Lobbyists for Canadian Pipeline Have Deep Ties to White House

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TransCanada and the provincial government of Alberta are paying former advisors to the Obama administration – as well as former staff of the Hillary Clinton and John Kerry presidential campaigns – to help them lobby for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sands fuel to the U.S.

The pipeline from Alberta – which is to be built by TransCanada – has been delayed for over four years pending approval from the U.S. State Department which has final say because it crosses the international border. President Barack Obama is expected to announce a decision this fall in consultation with John Kerry, who took over the State Department earlier this year from Hilary Clinton.

Potential conflicts of interest for these three top Democratic party officials have been uncovered by Friends of the Earth U.S. This came soon after Mother Jones magazine uncovered evidence that TransCanada has had strong contractual relationships with the firm that provided a positive environmental review of the pipeline for the State department.

“No one can deny that this kind of influence trading is not in the national interest when it could sway a decision that is bad for the planet and bad for the country,” Ross Hammond, a senior campaigner for Friends of the Earth told the Financial Times.


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  • Ted Heistman

    Its all good because it will create “jaerbs” and keep us from being dependent on “foreign” oil. You know, we want that good ‘ol American, er, Canadian oil, not that A-rab oil!

    • echar

      All that cleanup means man hours.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Lobbyists for Canadian Pipeline Have Deep Ties to White House
    the headline is incorrect
    it should read:
    Lobbyists for Canadian Pipeline & the US Gruberment Are the Same People

  • Juan

    Oh my, this is quite the shocker.