The next day I got a phone call from the same woman I mentioned above, though that episode had long passed, we remained good friends.

        She had been to the Dr. who had told her that she had serious liver problems and that she didn’t have very long. This was not hard to believe since she was a heavy drinker.

        I was shattered since I still had strong feelings for this woman. I talked to a couple of my dancer friends, one who attended Unity Church and practiced the list writing technique, the other was a practicing Witch. I asked them to help me and they agreed.

        She returned to the same Dr. about a week later for her followup visit and the Dr. claimed she was now fine. He didn’t understand it.

        Was the Dr. lying, hoping to scare her into quitting drinking? Was there a mix up in files? Or did it work?

        Who knows, who cares, she was not going to waste away before my eyes, and I had done the best thing I could think of to do. I think that is closer to the real meaning of Faith than the generic version that most Christians understand. (Why do I have the sudden strong urge to re-watch the film Lilies of the Field?)

        Magic always amazes me with it”s subtleties.

        • kowalityjesus | Jul 1, 2013 at 4:29 pm |

          Not that I didn’t use google, but in Matt18:20 Jesus says “wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in their midst” According to my bible, this may be attributable to a rabbi executed in the second Jewish revolt of AD135 who said “…When two sit and there are between them the words of the Torah, the divine presence (Shekinah) rests upon them”

          I will say that it is remarkable how blunt most adults are, voluntarily or involuntarily. IMO, it takes events of discipline to foster a keenness for subtlety through adolescence, whatever worldly or other-worldly arbiter there is behind it.

      • Shakynavelbones | Jul 4, 2013 at 10:00 am |

        It only took fifteen minutes to reach my destination from home. Once there I was to labor for ten hours. After dedicating myself to this task, I found (on good days) the labor was only as long as the journey to work.

    • kowalityjesus | Jul 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm |

      I build up my treasure in heaven. Who knows what kind of dear price you may ACTUALLY be paying for all those ends?

      • Shakynavelbones | Jul 4, 2013 at 10:15 am |

        a recent day Jesus repeats in stereo, ‘If you knew what life was worth, you would look for yours on earth…’

      • Who knows what kind of dear price you may ACTUALLY be paying for not worshipping Allah?

      • Since I firmly believe in reincarnation – instead of hell – the most I risk is another life or two. Heaven is a misrepresentation of enlightenment by a patriarchal political body which we call the Catholics, and who masquerade as a religion.

        The fact that those who misrepresented it went on to commit genocide on all the differing Christian sects afterwards, effectively cuts the ground out from under their fairy story. If the tale were true, we would see none of the creators of it there. Also judging from the actions of most Christians today, we wouldn’t see many of them there either. After all, would Jesus be so quick to hand out bus tickets to hell, as today’s Christians do so often?

        Indeed since the vast majority of pre canonical bible Christian groups were wiped out by what is ostensibly the “good guys” all Christian sects that we see now effectively sprang off of the Catholics in one way or another, many times at great peril.

        If you wish to believe and directly or indirectly follow the teachings of a group such as this, good luck. I think you will need it.

        • kowalityjesus | Jul 6, 2013 at 5:07 pm |

          Fuck scrutinizing me and my faith. Anybody can sling a grapple on a giant. Im sick of it.

          I AM SAYING that if you want to sell out to whatever force is giving you these worldly powers, do so at your own risk. I think it could have some terrible and complicated spiritual consequences.

          • Ittabena | Jul 6, 2013 at 6:52 pm |

            I got this method from Catherine Ponder’s book The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity. She is a Christian Minister. I kind of left that out. Actually it was in the first comment I made here, I just didn’t mention that she was a Christian minister. The beginning of the list beseeches Jesus Christ for an answer to your requests. I did change that to “The One” since I have Taoist/Buddhist leanings. But it works just as well either way. The only part of this that came from Wicca was the identification of my Angel’s name. I believe angels are Christian right?

            Why the anger dude? I am just telling you what my experiences during 13 years of Catholic parochial school motivated me to discover through 35 years of research. And I even wished you good luck.

            And anyway, who scrutinized whose faith first? For that matter I did not attack your faith, I just responded to your concern and let you in on what I found to be true. Any personal affront you took from it was entirely your own making.

            I do find it a bit odd though that MOST people have a vehement dedication to whatever faith they happen to be born into. To me this is a lot of trust to bestow on “the luck of the draw” for a species who claim to be thinkers.

