Indonesia To Use Rain-Making Technology To Extinguish Fires

cloudsWhat weather should our leaders choose? reports:

Indonesia plans to use weather changing technology to try to unleash torrents of rain and extinguish raging fires on Sumatra island that have cloaked neighboring Singapore in thick haze, an official said Wednesday.

The city-state, which is home to 5.3 million inhabitants, has been pressing Jakarta to take action to put out the blazes, which have pushed air pollutant levels on the island to a 16-year high.

Indonesian forestry ministry official Raffles Panjaitan said the government planned to use a technology called “cloud-seeding” to try and put out the fires, that are mainly centred on peatlands in Riau province. Helicopters would be sent into the skies above Sumatra to inject chemicals into clouds, which prompt the formation of heavy ice crystals, and so speed up the production of rain.

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  1. CosmicAmazing | Jun 20, 2013 at 8:21 am |

    Awww, I was so waiting for a mention of HAARP-like technology or something cool like that. But nooooooo, it’s just that boring 1940’s cloud seeding tech.

    Come on people, it’s 2013 for christ sakes, use something like this:

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