Alan Watts and Terence McKenna: Our Need For A Sense Of Unity

Courtesy of the Omega Point Project

  • Simon Valentine

    en passe
    no church shots
    they’re worse than below the belt
    just another aetheric aesthetic
    come from the demise of itself

    • BuzzCoastin

      When people see some things as beautiful,
      other things become ugly.
      When people see some things as good,
      other things become bad.

      Being and non-being create each other.
      Difficult and easy support each other.
      Long and short define each other.
      High and low depend on each other.
      Before and after follow each other.

      Therefore the Master
      acts without doing anything
      and teaches without saying anything.
      Things arise and she lets them come;
      things disappear and she lets them go.
      She has but doesn’t possess,
      acts but doesn’t expect.

      • DrDavidKelly

        And when people know left they get to know right

        which is a good thing when driving down the road …
        of life – just to make it sound deep.

        • BuzzCoastin

          Stop thinking, and end your problems.
          What difference between yes and no?
          What difference between success and failure?
          Must you value what others value,
          avoid what others avoid?
          How ridiculous!

          • DrDavidKelly

            The differences are obvious when the results are revealed, one lets you live
            the other die … sometimes choice is all you have.

          • BuzzCoastin

            vive la difference!

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Beautiful Video.

  • Juan

    Very nicely done. Along with Robert Anton Wilson, these two loom large in my own personal mythology.
    I sent the link along to my nephew who is 18, on his way to college on the east coast, and is currently quite enamored with Christopher Hitchens. I’m hoping this will expand his thinking beyond the strictly materialist pov.