            As for the quote from the Bible, the correctness of the reference matters not to me and is incidental to the story. What does matter is that my friend is still alive and well, somewhere in the Carolinas. Does my helping her, or at least trying to, make me evil? if it does, that is not the faith for me.

            Also, what if all this is just science we have not discovered yet?

            Did you know that Hell, as we know it, did not exist before the Christians appeared, except for in the Pagan belief of Mithra? Other names that have often been substituted today to mean Hell, such as Hades, appeared but they did not mean a theme park for wicked humans.

            Making spiritual decisions without a knowledge of history can also have some terrible and complicated spiritual consequences.

            Sorry, but this is my field of research. I do not come unarmed to it. When Mormons, or Saints, come to my door we talk more about the 14th Dalai Lama than we do about John Smith – or Mitt Romney. You see, I have read their book, but they have not read mine.

          • kowalityjesus | Jul 6, 2013 at 10:31 pm |

            well, I appreciate your eclectic response, and apologize for any hostility I expressed. The myth of the underworld is fairly common in various world cultures, a minority believe that people or bad people go there when they die.

            Your intent colors your actions, so I would imagine helping a friend with a health-related issue, even while conjuring spirits to do so, will be a noble task. I know very few people personally who actually can relate vivid stories of interactions with what would commonly be known as demons, myself being one of them. Not all my spiritual encounters were with raging demons. Most others were with judges, some were recounters/storytellers.

            Unlike most Christians, I was not born into the faith. I am something of a red-letter Catholic, in that I know Jesus’s word to be the ultimate authority in how to live my life. I place my trust in God (who shows me explicit signs based on my aptitude in walking his path), for dealing with these beings, and do not place my trust in these beings. My advice to anyone who does is, “think about what the bargain entails for your eternal soul.”

          • Ittabena | Jul 7, 2013 at 2:00 am |

            I believe in Jesus Christ, but I do not believe in the story that I was told by Catholic Priests and Nuns. After suffering physical abuse at the hands of one of each – A Nun in grade school and a Priest in high school – the only conclusion I could come to was that they were teaching me to do as they say, not as they do.

            All I have done is to investigate the history of that church and found that historically they have never had the courage of their convictions.

            A little investigation of key historical events such as The Abigensian Crusade, The Spanish inquisition, The Councils of Nicaea (one Cardinal was violently expelled for expressing his opinion on the divinity of Christ), the house arrest of Galileo for the last part of his life, the Vatican’s willful participation in the ratlines which smuggled NAZI’s out of Germany to the Americas, or the pedophile ring that operated out of Boystown in Omaha NE, will show you what I speak of.


            This is no grappling hook, these are historical facts that anyone can check out. The film above is a documentary that was due to air on the Discovery Channel in 1994. It was cancelled mere hours before it’s air time.

            As for conjuring, you did not read closely enough, or you skipped my first comment on this story where I said that ritual is perhaps a crutch which slows our personal development. All I do is ask the same higher power that you believe in. The only thing that I really do differently is reject the story that the Catholics fabricated about Jesus and his life and surroundings.

            Did you know that if you travel to the Langue Doc area of southern France the people there still maintain that Mary Magdalene landed there shortly after Jesus death along with Jesus brothers and his child and founded what eventually became the Cathars Gnostic sect there. The Cathars were a peace loving sect that swore an oath of poverty, traveled in pairs and gave away whatever they were given.

            Pope Innocent III actually sent Saint Bernard to Langue Doc to investigate them, he returned and advised Innocent III that these people were wonderful Christians, not heretics, or a threat to him or his power. Nonetheless Innocent III launched a 20 year crusade to exterminate them and their Gnostic sect”s influence.

            Here is a paragraph from Wikiedia on the matter.

            “In August 1209 the crusaders captured the small village of Servian and headed for Béziers, arriving on July 21. Under the command of the Papal Legate Arnaud-Amaury[14] they started to invest the city, called the Catholics within to come out, and demanded that the Cathars surrender.[15] Both groups refused. The city fell the following day when an abortive sortie was pursued back through the open gates.[16] The entire population was slaughtered
            and the city burned to the ground. Contemporary sources give estimates of the number of dead ranging between fifteen and twenty thousand. The latter figure appears in Arnaud-Amaury’s report to the Pope.[17] The news of the disaster quickly spread and afterwards many settlements surrendered without a fight.

