Peter Bebergal Interviews Alan Moore on Creativity, Magic and More

2158181-alan_mooreToo Much to Dream author Peter Bebergal recently interviewed legendary comic book author and practicing magician Alan Moore for The Believer magazine. I think that disinfonauts will find it an entertaining read.

The Believer:

BLVR: Where do you think human consciousness fits into that? Is it somehow separate from it?

AM: If time is an illusion, then all movement and change are also illusions. So the only thing that gives us the illusion of movement and change and events and time is the fact that our consciousness is moving through this mass along the time axis. If you imagine it as a strip of celluloid, each of those individual cells is motionless. If they each represent a moment, they’re unchanging. They’re not going anywhere, but as the projector beam of our consciousness passes across them, it provides the illusion of movement, and narrative and cause and effect and circumstances.

BLVR: You also believe that we can change the aperture of that projector through various processes like magic, or other ways of shaping consciousness.

AM: Yeah, our view of reality, the one we conventionally take, is one among many. It’s pretty much a fact that our entire universe is a mental construct. We don’t actually deal with reality directly. We simply compose a picture of reality from what’s going on in our retinas, in the timpani of our ears, and in our nerve endings. We perceive our own perception, and that perception is to us the entirety of the universe. I believe magic is, on one level, the willful attempt to alter those perceptions. Using your metaphor of an aperture, you would be widening that window or changing the angle consciously, and seeing what new vistas it affords you.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    it’s hard for me to believe that people are still printing interviews
    that have been or
    could have been recorded & edited

    • Stephen Benson

      Video and sound are pretty inefficient ways of delivering this sort of information. I can consume the information much more quickly from text, rather than waiting for the slow trudge of verbal delivery.

      • BuzzCoastin

        if possible
        I save reading for detailed study
        fluff pieces like this I skip around
        listening for sound bites & tone
        while I multitasking something else

        not many read this past the first paragraph
        hardly any read the whole thing
        a lot more people under 30 woulda listened

        the times they are a changin’

        • Bruteloop

          Reading is about patience. About not having something delivered wholesale but an exchange. Effort and ideas. Fuck sound bite culture.

  • BuzzCoastin

    > We don’t actually deal with reality directly.
    We simply compose a picture of reality from what’s going on in our retinas,
    in the timpani of our ears, and in our nerve endings.

    that “picture” of reality is a technologically mediated “image” as well
    in fact
    there is no “picture” or “image” at all
    those are mediated ideas & abstractions about mediated “reality”

  • Juan

    Not at all familiar with this guy’s comics, but I am very intrigued by his ideas. He’s given me lots to think about.

  • Spasmodius

    Thanks for this Matt!

  • Noah_Nine

    Alan Moore was the person that sparked my interest in Magic… His take on the analogs between art and Magic are truely inspiring… Curmudgeonry at its finest.

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