Jul 20, 2013

I still remember being frightened of that damned clown doll in “Poltergeist”. Via Mysterious Universe: When it comes to haunted dolls, Robert is arguably America’s most famous. The Key West doll is…

astrological signsThis news could shake up a lot of people’s worlds. Smithsonian Magazine writes:

A team from the University of Manchester analyzed 10 million marriages, using census data from the U.K. and inferring astrological signs from couples’ birth dates.

Astrologists have ideas about which signs make the best matches—a Sagittarius is better off with a Leo or Aquarius than a Cancer. But the University of Manchester team found that lonely hearts who worry about the zodiac are wasting their time.

The study concludes: “This research shows that astrological sign has no impact on the probability of marrying – and staying married to – someone of any other sign.”

Do you reject Voldemort and accept Harry Potter as your personal Lord and savior? From the Hermetic Library Blog: Do you think Jesus was mostly a mythological construct? You’ll find ample support…

satanic templeOnce signs are erected signifying that that highway is under the care of the Satanic Temple, will the religiously devout steer clear? The New York group has unveiled a surreal video as part of their Indiegogo campaign to raise the $15,000 needed to “promote a message of Satanic civic pride and social responsibility”:

Help The Satanic Temple spread their message as they enter the adopt-a-highway program in New York City where they will maintain voluntary beautification of a stretch of public highway for at least 2 years by way of litter cleanup and landscaping.

Once approved, the New York Department of Transportation will erect a blue-and-white sign acknowledging The Satanic Temple as the adopters of the designated piece of highway.

Rosa Brooks writes in the unabashedly establishment journal Foreign Policy that American propaganda is the best. Well the inventor of propaganda, Edward Bernays, was American, after all… My fellow Americans, you’re a…