            This was the Albigensian Crusade. Which side would you expect me to be sympathetic to, the murderers, or the victims who were only trying to do good? The Catholics of the town of Beziers made their choice, and died to protect what they felt were a good an pious people.

            I guess what I am saying is that we as Catholics have been lied to, and in my book one lie or a thousand lies it makes no difference. However, when you are discussing a religion, the importance of this principle is multiplied exponentially for obvious reasons.

            Now, I believe that everyone should follow the path that fits them the best. This is not to say that what is right for a person will not change within his life time. It is also not saying that it necessarily will, or even should.

            So I am not telling you that you are wrong, but Catholicism is very wrong for me, and I have delineated why for you. But do not think I am conjuring demons or anything close to it. I have read how to – The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall – but I am not stupid enough to disregard the very strong warnings that are provided with the instructions.

            As a believer in reincarnation I have been trying my best not to have to come back to this rock again. And reading the Upanishads I believe that their is a spark of God inside each and every one of us. Unfortunately MOST Christians only treat those who agree with them in this way. I try my best to treat everyone that way, even those who society has no use for.

            Did you also know that the Vatican has enough gold to feed clothe and house every poor person on the face of the Earth, without even touching the rare art treasures or manuscripts that fill the Vatican vault, or even liquidating one piece of real property. As the price of gold continues to climb and paper currency decline this statement only becomes more true. And yet they do not do these things. Why not?

            Of course if you watch “Inside The Vatican” documentary all is revealed until they come to the Vatican Bank. There the doors remain shut and we are only told how poor they are.

            Catherine Ponder was a minister for Unity Church which is non-denominational and preaches that all paths lead to God, and that we each should choose the one that is right for us, as I also believe. But that is no license for me to ignore centuries upon centuries of heinous actions by one organization. I have no problem with Catholics – if they actually act Christian – just the Vatican and the fiction they try to operate under.

            I too have been led to where I am at, and I too can rightly claim that the path has been unmistakeable. We are just on different paths. The goal is the same. So relax and don’t worry. I am paying more attention than most to what is important.

          • kowalityjesus | Jul 16, 2013 at 11:22 am |

            hey thanks for the thoughtful response. I am aware of all or nearly all of the matters which you discuss. The primary reason for posting my original quote was for the well-being of your soul. I am glad you are aware of the ramifications of what you are doing, and honestly it sounds fascinating in an academic manner. I am not going there, I am serving the God most high with all esssences of my nature insofar as I am capable. my warm regards.

          • >”I am serving the God most high with all esssences of my nature insofar as I am capable. my warm regards.”

            As am I. I just had to go the route that was correct for me at my stage of the journey.

  9. Nathaniel Harris | Jul 1, 2013 at 9:00 am |

    Why would DISINFO remove important information I have posted here, warning people of a sick scandle within UK Occultism?

    • Matt Staggs | Jul 1, 2013 at 10:26 am |

      Nathaniel, there’s no one trying to silence you. It’s the content moderation software. Links within comments trigger moderation requests.

      • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 1, 2013 at 10:31 am |

        Thank you Matt, for explaining. Please do take a look at the content of my blog. I think you will want to be aware of it, before you post any more pro-Chaos Magic/I.O.T. content.

        • The Well Dressed Man | Jul 1, 2013 at 10:54 am |

          I visited your blog as well. These are serious allegations. I noticed that the men convicted of terrible abuses, Bately, Petrauski, and Kemp, are described as Wiccans and Thelemites. Were they also IOT?

          • Frater Isla | Jul 1, 2013 at 12:32 pm |

            I’ve been reading it, and researching it, too. They aren’t IOT.

          • Frater Isla | Jul 1, 2013 at 12:58 pm |

            Why is Nathaniel Harris trying to silence ME?

            I blame Obamacare

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 1:04 am |

            Excuse me, but I am the one actually living through horror at the moment. I am an ex-IOT member. I know for a fact that Colin Batley’s group in Wales was an I.O.T. temple. My evidence is in knowing those who were also a part of his temple. If you read my blog, you would also realize I have heard the testimony of the boy who was six years old when they abused him in ritual. This is not a theory, created through reading material on the internet.. It is all real life experience. Real journalists are involved in the investigation, and the authorities have been informed. Aspects of this case are currently in court. I am sorry to tell you it is TOTALLY REAL. So please stop embarrassing yourselves in the long run. I have no doubt that one day you will be finding PLENTY of evidence in the newspapers.

