Andy Kaufman Has a New Album Out. Maybe. Probably Not.

0Andy Kaufman’s provocative comedy career continues beyond the grave?

Could Andy Kaufman be pulling off the biggest prank of his exceptionally strange life in comedy, almost 30 years after his death? Vernon Chatman isn’t at liberty to say.

Chatman, a fellow comedian perhaps best known for co-creating the cult sketch show Wonder Showzen and as the voice of Towelie on South Park, compiled the brand-new comedy album Andy and His Grandmother. Full of eccentric real-life moments, with the late comedian toying with the minds of his girlfriends, talking to cops and hookers in assumed voices and, yes, chatting with his grandmother, the album was culled from 82 hours of tapes Kaufman recorded for his planned debut album, which never came to pass after his death, reportedly of lung cancer, at age 35.

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  • Forbidden Fruit

    Andy was so ahead of his time. From the wrestling bit–which happened before WWF was popular–to impersonating Elvis before it was cool to his deadpan guerilla comedy, Kaufman was a genius. So many performers owe their entire act and stage persona to this man. He was a troll before the internet existed.

    Andy was the ultimate prankster/illusionist but also incredibly naive. The last months of his life were spent in the Philippines undergoing “psychic surgery” to cure his terminal cancer. How fitting.

    He also held hookers in high regard.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Andy Kaufman isn’t dead! Any day now, Glen Beck will pull off his face and the world’s longest performance piece will be complete.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      Did you know Bill Hicks never died? He just became Alex Jones. Look at pictures of the two and add a few decades and a few hundred pounds to one of them.

      • Anarchy Pony

        That just kind of makes me sad…

  • Butinksy

    Before his wrestling adventures, I got him. He was funny and likable. What was he thinking? I don’t get it and never saw any genius about it. 35…..way too young.