Was Poet Pablo Neruda Murdered by a CIA Operative?

nerudaRuss McSpadden writes at the Earth First! Newswire:

Depending on who you ask, the Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda either died of prostate cancer or was killed by a CIA double agent as a part of the “tidying up” process of a U.S. backed right wing coup in Chile that ousted the Socialist Salvador Allende in favor of Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet.

Human rights lawyer Eduardo Contreras argues that new evidence suggests that the poet “was likely murdered by agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet” by way of an injection of poison. Neruda, who was radicalized during the Spanish Civil War, was both a world famous poet and an outspoken communist. Now, following new testimony from an old witness, a judge has ordered a search for a potential suspect in his murder, which appears to lead back to the CIA.

Dr. Sergio Draper, who had previously attested that he was at Neruda’s side when he died, September 23, 1973, has recanted that statement, claiming that a “Dr. Price” took over Neruda’s care during the day of his death. Draper provided police sketch artists with details of the man, describing him as a man in his late twenties, with blue eyes, blond hair and white skin.  Hospital records from the time record no doctor by the name of Price. Draper says he never saw the man again after Neruda’s death. According to some, Price’s description is a near perfect fit for Michael Townley, a CIA double agent that worked for the Chilean secret police under the new right-wing government. However, one prominent historian of the Chilean dictatorship claims that Townley was in Florida at the time of Neruda’s death.

According to the New York Times:

In 2011, Mr. Neruda’s driver at the time, Manuel Araya, publicly claimed that Mr. Neruda had not been in critical condition beforehand and that a day before his death Mr. Neruda, 69, told him that a doctor had given him an injection in the stomach that made him “burn inside.”

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    right after I finish my detailed research on:
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    Short answer: Probably.

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