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 1:09 am |

            I will assume from your knee jerk reaction, and your lack of sensible questions, that you have some personal investment or involvement with the I.O.T. Possibly you are amongst the lower levels. I myself was the first Priest of the I.O.T., a Magister Templi of several groups. I initiated Nikki Wyrd and brought Peter Mastin into the pact. Julian Vayne is the stepfather of my daughter. Yes, I know these people and I know who is guilty, and of what… I also know Peter Carroll. He is a fool.

          • _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ | Jul 2, 2013 at 4:28 pm |

            hi nathan, just by reading your comments here i’ve noticed an extremely paranoid tendency of yours. whenever any one questions the legitimacy of your story, you say they “must be involved with the IOT”. You do realize this makes you look crazy, right?

          • The Well Dressed Man | Jul 1, 2013 at 6:27 pm |

            I also could find no evidence supporting Harris’ accusations against IOT members.

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 5:13 pm |

            Hi, (?). I am not claiming ‘anyone’ who disagrees with me is in the I.O.T. I am assuming that a Chaos magician called Fra. Isa, , who has made a film about a Chaos Servitor, has expressed support from Julian Vayne, and who has repeated almost word for word the standard I.O.T. attacks upon my credibility, is probably in the I.O.T.

            I’m looking at something around a 99.9999% probabilty here.

            You do realize that, in some people’s eyes, making accusations of insanity against me make you look like a classic abuser, right?
            And quite rightly so.
            “You are crazy” is just about the favourite accusation of every wife beater, emotional abuser, sociopath, and nonce that ever lived.
            As it happens, I have a clean bill of mental health; thanks, ironically, to the actions of the abusers in attempting to discredit me.
            Another classic backfire from the order of kiddie fiddlers. Just like the public attacks against me, when any sensible human being can understand I am already suffering greatly. They do nothing for the credibility of those trying to shut me up.

            Thanks for the extra few hundred hits on my own blog, by the way, that have resulted from this Chaos Trolling. I have no doubt there are other whistleblowers on the way.

          • shed boy | Jul 3, 2013 at 8:18 am |

            Nathaniel – if this is all true why not simply hand the information you claim to have over to the cops rather than jsut ranting on the web? sounds like bullshit witch-hunting wiv you trying to get back at a group who you ‘left’ – and yeah anyoe who gets sectioned in Britain has to be pretrty nuts even to get that far. Fact they only held you for 5 days jsut means they got even loonier tunes to deal wiv!

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 4, 2013 at 5:44 am |

            ‘Shed Boy’- you have been cropping up on the inetrnet and trying to distract people from the facts for long enough to know what the facts ARE! You know full well the authorities have been informed. You know full well this is all going to be exposed. I suspect you also know full well that I am telling the truth- a little while ago you were trying to convince me this was all Project Monarch. Some of your comments, such as poking fun at my having been brought up vegetarian, lead me to think you have known me. You sound a lot like you might be Peter Mastin- or someone he has ‘advised’ to make these jibes. Nothing you say is going to convince anyone.

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 4, 2013 at 5:44 am |

            To explain to anyone else reading this;


            Last October I woke up to find myself in a mental hospital. This had never happened to me before, except as a visitor when my mother was still a nurse, and has never happened since.

            Some seriously weird MK Ultra style Satanic ritual themed child abuse type shit had been uncovered in my life, involving the abuse of someone I care about by close members of my family, and a cult of Chaos magicians falsely claiming to be a satrap of the Illuminati. It seems they had been making money through the psychological and physical torture, and sexual exploitation, of at least one minor, and selling photographs and films of this abuse. When they realized I was on to them, they all wrote anonymous ‘letters of concern’ to my Doctor, the Police, and Social Services.

            The result was that I was arrested at 9.30 on a Monday morning, held in a cell until 2.00 am Tuesday morning (with no cigarettes, I might add), whereupon I found myself being interviewed by three psychiatrists and a Social Worker. As one might imagine, it was not easy explaining to them what was really going on.

            “An order of black magicians are conspiring to make it look like you are paranoid, you say.”

            “You used to be a member of this group, you say? The Illuminatus of what-was-it-again?”

            “So, why is it you believe that Category A sex offenders are gang-stalking you?”

