Hitman Testifies About Murders Sanctioned by James Whitey Bulger

Ah, James Whitey Bulger Another excellent example of federal mismanagement.

via Daily News James Whitey Bluger associate

A former associate of the 83-year-old reputed mobster testifies in Boston about murders they committed together. John ‘The Executioner’ Martorano denied being a hitman or a serial killer despite admitting to killing 20 people out of duty to friends and family.

A former gangster in James (Whitey) Bulger’s criminal empire admits to killing 20 people but said he’s a “nice guy” who was only trying to help his family and friends.

John “The Executioner” Martorano denied being a hitman or a serial killer Tuesday as he took the stand for a second day in the sensational trial of Boston’s most famous mobster.

“I didn’t enjoy killing people. I enjoyed helping a friend,” Martorano, 72, told jurors.

He wasn’t a hitman because he was never paid for murders, and he didn’t get a kick out of pumping bullets into his victims, said the former member of Bulger’s violent Winter Hill Gang.

“A serial murderer kills for fun,” he said. “I don’t like doing it. I never had any joy at all.”

“I’d rather be perceived as a vigilante rather than a serial killer,” he added, noting that he killed out of duty to friends and family, including Bulger and his mobster cohort Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi.

Only two of his 20 murders weren’t justified, according to Martorano: two teenagers killed as they sat in the car of another target, and an innocent man killed by accident.

“I wish none of it ever happened,” he said of his documented slayings. “But there’s nothing I can do now to change it.”

Martorano’s graphic litany included murders he said were sanctioned by Bulger and Flemmi.

Flemmi, like Martorano, later flipped on Bulger and gave evidence to federal prosecutors in exchange for lighter sentences for their crimes.

Bulger, 83, was on the lam for 16 years before being caught in 2011. He’s charged with 32 racketeering and extortion charges and is implicated in 19 murders.


  • BuzzCoastin

    sounds like something Bush, Cheney or Obama might say
    the dude just picked the wrong team to kill for

  • mcubik

    a few of days ago

    in texas

    they executed a black woman

    for a single murder

    and then you read

    of men who have murdered in the double digits

    and for some reason

    justice is amended


    and they walk

    continue living

    a good argument against

    capital punishment


    this pliable justice

    we practice