Spying Far Worse in South Africa than the US

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Americans are shocked and ­outraged at ­revelations that their government is vacuuming up information about their phone conversations and internet browsing habits, but compared to South Africans, they have little to worry about.

According to ­exposés by the Guardian and Washington Post over the past week, the US government’s intelligence apparatus has “direct access” – or a close equivalent – to the systems of major internet service providers.

The National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, stand accused of using that access in ways well beyond what is contemplated by the laws under which they operate.

As more details about the Prism programme have emerged, the seriousness of those concerns has been much disputed. But that has done little to stem the wave of outrage and political condemnation that has seriously shaken confidence in the entire administration of Barack Obama.

Americans, it seems, are not amused at the idea that their government can invade their communication privacy with neither due reason nor due process.

Which, as it happens, is very much the reality in South Africa.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    the big difference being
    that South Africa doesn’t pretend to be the paragon of freedom & liberty
    aMerkins are shocked because the went to sleep in America
    and woke up in China

    • echar

      I am not shocked, I expected this all along. In fact there’s a lot of people who deserve I told ya so’s.

      • BuzzCoastin

        that was the articles take
        that aMerkins were shocked and outraged
        it’s not new news
        and the spin doctors are hard at work
        keeping the sheeple informed with Big Homelander’s take

        but in the end
        Winston learned to love Big Homelander

        • echar

          What I think is more shocking is that America is not alone, and that the red tape is being cut. This could mean that the shit is about to hit the fan. Are the stories about FEMA camps true? Fuck if I know!

          • BuzzCoastin

            aMerika is already one Big FEMA Camp
            restricting your movements in the camp is yet to come

            over the years at DisInfo
            I’ve seen China bashed repeatedly
            for human right violations & spying
            blah, blah, blah
            all the while knowing
            that the only diff between Uncle Homeland & Chairman Mao
            was that Mao was/is a blatantly transparent tyrant
            and Uncle Homeland is a duplicitous hypocrite tyrant
            my constant little remarks about Uncle Homey

          • echar

            I am still mad that I had to recite the pledge of allegiance, so you are preaching to the choir. I was raised that all politicians are crooks, and learned later that it was no guff.

          • BuzzCoastin

            it strikes me as highly schizophrenic that
            there’s a strange kinda “patriotism” in America
            where everyone pretty much knows or
            at least assumes their government to be
            corrupt lying self-serving bastards
            but nonetheless
            most continue to play the game with very little resistance
            and tacit support
            my father
            who was career Navy was just like that
            there are plenty of non-violent ways to resit
            and even co-opt the system

          • echar

            You are preaching to the choir!

          • echar

            Please don’t encourage the Canadians, they are smug enough. Besides their Government is spying on them as well.

          • BuzzCoastin

            it’s safe to assume all gruberments feel threatened
            and are spying on everyone
            Canada is now a de facto US state
            as are most kunteries

            what state could withstand Uncle Homeland’s pressure?
            Cuba, Russia, China, maybe
            but they’re not any less nefarious

  • Amacai Zerand

    Classic disinfo. The article is the same as saying, “Why sure, I killed that guy, but look at how much worse Dahmer was.” Sheesh.