            The Social Worker claimed to have ‘Information you do not have,’, apparently proving me wrong. This later turned out to be an anonymous statement made by one of the MK Ultra style baddies. I guess I cannot blame any of these professionals for making decisions based upon incomplete and false information, but I can blame them for assuming rather than listening. For example, the Social Worker wrote in her report that I seemed to believe any professional who disagreed with me was a part of the conspiracy. I never said anything of the kind. That would have been crazy.

            I was placed under a Section 2; the purpose of which was to ascertain whether or not mental illness was actually present.

            Apparently, there were no spaces in the psychiatric facilities in Bristol, where I was living and had been arrested. I was shuffled into a minibus with two security guards and driven to Green Lane Hospital, Devizes, in Wiltshire. It was around 4 am when I arrived.

            The next day I was interviewed by a psychiatrist. He asked me some very odd questions I’m sure most patients do not get asked.

            Such as, “Do you believe in magic?”

            “Do you practice a religion that promotes animal sacrifice, or cruelty towards other people?”

            “Do you have any thoughts of getting revenge, or of killing anyone?”

            In the end, the psychiatrist advised me that I was allowed to refuse medication, provided my behavior was not violent or difficult to manage. He said I might have an ‘Adjustment Disorder’, explaining that this was a fancy way of saying I had gotten extremely cross about a very difficult situation.

            After the interview, I managed to blag a cigarette from one of the nurses. There was a small garden area with a table and seats, where it was permitted to smoke. When I sat down, I noticed that someone had carved an eight rayed star of Chaos into the table, along with various sigils. A Chaos magician had been a patient here? It seemed an extremely strange coincidence.

            They allowed me to use the phone. I called my wife, and told her where I was. She took the number of the hospital, and rang back to speak to the nurses. She told them I was not suffering any mental illness, that she had lived with me for ten years, I was under no circumstances to be medicated, and that she was on her way.

            As it turned out, she could not make a visit that day. She could not have made it from Bristol to Devizes and back in time to see her son to school, and be there when he returned. The hospital was very remote, and difficult to get to without a car. She would have to wait until the weekend before it was possible.

            I was starting to get seriously worried. If this was all part of a cover up, or some secret government experiment, I might never get out. Anything seemed possible at this point. I was in a deep state of shock at finding myself in these surroundings, and still suffering secondary trauma from the disclosures.

            It was impossible to sleep in the room they gave me. Two doors away, there was an inmate who shouted all night. Every hour, a nurse would shine a torch through a window in the door to make sure I had not killed myself.

            I was under acute observation.

            After two days, they transferred me to the Lime Ward, an acute secure unit at Marmalade Lane Hospital, Bristol.

            I was interviewed again, this time by a psychiatric nurse who turned out to practice some kind of Druidic witchcraft, and was aware of my published works.

            I called my wife immediately.

            Guess what.

            There was a Chaos magician on the ward. A young man who insisted upon talking non stop about gnosis, magic, and the pagan mysteries, to anyone who would listen. In the time I spent there, he told me there were people in Bristol calling themselves Chaos Wizards, who were involved in a paedophile ring. He had a disturbing story about a six year old little girl, and some rather askew ideas about paedophilia of his own. It turned out he had himself been groomed and nonced as a kid. He said if he had a daughter, he would think it was a wonderful thing to introduce her to sex early. A wrong one, for sure. I told him that in my view he had never had a childhood, and did not know what he had missed.

            There was a young woman who had been ganged raped at a party on the estate where she lived, by people she had to see every day. CPS had moved not to prosecute any of them, and instead lock up the victim in a mental institution.

            Another young woman had told the police she had been raped, and was pregnant. Their response was to put her under a Section. The psychiatrists denied she was with child, and forcibly medicated her. When she recognized her rapist in the newspaper, after he was arrested for raping someone else, they said she was delusional. After the nurses heard her speaking quite rationally to me, and saw me taking note, she was given a medical check up. Turned out that she really was pregnant, after all.

            There was an older lady, who by her eyes had a serious lithium deficiency, who talked at a thousand miles an hour, jumping from one subject to another. In the evening, I allowed her to put her head on my shoulder, and put an arm around her for comfort. For around fifteen minutes, she spoke calmly about being a Royal Air Force Wife in WWII, and of a cover up concerning child abusers in the military. Some famous names were mentioned.

            Another inmate told me they had arrived, like me, on a Section 2. Because they had become aggressive at one of the nurses, they had been forcibly medicated, and put him under Section 3. That had been six months ago. He was now on a Section 14, with no idea if he would ever be let out. Apart from having had a few difficult problems in life, he seemed like a perfectly sane chap to me. Even with all his darkly implied comments about M.I.9. assassination squads that officially do not exist.

