Coincidence Control Network Episode: 49

This week: Gremlins cause havoc with our computers, but Kim saves the day, art is vandalised, art is vandalised by it’s artists, a film that will melt your head with mushrooms and magick, YouTube the censor, American fast-food chains cheat their employees, Mos Def is a cool guy, football goes batshit, Germans get harassed by advertising in their skulls, and isn’t it about time we got a theme tune for sinkholes?

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins

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  • Vandalised art exhibitions retrospective – Link

  • 5 Famous Artists Who Tried to Destroy Their Own Work – Link Link

  • A Field in England – Link

  • Do You Trust YouTube to Define Art? – Link

  • Why America has a bad reputation with the rest of the world – Link

  • Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Force-Fed Gitmo Style – Link

  • It’s just a game, people – Link

  • Adverts beamed directly into your head…in Germany! – Link

  • Sinkholes : The Revenge – Link


Secret Chiefs 3, Aaron Spectre. and Zombi

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  • Rook Films

    just to say that A Field In England will be released by Drafthouse Films in the US