Attempted Set-Up of We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski

Lukes_Email_Bilderberger_Set_UpIn a move reminiscent of the tactics of political suppression exposed in the “Franklin Cover-Up“, an attempt was made to ensnare in the “justice” system and silence him forever. Enemies pretending to be supporters offered Rudkowski what they said were leaked photos and other information from Bilderberg 201, but was actually child pornography. By tricking Rudkowski into downloading the files, he would be made open to prosecution, possible imprisonment, and at the very least, irreparable damage to his reputation.

Here is the video testimony Luke has released online as well as a photo of the diabolical message he received.

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  1. Someone should find out who sent him the message and prosecute them.

  2. Looks like bullshit to me.

    • Well, first Alex is accused several times, by me, of being controlled opposition. Then Luke’s tactics, methods, and motivation are called into question, as are his “results”; which to me seem to be aimed at fear and marginalizing those of us who would actually like to see some change occur.

      Then, Wolf and Scahill, among others are accused of being controlled opposition. Suddenly it seems that those who are “awake” are waking up a little too much as we take into account tried and true tactics that have been used against us for forty years now.

      Now, and no offense Cameron, we see this and one of the first things that comes to mind is the convenient timing of it.

      The second thing that comes to mind is that this could so easily have been fabricated, especially if our suspicions about Luke’s sincerity are correct. Luke’s private (?) high school email is used to sprinkle in a dash of ominous cloak and dagger and the comments section begins to knee jerk.

      ATS taught me a couple things. First, don’t react. Instead, stop, think for a minute and evaluate what you have been handed in the OP of the thread. They say all this succinctly on ATS with the phrase “pictures, or it didn’t happen”. Quite conveniently we cannot see pictures as proof, even if they do exist, nor can we even ask to see them to verify that anything happened at all. Although, it must be remembered that the pictures would not actually prove that what we are being told is the truth.

      Similarly no real evidence of anything has been offered in this at all, instead anecdotal stories of what may, or may not, have happened to Luke in the past are offered, none of which have any bearing on this alleged incident at all. In truth this is a story that cannot be verified in any way, even with Luke’s full co-operation. How convienient.

      What we are given is the usual amount of “fear” and some sage advice from Luke, the Bad Boy of activism, which all grade school children know today; “Don’t open any attachments from anyone you don’t know well, and even then it’s not a good idea, as email hijackers are often used to disseminate viruses.” (Okay, I filled in what he left out.)

      I have to agree with echar. It will take much more than what could easily be a fictitious story to redeem Luke and replace him on the list of good guys. In fact, were I him, and I had this happen to me, I would not have released anything on it because “journalists don’t say things they cannot prove”. But the opposition does…

  3. Chattur'gha | Jul 5, 2013 at 5:38 am |

    I’m a bit shocked by that airport anecdote.

    Preventing people with physical access to your PC from looking at your stuff is actually one of the few things you can do something about.

    I am surprised someone like Luke Rudkowski doesn’t use full system encryption.

  4. Luke is a phony and truly as dumb as a bag of hammers.The twerp cannot even pronounce “Feddle Reserve”.

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