            It was only in talking to inmates that I discovered how to appeal a Section 2, and that there was a time limit in which this could be done. I contacted a solicitor, and arranged for them to visit the hospital in two days time. They sounded confident that they could get me out of there.

            I was called into a room by a nurse, and told to take my medication. I refused, stating I had been informed of my rights. The nurse seemed annoyed, and intimidated. She said that if she chose to, she could forcibly medicate me. I replied that she could only do that if I became aggressive, and that I was giving them the opportunity to observe my behavior in a non-medicated state, reasoning that this would be of more value to their diagnosis in the long run. They could not argue with that.

            Wherever I went, I would spot someone watching me and making notes on a clipboard. Ticking boxes, and recording my behavior.

            At dinner time, the food from the kitchen stank of bromide.

            My wife managed to make a visit. She brought me cigarettes, some cigars, a change of clothes, some books to read, a pen and paper with which to keep notes of my own, and some real food with no bromide in it.

            On the second day, I was assessed properly for the first time. One of the nurses who had been observing me, another social worker, and a psychiatrist, were present.

            The social worker had spoken to me over the telephone, heard my story, and used Google to check the facts. She looked me up and found references to my published works, as well as television appearances. She also ascertained that international orders of black magicians do, in fact, exist.. something those who had sectioned me in the first place seemed to have gotten a bit stuck on. We discussed the events previous to my having been Sectioned, and why it was I believed there had been a conspiracy to make me look paranoid.

            The psychiatrist agreed that I was reacting rationally to an extremely crazy situation. Much to my surprise, I was released later that day with a clean bill of mental health.

            Two days after my release I was arrested yet again, by the same police officer as before. I had done something that upset the MK Ultra style child abusers. He attempted to stick a huge pile of charges upon me for threatening behavior, none of which CPS would approve.

            A few days later, I was arrested again, held in a cell for hours, and a whole new list of potential charges were drawn up. Again, none of these were approved by CPS.

            Around a week later, I was arrested yet again. This time I threatened to contact a journalist. I was not held in a cell. Another interview, all recorded. He tries to coax me into saying something crazy sounding. I mention, for the record, that it was well known in our area that he was friends with two of those implicated in the child abuse ring, quoting the very words he had said to my daughter, “I know them, and they are not like that.” The officer went a very funny colour, and my solicitor laughed.

            The case was heard in court. I was fined £15, and gained a criminal record; I had never been arrested and charged for any crime before. A small thing, for some people. For a clown, career destroying. Ironically, due to having ‘outed’ paedophiles and defended the vulnerable, I am not allowed membership in Clown’s International, and cannot work as a children’s entertainer. If I had not ben deemed sane, I could not have been charged. Catch 23, so to speak. A minor regret, when it helps prevent further abuses, and entirely due to the initial failure by Police to take the matter seriously; despite my being given a clean bill of mental health.

            At the time of writing, there has still been no proper Police investigation into the MK Ultra style pretend Illuminati baddies. This is despite easily provable links between them all, and those who have already been jailed in the only Satanic Ritual Abuse case to ever be successfully prosecuted in the U.K.- something the officers involved should be hugely proud of. It is disgusting that they have not been promoted for their efforts.

            Meanwhile, it seems the guilty are being allowed to continue profiting from their abuse. Someone, somewhere, has photographs and films of Colin Batley and black magic pals abusing a six year old child. May time reveal their crimes, may strangers spoil their labour, and may their lives be forever darkened by the shadow of Jimmy Saville.

          • I also could find no info online supporting Harris’ accusations against IOT members.

  10. Nathaniel Harris | Jul 1, 2013 at 9:01 am | THE TRUTH ABOUT THE I>O>T>

  11. Please take the time to read and consider carefully before you moderate and remove. This is NOT slander. This is GENUINE.

  12. Nathaniel Harris | Jul 1, 2013 at 9:04 am |

    I address words actually written and published by Julian Vayne and Phil Hine, amongst others. These concerns are GENUINE. Please do not embarrass yourselves by silencing this whistleblower from within the I.O.T. Thank you.

    • Frater Isla | Jul 1, 2013 at 1:07 pm |

      I hope people using my articles to promote their own fringe blogs isn’t going to be a trend.

      • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 2:36 pm |

        You should think yourself lucky. If you really wanted to learn something, I could tell you about how Phil Hine and I invented the first ever Chaos-Servitor, and how it came to have so many tentacles. I still have the original art- the cover for his self published ‘CHAOSERVITORS- A User’s Guide’. This was back in 1992.

        Few contributors to the Chaos current these days seem to be able to offer anything truly original. Still repeating the same old ideas..

  13. BrianApocalypse | Jul 1, 2013 at 12:30 pm |

    I’ve successfully utilized Fotamecus’ services a few times. One time I was running late to catch a boat after the taxi that was bringing me to the port was 15 minutes late in picking me up. On top of that, I also had to stop and withdraw some cash from an ATM to pay the taxi. With all of these delays I thought there would be no way I’d make it, until I had the thought to use Fotamecus to extend time.

    Not only did I make the boat, but when the taxi pulled up the to port the radio started to play “If I could turn back time” by Cher!

  14. James Phillip Schmitt | Jul 1, 2013 at 12:55 pm |

    We used to use Fotamecus to get to the club back in thee day….

  15. Frater Isla | Jul 1, 2013 at 1:58 pm |

    For anyone interested in Nathaniel Harris’ claims..

    I’ve spent the last week researching this subject in the hope of writing an article to help expose an evil pedophile ring. Here’s what I found:

    -Most of the accused IOT members were previous acquaintances of Harris (including his parents and former lovers)
    -Bristol police have investigated, and do not seem to be following up on the claims (I guess they could be ‘in on it’). They have, however, told him to stop handing out death threats.
    -The Bately, Petrauski, and Kemp case (which is real) has nothing to do with the IOT and is apparently only being used by Harris to give credence to his claims in some roundabout way

    My conclusion: We are looking at a personal vendetta being played out on a public stage, with Mr. Harris using old school witch-hunt tactics against friends who don’t like him anymore. I decided not to go ahead with the article after learning all this.

    I don’t really understand how this has anything to do with my Fotamecus story, but I figured I should at least throw in my two cents, considering it was my piece that Harris decided to use as his soapbox.

    • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 12:06 pm |

      Thanks for that, Frater Isla. You are, unfortunately, merely repeating the slander that has been spread about me by the abusers. As I said, you evidently have an investment in the I.O.T. Judging by your screen name, you are a member of the order.

      Bristol Police have not done a full investigation. Besides, most of those accused are outside of Bristol’s jurisdictiuon. One of the big problems with this case is that it is cross county. I don’t know if you know anything about Police protocol, but officers from one county are not allowed to discuss cases with each other.

      Yes, all these people were known to me. I said that clearly. Yes, they inclue ex-lovers and family members. But it was not me who had the vendetta. It is one of the things that is the most painful for me, that people I once loved and respected have done such a low and vile thing as this.

      I understand that you do not want to believe people you are inspired by should be involved with ritual abuse. I understand that this is especially so, since ‘big name’ members of the I.O.T. have leant credibility to your work. I guess the lies that are the hardest to see through are the lies that flatter us; for we are most willing to be blinded by them.

      I have no desire to fight with you. I do not doubt that you have been duped by these people, and do not know what you are saying.

      Now, consider the following.

      Jimmy Saville has been declared the most prolific paedophile in recent history. With tales about abducting orphans from Children’s homes, and dumping their bodies in the sea after raping them, his reputation since his death could easily be compared to Gilles DeRais. He has become the modern archetype for absolute evil.

      All this has been feverishly reported in our red top papers, along with endless accusations against the countless pop stars and TV presenters who exploited young fans in the seventies. All around England we have chatted over breakfast about abuse and despair.

      We are all prepared to believe that Saville exploited the vulnerable, however shocking the numbers. We are all prepared to believe there were plenty of people, in the BBC and elsewhere, who not only knew about Saville’s abuses, but actively protected him with their silence. We are beginning to understand the links between child abuse and organized crime, such as the supplying of children from homes to brothels frequented by TV stars and politicians. We are all prepared to believe that others were involved actively with Saville’s abuses. Yet one thing still seems to stretch the credibility of the masses.

      That, when Saville and his pals were doing these vile things to children, that they could be dressed up in black robes and chanting ‘Hail Satan’ as the did it. Few papers dared to report upon the testimony of those victims of Saville’s coven of Satanists, and those journalists who dared to write about it found themselves open to ridicule and accusations of being conspiracy theorists.

