HuffPo Just Discovered ‘Real’ Vampires

In what must be a shock to some small percentage of people born after 1989, the Huffington Post offers this “shocking” report on a “real-life” vampire couple. Undead? Try unintentionally hilarious.

Benninghoff, 20, met Draven, 38, on a dating website this past February and, while both were into the gothic lifestyle, he wanted a more intimate relationship.

“When he explained that blood sharing would bring us closer together, I asked him to turn me,” Benninghoff said, according to the Daily Star. “Aro cut himself with a razor and offered me his blood. Then I cut myself and he drank from me too. Suddenly I felt the energy rushing through me. It was a magical experience –- much more intimate than sex.”

With a connection like that, it would be silly not to tie the knot so the couple is planning a wedding on Halloween, reported.

But they haven’t yet told Benninghoff’s parents that her daughter has “converted” to vampirism.

Figure out how you’ll tell your mom that you’ve been “turned” by a guy who took his surname from The Crow and keep reading.

  • echar

    I don’t get the pigs blood. That’s gross.

    • Jin The Ninja

      pig’s blood congee (豬紅粥) is nothing to be scoffed at. but raw. no.

      • echar

        pig’s blood congee looks appetizing.

  • Hadrian999

    wow this is cutting edge……decades ago

  • Ted Heistman

    They don’t like quite the same as in the movies…

  • festernaecus

    Those are two of the ugliest vampires I have ever seen

  • Bruteloop

    Each to their own. I’m more concerned by the lame wardrobe and make up. Exactly when did vampirism become associated with cheap goth garms.

  • Heath

    Blood does wonders for ones complexion.

  • Justin Lutz

    ya if your gonna wear gothic makeup at least make it look good, not like shit.

  • Justin Lutz

    this is the kind of shit that gives the gothic subculture a bad name. im a goth and im ashamed of these people calling themselves goths.

    • DrDavidKelly

      You’re a goth … hahahahaha!

  • DrDavidKelly

    The human stomach can usually hold down about a pint of blood – any more and you’ll find yourself barfing it back up. Vampire pffff.