Radio Discordia Presents: Hakim Bey And Bill Laswell – Temporary Autonomous Zone (T.A.Z.)

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  • Andrew
    • echar

      Interesting, I was unaware of these claims about him and others

      It is clearly farfetched to suggest that Bey/Wilson is advocating sex with pre-pubescent children, as there is nothing in the texts to suggest this. Regarding pederasty, and regardless of one’s own views on the moral legitimacy of such sexual desire, it should also be recognized that Bey is not the first high-profile writer to admit to a sexual
      attraction towards adolescent boys. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg made no secret of it, yet by and large their readers do not seem to be able to
      have trouble separating this from their consumption of the work.
      Instead, the question of sexuality within Bey’s work should be analyzed
      within the framework of the academic writing Wilson has published under
      his real name, such as his non-TAZ overview of early pirate utopias:

      I am still skeptical, pedo is the new heretic. Just to make it clear, I am not endorsing.

    • Antediluviancurrent

      Even though I don’t want to defend pedophilia, most arguments against Bey are of this ad hominem type. “What this guy says can’t be bothered with, because he’s a pedophile.”

      Bookchin gives a more astute critique of his philosophy without resorting to this fallacy, even though I don’t fully fit in the mold of “it’s either revolution, or nothing”.

    • jnana

      Too many anarchists ignore the consequences of an amoral philosophy. I also recognize the limitations of the Law and I also find the Law to be immoral and unjust. But I believe in the Holy Spirit and submission to Love. And I believe the body is an illusion created by a god to deceive and trap the soul. These beliefs keep my antinomianism from devolving into selfishness and manipulation of others for fleshly desires.
      There is a balance that needs to be maintained which many atheistic anarchists don’t understand. They are whats keeping anarchism from acceptance as a valid idea for people other than immature rebels.

  • jnana

    I don’t understand the anarchist’s argument against morality. Morality is innate in the human. Some anarchists believe it is immoral to be moral.

    • Calypso_1

      Which morality? In which human?

      • jnana

        that’s for you to find out.
        Gnothi Seauton.
        Its funny how anarchists rail against Morality and then get mad when people like Hakim Bey and the decadent elite take amorality to its logical outcome. Cognitive dissonance?

        • Calypso_1


          • jnana

            I’m sorry, my Greek is limited to 2 years of high school and a little bit of personal study. I love Greek, though. Its the only regret I have about dropping out of h.s.
            So, what exactly is it you said in Greek?
            My personal favorite greek phrase is: To Sopho Xenon Ouden

          • Calypso_1

            Know what existed before.

            Which essentially is the realm one claims to discern in positing innate morality.

          • jnana

            and that is what it means to be a Gnostic. That is, a gnostic knows who they are, what they will be,where they came from, where they are going, what is birth and what is rebirth. (I think I just gave a very poor paraphrase of Theodotus, or perhaps, Clement)

          • Calypso_1

            Modes of limited transposition.

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