A Fundamentalist Turns To Magick?

Maja&GabeDisinfonauts!  If you’re broke and can’t afford my book, Born Again To Rebirth, or just don’t like reading books, this excellent interview with myself and Maja D’Aoust (The White Witch of Los Angeles) will give you a good idea of where I’ve come from and how I’ve come to embrace Magick in this world.  Love it or hate it, it’s my story.

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  • Ted Heistman

    I want to learn more about the antelope!

    • Gabriel D. Roberts

      It’s a bleebok (may be misspelling that) from Africa.

      • Saint Eli

        I grew up in Africa.. It’s a blesbok

        • Ted Heistman

          cool ! thanks, guys. I love skulls. I think that picture is awesome. You just need a smoking jacket and a pipe!

  • echar

    One thing most people don’t understand about LDS baptism for the dead is, the spirits have the choice to choose if they want to accept the baptism. This is what the LDS believe.

    The concept about the father writing the letter is scary, but also psychotic. I never thought of it that way.

    Jesus saved you, lol… This makes me think of the second coming, and not caring about how everything sucks, because Jesus is returning. So the environment, meh!

    One of the best shows I ever saw was a free concert by Ziggy Marley at the Minneapolis Aquatennial, and I was totally sober. I can understand the inspiration, there’s no other way to say it than that there’s good vibes at his shows.

  • NathanSpeller

    Really enjoyed that, felt you were telling my story. I dropped out pre-seminary though. Went to art school instead eventually. Keep up the great work! :)

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