Guantanamo Bay Recommends Using Drug With Severe Neurological Effects On Detainees

Metoclopramide_ampuleAs if torturing the seemingly permanent detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were not bad enough, it has now been revealed by Al-Jazeera that an official manual recommends use of Reglan, a drug known to cause neurological disorders, to hunger striking detainees:

A new policy for force feeding hunger strikers at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay includes the recommended use of a controversial drug that may cause serious neurological disorders, including one that mimics Parkinson’s disease.

The UK-based human rights group, Reprieve, filed an incident report this week with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanding an immediate investigation into the use of the brain-altering drug, and asking the agency “to take all possible measures to prevent further use of metoclopramide in force-feeding at Guantanamo”.

Al Jazeera first documented the use of metoclopramide last month in an exclusive report about the government’s revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deal with a massive hunger strike entering its fifth month.

More than 100 Gitmo detainees are refusing meals and military officials there have ordered dozens to be force-fed, a brutal procedure involving a mask, plastic tubing, powerful drugs and restraints, as detailed in last month’s Al Jazeera report.

Metoclopramide, commonly known by its brand name Reglan, is supposed to speed up the digestive process and remove the urge to vomit during force feeding.

However, medical studies into the drug have determined that Reglan also is linked to a high rate of tardive dyskinesia (TD), a potentially irreversible and disfiguring disorder characterized by involuntary movements of the face, tongue, or extremities.

The studies prompted the FDA in February 2009 to slap Reglan with a black box label – the agency’s strongest warning – to inform patients about the dangers associated with chronic use of the drug…

[continues at Al-Jazeera]


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10 Comments on "Guantanamo Bay Recommends Using Drug With Severe Neurological Effects On Detainees"

  1. Is anyone surprised by YET ANOTHER crime against humanity during Obama’s reign of terror?

  2. smooth_operator | Jun 19, 2013 at 5:13 pm |

    It very may well be a deliberate attempt to irreversibly damage the inmates psychologically and physiologically. The vast majority of these inmates are completely innocent and I bet the Nazi leadership is frightened at the horror stories they’d divulge to journalists upon release. The Nazis may figure scrambling the inmates’ brains is the best course of action.

    • BuzzCoastin | Jun 19, 2013 at 7:06 pm |

      you’re not allowed to compare Nazi Homeland to Nazi Germany
      Homelanders take offense
      they think unless it looks exactly like Nazi Germany
      (people speaking German, Jews being rounded up, soldiers goosestepping)
      it’s not the same thing
      Heil Homeland!

      • the difference b/w Nazi Germany and the u.s. is the u.s. cant be so blatant(YET) because now people have seen what can happen. also racism is no longer socially acceptable and the gov’t and economy isn’t strong enough to take care of their own and to get massive support. also, there are a lot more radicals. some of the tactics have to be changed. in some ways the oppressors have more power than the Nazis did, in some ways, they have less. i’m not the kinda person that expects a utopian revolution, but I think the oppressors are fearing for their loss of power and are getting ready to throw what they got at us, as it presently being realized(police state surveillance, gross injustices, etc) I don’t know but I sure hope its true that the meek will inherit the earth, and sooner rather than later.
        I think the oppressors want us to believe they’re stronger than they really are. a very common tactic by evil people. you shouldn’t give in by expressing such negativity. not that I don’t agree w/ some of yer comparisons, but don’t let the bastards fool you when they flex their muscles and sharpen their knives. they’re more afraid of you and the radicalized multitudes,(by radicalized I don’t mean terroristic, but those who aren’t buying what their sellin)
        all im saying is yer not so special w/ yer alternative ideas. there are many people who resist the oppressors, and the world is largely supported by them. they can try to kill us(its what happened in Guatemala and latin America, in general). they can try to scare us. but who cooks their meals? who cuts their lawns? who grows their food? and alternative energy and a.i. ain’t gonna happen. that’s what their hopes are for, but nature will wreak havoc on their plans. they are the snake who eats its own tail. marx got one thing right. the ruling classes sow the seeds of their own destruction.
        check out noam Chomsky’s book- Hopes and Prospects. I think hes right about Latin America being the land of hope for a revolution. that’s why the ruling class tried to destroy the indigenous there.

        • BuzzCoastin | Jun 20, 2013 at 7:54 pm |

          the difference b/w Nazi Germany and the u.s. is
          the u.s. cant be so blatant(YET)

          blatant is in the eye of the beholder:
          * imprisoning a huge number racial minorities
          (as many in number as the Jews imprisoned)
          * unwarranted spying on it’s citizens & encouraging snitches
          seems pretty 3rd Reichish to me
          * invading small poorly defended countries for resources
          is it not Poland 2?
          * having a figurehead government run by elites
          ok, most Homelanders can’t see that

          but on the whole
          they have copied the Nazi plan to the letter
          because they were the originators of the Nazi plan
          and Prescott Bush was the banker
          for the elite bankster/drug dealers who owned Hitler

          • oh yeah, they’re getting away with as much as they can, and then some. but surely, god is beaming information at us. and its getting clearer and clearer day by day. he must be getting closer. that’s why they’re trying so hard to sabotage the crystal receiver that is our brain, w/ poisoned tap water and the like. not to mention, their Public Relations. there’s a lotta twists and turns down their corridors, but for those who just get the fuck out, it all gets clear. but yeah, fuck the conspiracy theories and all that. not that there aint any validity to them but theres too much shit to sift through just to get a tiny gem that doesn’t really matter when you got the lodestar.

            But god never expected to create a mass movement. only few dare walk the razor’s edge.(if need be, you can replace god with the Light of truth, or light of peace or somesuch, whatever it is that awakens you and shows you the way)

          • BuzzCoastin | Jun 20, 2013 at 8:51 pm |

            it’s up to everyone to find their own way out
            the solution
            is not going to come through a group or a messiah

  3. I had akathisia once and the torture is unlike anything else. It puts force-feeding to shame, keeping the terror going strong weeks after the medicine is stopped and leaving no scars.

    “These drugs, in this family, do not calm or sedate the nerves. They attack. They attack from so deep inside you, you cannot locate the source of the pain … The muscles of your jawbone go berserk, so that you bite the inside of your mouth and your jaw locks and the pain throbs. For hours every day this will occur. Your spinal column stiffens so that you can hardly move your head or your neck and sometimes your back bends like a bow and you cannot stand up. The pain grinds into your fiber … You ache with restlessness, so you feel you have to walk, to pace. And then as soon as you start pacing, the opposite occurs to you; you must sit and rest. Back and forth, up and down you go in pain you cannot locate, in such wretched anxiety you are overwhelmed, because you cannot get relief even in breathing.”

    —Jack Henry Abbot, In the Belly of the Beast

    These drugs should be pulled from the market and forced down the mouths of whoever distributed them.

  4. Up until now I was thinking that no matter what we did we weren’t as good at torture as our ancestors and that the level of violence in general has died down. then this happened. we may not suspend have people by their rib cages, but this is a whole different type of fucked up.

  5. also what the hell is meant by may induce “thoughts about depression?”

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