• Len

    They’re getting away with it. Unbelievable. Tom Cruise, you make me sick. Did you really believe what you said or are you just a whore who will say and do anything for money?

  • BuzzCoastin

    How is Walmart Jingoism different from Homeland Jingoism?
    Walmart is small time Jingoism.

  • teachpeace

    Bad corporate citizens, the list is long.
    The lies and misconduct are so deep and pervasive.

    Buy local, using your dollars to support decent folk.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Why would those two dudes whore themselves out to Walmart?
    They’re cash poor and needed a couple of million to grease the skids.
    The daze of the Big Payday Star are over, since the DVD went away.

    Want Tom at your next party?
    A couple of million is all it will take…. well,
    not all it will take, but that’s the minimum fee.