Russian Truckers Coordinate Response to Highway Extortion Attempt

I think it’s about time that we have a Russian dashcam film festival.

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  1. Charlie Primero | Jun 23, 2013 at 10:04 am |

    This vigilantism and civil disorder is abhorrent! They are taking THE LAW into their own hands!

    They should have called a policeman.

    Lenin would NOT approve.

  2. Always carry a CB radio with a big antenna. Truckers do a lot of cool stuff. Radar detectors are illegal in my state, but truckers do a better job anyway. They’ll let me know if something’s wrong with my car that I can’t see. And if you see two driving parallel, slowly blocking both lanes, don’t swear–they often do this to prevent people from getting pulled over in speed traps (America’s highway racket). As my uncle was an “enforcer” for Jimmy Hoffa, I know they can divvy out well-deserved beatings, too.

    • Conscientious Truckers and my CB radio have saved my dumb ass more than once…

      Of course, I like to think I’ve “payed it forward”, too.

      As Dingbert points out, it’s easy to react in frustration when someone cuts you off in traffic or is driving too slow in front of you.

      Not jumping to hateful conclusions is a lesson I learned early, on the road. I was driving on a 4 lane section of I-75 and there was a line of cars behind a Semi in the right lane but the left lane was wide open, and so was my throttle. Maybe 75 in a 55… maybe 85. So, just before I blew past that line of cars and the Semi, some Idiot in one of the cars changes lanes and cuts me off. I had to brake pretty hard…

      Then, as soon as I was at the same speed as everyone else and all my precious momentum lost, the jerk pulls back into the right lane and lets me pass. So, I cussed him as I buried the pedal and started to pass the rest of the cars and Semi. Then as I got near the front of the Semi, I could see that right in front of him, but unable to be seen from further behind, was a State Trooper. Probably just waiting for some idiot like me to come flying past…

      So, I slowly dropped my speed back til I got alongside the car which had cut me off. I politely waved, gave him a hat tip with a look of genuine appreciation and fell back into the end of the line.

      Whoever and wherever that guys is, I would like to offer him a heartfelt “Thank You”.

  3. Anarchy Pony | Jun 23, 2013 at 12:43 pm |

    What’s with Russians and track suits? Also, that’s what solidarity looks like!

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