      The victims of Saville’s Satanic Ritual Abuse gave testimony to Valerie Sinuson, a psychotherapist of the Tavistock Institute, London. She has literally hundreds of such testimonies, freely given and without any need to ‘recover hidden memories’. She is not alone in this as a therapist. The ridicule such victims have to suffer from disbelievers results in yet another layer of trauma.

      Meanwhile, the False memory Syndrome continue in their attempts to convince us there is no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse, insisting that therapists all around the world are hypnotizing patients and implanting false memories; countering the evidence for a Satanic abuse with an entirely spurious conspiracy theory. of their own. It should come as no surprise that the founder of the False Memory Syndrome, Ralph Underwager, has links to publications like Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia. As a minister and psychologist, he made a career out of defending accused paedophiles in the courtroom. Many say the unlikely claims of False Memory Syndrome were cooked up entirely to protect abusers from prosecution.

      Apparently, despite the revelations of Saville’s involvement with Satanism, and the successful convictions of Colin Batley, Elaine and Jeannette Batley, Peter Petrauske, and Jack Kemp, and not forgetting the ritually murdered paedophile Peter Solheim, we are still supposed to believe that ‘occultism’ (in its many forms) is the only religion in the world that harbors no paedophiles.

      Hardly likely, is it?

      • Frater Isla | Jul 2, 2013 at 12:22 pm |

        Nope. Not in the IOT. Go be gross on your own blog, dude.

        • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 2, 2013 at 2:27 pm |

          Dholcey, Fra. Isla, I.O.T. (Noviciate).

          Funny. Because what you repeat is EXACTLY what the I.O.T. have been telling people. There is nowhere else you could have received this spurious, and where true entirely incomplete information.

          Yes, I got angry and made stupid threats, and got told off by the Police.. who went away realizing they had been used, and are unlikeley to fall for Peter Mastin’s bullshit again.

          That ranking members of the I.O.T. promoting your work puts your membership at close to 100% probability. I know of no examples where these people promote work by anyone outside of their clique.

          Your ‘investigation’ went like this.

          You either sat down with, or spoke on the telephone to, high ranking members of the I.O.T. You asked them, “Is it true you are a paed, and the I.O.T. has been funding itself through the sales of Satnically themed child abuse films and photographs?”
          They said, “No. That Nathan is crazy.”
          You said, “OK that’s just what I hoped was true.”
          And you posted what you had been told here, in response to my attempts to warn you.

          Pretty much, your investigation was as complete as that of the Police.

          Having warned you, I have fulfilled my ethical obligation. It is entirely down to you if you want to hang out with child abusers, just because they tell you they believe in your ‘magic’.

          Fra. Equilibrium 1945, Chaos Priest, Magister Templi, and Inquisitor/Fool to 1° U.K. & U.S.A. sections (Resigned).

          • Frater Isla | Jul 2, 2013 at 6:50 pm |


          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 3, 2013 at 8:12 am |

            Futhermore, you claim to have been researching me for a week? Yet this conversation, at the time of writing this post, is only two days old. You showed no signs of recognizing my name when this conversation began. That doesn’t add up, does it, young man?

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 3, 2013 at 8:15 am |

            Any film with Julian Vayne, Chaos Magicians and children in it.. well. Its a bit creepy, given the complete context, don’t you think? And not in a good way. Creepy like Jimmy Saville. Just saying.. Is that your IOT temple in this film? There are a couple of faces I think I might recognize.

          • Nathaniel Harris | Jul 15, 2013 at 8:36 am |

            Fotomaticus (or whatever you call it) could be very useful for someone about to spend a long time in prison, couldn’t it. Just saying.. hehehe.

          • I was ignoring you.

  16. Noah_Nine | Jul 5, 2013 at 5:42 am |

    hmmm….. lot’s o’ drama…. i can’t tell if this just a bunch of finger pointing or if it’s real…

  17. tibby trillz | Jul 7, 2013 at 1:42 pm |

    maybe this is a naive question with an obvious answer but if theres all these magic men runnin around with special powers that actually 100 percent work, than why arent they creating world peace or ending the stupid iraq war or something useful. making a snow angel that helps you get to the bank before it closes seems short sighted and selfish.

    • tibby trillz | Jul 7, 2013 at 1:52 pm |

      also im rooting for these guys to finish their film but if it ends up being as cheesed out as “what the bleep do we know” im gonna shit.

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