Kazakhstan To Rebury Ancient Warlord, Fearing Curse

ancient warlord

Call the reburial a case of superstition triumphing over rationality, but, frankly, the Golden Man gives me the creeps too. RIA Novosti reports:

Ever heard about the curse of the pharaohs? Well, how about the curse of a 2,500-year-old chief of a nomadic Scythian tribe that brings about floods, droughts, and livestock decimation?

The Scythian curse is real, say locals in a remote area of eastern Kazakhstan where the chieftain’s remains were discovered – and where they will be reinterred this weekend to appease his spirit, to the chagrin of archeologists.

In 2003, an archeological expedition dug up a burial mound in the Shiliktinskaya Valley to find a Golden Man – a presumed leader of the Saka tribe, a branch of the Scythian nomads that populated Central Asia and southern Siberia in the 1st millennium BC.

Since the mound was excavated, the area around it has been hit by several floods, a drought, a mass loss of livestock and an increase in births of children with learning disabilities, locals said, Kazakh television KTK reported.

The pagan Saka people fought the ancient Persians and Indians, and grew rich through trading across the great steppes of Central Asia. Some of their wealth ended up in the tombs of their chieftains, who were buried wearing jewelry and gold-plated armor – like the man in the Shiliktinskaya mound.

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  1. InfvoCuernos | Jul 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm |

    If its rational to disrespect local beliefs and dig up the graves of the dead, then its equally irrational not to melt down those relics for the gold and other precious metals and completely ignore the ethnic aspect of these finds. Its hard to pretend respect of a culture when you desecrate the graves of their past. Sometimes archaeology is nothing more than colonists hunting for trophies. I hope they never find Genghis Kahn’s tomb.

  2. Will the site be guarded? Because now everyone knows there’s riches and where.

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