London To Host Academic Conference On Spirit Possession

possessionCurious for some tips on curing demons? In September the Ethnic Health Initiative will present a conference for social workers, psychiatrists, therapists, and other professionals on allmatters of supernatural possession:

Spirit possession is recognised worldwide across many cultures and by several religions. Spirit possession is often seen as an idiom of distress causing a change in behaviour and mental well being. Spirit possession is also included in the ICD 10 and DSM IV classifications of mental disorders, yet the extent to which it is recognised and discussed in clinical practice is less than we would expect, even in UK cities where there resides a diverse population.

This one day event will consider the critical themes and debates on spirit possession from an anthropological, social, psychological, medical and religious perspective using a range of illustrative case study, clinical practice and research. This conference will be relevant to all professionals in the field of Mental Health and Social Care.

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  1. Daniel Gill | Jul 21, 2013 at 11:03 pm |

    I sent an open letter posting my blog in an email about my expertise . I study spirit mediumship but ironically know little about exorcism though I know plenty on getting possessed . Wish I knew more and could legitimately help people. I’ll share my email on Facebook or something tomorrow , I underwent the self loss myself , er long story.

  2. Daniel Gill | Jul 21, 2013 at 11:09 pm |


    Please don’t get weirded out. This is what I have been studying, and my blog has more information and references.

    My name is Daniel Gill. I am an English literature major at Montreal’s Concordia University and have been studying up on spirit possession in my spare time . Here is my blog,

    I had an ego death and spiritual emergence crisis in 2004 from choosing to undergo the self-loss. It’s a mode of spirit mediumship initiation practiced by Victorian spiritualists, Korean shamans and other cultures. This self-loss was one of Marcel Mauss’ theories about human exchange. The basic idea is that offerings at a shrine contain mana, are inalienable from the neophyte, the giver, and haunt the possessor to be reciprocated back to the possessed. In short, Korean shamans offer their ch’i and there is an implicit faith that the numinous spirits will reciprocate and keep up a channel. One way of theorizing how the offering is made is Rudolf Otto’s theory of communion within his book Idea Of The Holy. The premise is that upon the reading of gothic horror stories, the reader elicits shudders and empathetically and physically reacts to the palpable creepy vibe that a good horror story evokes. I recommend reading H. P. Lovecraft’s famous essay Supernatural Horror In Literature for more on this emotive power.

    So thats the long and short of it. A prospective shaman or medium neophyte recalls the primal sensation of Daemonic Dread, from the entertainment of gothic literature, elicits those shudders in presence at a shrine, then offer, and have faith in reciprocation. An offering at a shrine is more than just a bowl of water or food, to become a medium it involves more it involves the medium giving up their soul .

    in Korean shamanism this is known to trigger a psychosis and ego death experience.

    Besides korean shamanism, victorian spiritualists believed that it was the sitters at a seance that in a sense ‘fuelled’ a seance by allowing the spirits to feed on their Life Force or ectoplasm or what have you.

    So, this was the culture from which I came from, influenced by the English gothic which Rudolf Otto used to argue this idea of spirit communion. Mauss believed that the offering is reciprocated in ritual empowerment, and that this ritual was to be repeated. Though he doesn’t explain how the energy is offered, Rudolf Otto’s theory of the gothic and daemonic dread fill in that gap.

    My blog has references for all of this. I know a lot about spirit mediumship particularly from ancestor venerating cultures like Vietnam that use a second shrine located in the Wilderness, within the Nether World for the placating of lost souls. Vietnam has two shrines there is the ancestral family altar, and the exterior shrine for the outer Wilderness and the Nether World as I said for placating lost souls. This is a holistic idea integrating both realms and so mending and including one’s family together in solidarity with the wider community.

    I have never served clients in any capacity I just study and happen to be keen on this subject matter but that is the gist of it. You want to look at shamanism in S.Korea and Vietnam for the most information on how mediumship is done.

    If I can help with this project in any way send me questions and consider studying my references.

    With thanks to Matt Cardin, Richard Gavin, and others who write for who have helped me study mediumship.

  3. Daniel Gill | Jul 21, 2013 at 11:17 pm |

    Anyone plagued by spirit possession I’d just tell them you’re fucked sorry , fucked as in there is little people can do besides lots of meds or holistically integrating it into their lives. I know how to worship ha ha but not much on exorcism . I’m not ghost buster . But I could assist in turning all that possession into a blessing .

  4. Daniel Gill | Jul 21, 2013 at 11:36 pm |

    Exorcism in s.korea goes something like this

    Hi, you’re fucked you did yourself in, welcome to the Other-Side, come let’s learn how to placate your tormentors.

  5. I know a guy . . .

  6. dissociative identity disorder code 300.14 and dissociate disorder NOS code 300.15, can mirror spirit like possession. DID is associated with severe psychological stress in childhood, most often ritualistic sexual or physical abuse. both coded disorders fall under dissociative disorders which are considered codified/behavioral mental illnesses. as far as axis 4 goes (which has nothing to do with mental illness but rather cultural competency) there is a recognition of spiritual and religious problem Code V62.89

    which if you research in depth spirit possession, it falls into this category.

    • Daniel Gill | Jul 22, 2013 at 3:50 pm |

      I’m not quite sure what you’re saying but often there are no psychological problems until initiation which commonly results and brings an acute and sever psychosis and manic state. Happened to me . . .

      • This event is referencing the DSM IV. If you feel like diagnosing spirit possession as a mental health issue, I was explaining the difference between cultural competency and the western pathological model which doesn’t take the axis 4 reference seriously. Shamanic Initiatory crisis is legit in many cultures but it isn’t a code on axis 1 or 2 of the DSM and therefore is not a codified mood, psychotic or personality disorder. Shamanic initiatory crisis would fall under religious or spiritual problems which is axis 4. if you don’t believe in codifying behavior (the dsm was created by a man who couldn’t read facial expressions, FACT), than don’t. Spiritual crisis often resonate more with transcendental, human potential, and Jungian based treatments, foreign to Freud and the DSM.

  7. The Well Dressed Man | Jul 22, 2013 at 5:07 pm |

    Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to call this an academic conference? The website does not appear to link this to any institution of research or instruction.

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