The True Science of Parallel Universes

  • Chaorder Gradient

    I invented the bubble universe idea….

    But the NSA stole it.

    • echar

      That may be probable.

  • m-theory

    I like to think this theory is true, and all that extra energy being created by the infinite amount of possibilities is the reason that the universe(s) is expanding… I also like mustard on Mac and Cheese, so…

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    If your still not convinced by this logic, don’t worry; there is not yet any experimental evidence for this kind of multiverse.

  • Ted Heistman

    I think the multiverse is spurious. I think it was thought up basically as a safeguard against experiencing awe, because atheists worry it might lead to theism the way Baptists worry that pre-marital sex might lead to slow dancing.

    Our Planet is not uniquely suited to life, why? Because there’s zillions of them! Zillions of Earths zillions of you and zillions of me! How do I know? Because I like thinking there is.

    Also you can never make a bad decision, because in an alternate universe you made the right decision and every variation in between! Basically decisions don’t mean anything in this model.

    It doesn’t appeal to me and basically it comes down to faith, so I can choose not to believe it just as easily as other choose to believe it.

    • Andrew

      There are likely already zillions of life-bearing planets in this universe. That’s seems perfectly capable of inspiring awe to me.

      Also, me making “the” “right” decisions in another universe wouldn’t mean I don’t suffer the consequences in this one. It’d just make me wish I was a wiser me in one of those other universes even more than I already do!

    • echar

      I think it likely has nothing at all to do with the limitations of a mind in the throes of literalist conditioning.

  • emperorreagan

    Here’s some nice math that makes sense! Here’s some things that it may imply! We may never be able to experimentally validate any of it, but it’s fun to speculate about!