Bob Larson Interviews Nikolas and Zeena Schreck

I am amazed that this happened, and even more amazed that Bob Larson refrained from attempting to exorcise the demons out of them.

Pastor Bob Larson: An American radio television evangelist. Best known around the internet for his exorcism of a gay demon from Brian, who appears as though he is more in need of a stylist and acting lessons.

Nikolas Schreck: The founder and frontman of Founder and frontman of the experimental occult band Radio Werewolf,writer of The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, co-director of the Werewolf Order, high ranking member of the Temple of Set, and co-found of the Sethian Liberation Movement.

Zeena Schreck: An artist, musician, author, animal rights activist, Tantric Buddhist, and the spiritual leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement (SLM). Also,she is the daughter of Anton La Vey, the founder of the Church of Satan. She is the first to be baptized in the Church of Satan.




  • Richard Vachel Lindsay

    Larson also interviewed (and was sort of punked by) Boyd Rice, who was a guest numerous times on his Talk Back radio program. The results are hilarious (especially the first two interviews). He also derisively name-checks Schreck in one of the interviews.

    You can listen to them here: (you have to scroll to find them – there’s no way to directly link to them).

  • James Phillip Schmitt

    Schreck and Larson are competing over who has the most ridiculous hairline.