Here’s How U.S. Food Items Are Labeled Overseas

Supermarket shoppers in other countries are informed that American processed foods contain GMOs and artificial coloring dyes linked to childhood hyperactivity. Why aren’t we told this? Food Babe writes:

The NY Times verified that this is in fact a real label on US Kraft Mac & Cheese sold in the UK.

We know that Kraft does not label, distribute or export the US version of Mac & Cheese officially. (To echo my quote in The NY Times, I find it extremely bizarre that Kraft had no knowledge of their products being sold and widely available in one of the largest retailers in the world (Tesco) and are trying to pass this off as a black market supply.)

Kraft customer service confirmed use of GMOs in their products. Given all the public statements that Kraft has made to the media about this label, they have not attempted to refute their product “May Cause Adverse Effects On Activity And Attention In Children.”

warning label

  • Andrew

    “Why aren’t we told this?” Are you kidding? How is the Free Market supposed to work if consumers are informed?

    • InAwe

      Some would say… Free Market my ass.
      Its working just as intended.

    • misinformation

      Are you actually saying that the economic system in the USA is free market? If so, can we please redefine the phrase, ‘free market’. When did bail-outs, subsidies and legal exemptions from harm become part of the definition of the ‘free market?

      Musolini called it fascism. I’m confused.

      • Stephen Benson

        It was irony, I believe…

        • misinformation

          I hope you’re right

    • Fred Derf

      Do your own basic research for the things in your life or be a dead dummy; why should someone else be held responsible for whether you let someone feed you poison or you choose to eat healthy?

  • John William Holland

    Bullshit. Check your sources before you post lies. i come here to haev Disinfo exposed not served.

  • AManCalledDa-da

    Reminds Da-da of that Paul Newman final summation speech from, “The Verdict.”

  • Dan

    Burden of proof is not on Kraft to produce the information. It’s on the group that put that statement on the label. With no citation to an actual study, this is fear-mongering crap.

    • shunster

      The Euro zone requires this. The US does not.

  • Rus Archer

    stop buying packaged food

  • Adamas Macalz

    Can america just hurry up and enter a self-imposed apocalypse already? I’m ready to go head hunting(I’m looking at you Cheney).

    • Elenchus

      I’ve read that he likes to go fly fishing on the Snake River.

      • Adamas Macalz

        Duly noted

  • Tchoutoye

    I thought corporations having to add GMO information on their labels was so expensive it would cause them to go bankrupt.

  • echar

    According to the original article, the label appears to be a hoax.

  • emperorreagan

    If you see tratrazine (Yellow 5), you shouldn’t be eating it anyway. Tratrazine is processed benzene.

    Unless you like adding crude oil by-products directly to your food, of course – then chow down!

  • Hoarfraust

    This was on Snopes as a hoax–Kraft says they don’t even market KD to the UK.

  • BuzzCoastin

    the box around the “food” is warning enough
    for thinking people
    people concerned about health don’t eat Kraft Mac & Cheese
    or other boxed, canned & manufactured “foods”
    people that eat Kraft Mac & Cheese aren’t concerned about health

    • jnana

      or cant afford to be concerned about health, at least that much. buying food is not that easy in much of the world. including, or especially, the united states. I know many people, personally, who struggle to pay for rent, food gas, and all the other necessities in our world. its no coincidence I have decided to drop out, but I understand the many who cant and see no choice but to work for the rat race and eat their kraft mac n cheese. shit, if that’s what I happen to dumpster dive, that’s what im eating.

      • BuzzCoastin

        that is a defeatist attitude
        and the prevailing meme:
        let gruberment think & supervise for me
        I too stupid & poor to do anything

        gaining independence isn’t easy
        but it’s not impossible to grow some of one’s food
        but that has to start with a desire to do so

        the Mac & Cheese crowd is an audience, a demographic
        consisting of people who have been edumacated
        into subservience & subsistence

      • BuzzCoastin

        as to dumpster diving
        I always remember Rumi’s poem
        “Only the true favorites get hunger for their daily bread.
        You’re not one of those.”

        “Once a sheikh and a disciple were walking quickly toward a town where it’s known there is very little to eat. The disciple says nothing but he is constantly afraid of going hungry. The teacher knows what the student thinks. How long will you be frightened of the future because you love food? You have closed the eye of self-denial and forgotten who provides. Don’t worry, you’ll have your walnuts and raisins and special deserts. Only the true favorites get hunger for their daily bread. You’re not one of those. Whoever loves the belly is brought bowl after bowl from the kitchen. When such a person dies, the bread itself comes to the funeral and makes a speech. “O corpse, you almost killed yourself with worrying about food. Now you’re gone and food is still here, more than enough. Have some free bread. Bread is more in love with you than you with it. It sits and waits for days. It knows you have no will. If you could fast, bread would jump into your lap as lovers do with each other. Be full with trusting, not with these childish fears of famine.”
        Rumi, Coleman Barks translation

        Oh & BTW: that’s also basic Gnostic stuff

        • jnana

          its not what goes into the mouth that will defile, but what comes out. practicing self-control through diet/fasting is great. eating simple is great, too. but I am not my body and when it goes, it goes.
          I just happen to have a strong pet peeve for food snobs, especially those who refuse a meal someone offers sincerely.
          I believe in living simple and eating little n treating earth w/ repect and understand why small farms are important, but im not afraid to eat a cheeseburger someone buys for me.

          • BuzzCoastin

            I don’t think it’s snobbish to not want to eat poisoned food
            especially if there are ways to avoid it

            if somebody bought me a Mickey D cheeseburger
            I’d give it away or compost it
            because I have enough to eat already

            it’s one thing to ask for food and reject the offering
            that’s stupid
            but to turn down unsolicited poison is smart

            and religious dietary laws
            are more about health than god

  • uncle gilly

    I’m surprised the label doesn’t say: orange powder glows in the dark and is not remotely connected to cheese, as the ” macaroni” is not remotely connected to real pasta ! KD ,holy fuck eat at your own risk! would be better on the label , and wtf is Cheeze whiz? ? a by product of the search for the A bomb?