Launch Trailer: ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything’

Friend of the Disinformation Company Joe Rogan’s new television series ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything’ premieres on the SyFy Channel July 24. I’m wondering how they’ll capture the authentic Joe Rogan experience without the weed, werewolves and Roganisms like “There’s fuckery afoot.” I’m setting my DVR, anyway.

  • echar

    It looks like it may be entertaining and informative.

  • sambrown299

    Should be interesting to see how censored this is, but if people like him then they will hopefully watch or listen to his podcasts.

  • Kropotkin1936

    Fuck Joe Rogan and his patriarchal bullshit. It baffles me that somewhat so enamored with psychedelics can spout such ignorance

    • Ted Heistman

      Lucky for you Oprah reruns are available free online!

      • Kropotkin1936

        lol @ dumbasss

  • Onexy

    Haha, screw this show.. have you seen the Sharknado clip in the recommendations after the video?

  • Ted Heistman

    Will it be available online?

  • jiggawutt

    Maybe he’ll actually question his own silly beliefs, but that may be too much to ask for.

  • Conspiracy Carrot

    I’m a couple episodes in… so far, not bad. Better than a lot of these paranormal investigative type shows.