Obama Praises Mandela, Supports Apartheid

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on Obama’s Africa tour, calling out his praise of Nelson Mandela as hypocritical, citing Guantanamo, the war on whistle blowers and Israeli apartheid as issues Mandela would never stand for.


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  • Oleksiy Romanov

    Incorrectly claiming that Israel is in a state of Apartheid would be very offensive to Mandela. Equating Israel to SA is like equating 9/11 to the Holocaust. Ignorant and offensive to those who endured the archetype. By doing so you are diminishing the gravity of the SA Apartheid. There are no similarities between the Israel and SA situation and drawing them is a journalistic and hyper-leftwing trend.

  • Oleksiy Romanov

    Furthermore the title of this page is absolutely awful and completely misleading.

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