Documentary: The History of the Devil

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The History of the Devil is wickedly good, informative and concise. A no-frills Welsh film produced in association with SBS Australia and distributed by Siren Visual, it’s roughly 52 minutes in length and packs a fair dinkum amount of history into its slender running time.

The documentary itself is made up entirely of mostly still images alternating sporadically with talking heads; religious scholars, theologians and reverends.

Directed by Greg Moodie and written and produced by Dave Flitton, it was researched by Eibhleann Ni Ghriofa, Deirdre Learmont and Craig McGregor.

It’s an impressive andvery open-minded account and offers some fantastic insight into the evolution; the hows and whys the specter of the Devil has existed and morphed through the ages from the dawn of civilization through to the new millennium.

So despite its relatively low-fi approach, the richness and diversity of its imagery; the historical plaques, plates, engravings, illustrations, paintings, drawings, and the occasional staged re-enactment (some dude dressed up in rather bemusing demonic attire), keeps the documentary at a high level of beguilement.


  • Noah_Nine

    I remember the satanic panic… i went to high school in a town called Blythe CA which was about 80 miles out of death valley… it was particularly bad there… I remember we got sent home early from school a few times due to “Satanists” being “spotted” just off of school property…. as a kid i couldn’t help but thank Satan for the free time… hahaha….

    • echar

      That is completely absurd, and kind of awesome.

    • smooth_operator

      Was this phenomenon during the Marilyn Manson/Columbine fiasco?

    • Heath
    • Matt Staggs

      I’m sure we could share some fun stories. I grew up in the eighties in a little bedroom community entirely controlled by Southern Baptists. They were intolerant, self-righteous monsters. These days I feel like I should thank them for making me question everything I was taught.

      • Juan

        I kinda feel the same way about the RCC and their evil fucking nuns.

      • Noah_Nine

        funny how that works…

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    I did a lot of research into theistic satanism along time ago, interesting to look at the historical and scriptural evidence of the concept of Satan.

    Phenomenologically I’m still integrating the idea…

    • echar

      Thanks for the recommend.

  • echar