Real vs. Not Real: The Great Linguistic Virus Enslaving Mankind

Watching the ongoing retardo dialogue between materialist science and religion continues to amuse me to no end as an Occultist. I mean, both camps should be giving each other high fucking fives. You both hate altered states of consciousness. You are each other’s greatest allies in stunting logical inquiry into the topic. Before any of us can remember, the church got inside science’s head and told them not to tread on their turf by studying experiential inner phenomenon like near death experiences and psychedelic drugs. Science folded like a bitch and has now completely sold itself on its own nonsensical spiritual ignorance.

In the other corner, there’s the most belittled fringe minority in the universe going, errr, why’d we reject all that shamanism stuff? I took mushrooms and stared into a transcendent cognitive eternity. I did it a bunch of times. Isn’t that the sort of thing shamanism was based on? Maybe those folks who didn’t give a shit about killing the planet were onto something after all. Not so much with the not creating the internet thing though. And that’s the main issue I have with both overly scientific and excessively religious freaks. When faced with a world of increasing complexity, why on earth would you believe that somehow spirituality would be insanely simplistic? For the religious nut, some book from 2000 years ago holds all the answers to the universe and you’re judged based on what you did or didn’t do with your pussy. For science geeks, nothing to see here. Get it, we don’t have to study altered states of consciousness because they’re “not real”. What do you not understand about this? Well, everything I guess.

Like, where did this absolutely bizarro obsession with the supreme powers of binary thought (and sobriety for that matter) come from in the first place? Want the crazy Occult opinion? Shit is purely intentional and emanating from some  powerfully daemonic demi-urge programming embedded in the linguistic infrastructure creating our reality from within. Certain ancient shamanic cultures think we’re being controlled by the forces of a “dark sorcerer”. I might re-phrase that to a “dark conglomerate”, but hey, Christians, you should know where I’m going with this. What on earth were they getting at with the book of Genesis (passed down from shamanic cultures, just sayin’)? So, humanity was meant to live in a utopian paradise, but they fucked up, gained sacred knowledge and were therefore banished to the harsh and brutal confines of backbreaking labor. How do we get back to paradise?

Your basic Occult practice revolves around the idea that each human is a universe unto themselves and capable of divinity if this is a path they should so choose. It’s not an easy route and as a human, there’s only so much you’re ever going to know. I’m never going to be able to explain Battle Galactica to my pug.

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Which is the enormo problem with binary thought. It makes us fucking arrogant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pro scientific inquiry guy, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s more going on on my block every morning than I could ever keep up with, my perception as fixed into my own plotline as it is. I’ve seen the macro-consciousness, our entire time stream is just a tiny little blip on the cosmic radar. The information age should be pointing out to us that we don’t know much of anything, but for so many people that’s not what’s happening at all. A lot of these technologies have been created with binary language and so we’ve come to increasingly worship at the altar of our own hyper-focused and supposedly superior intelligence. The general push in education is towards more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Yet, the world we’ve created with this logic is crumbling under the weight of its own limitations. Binary thinking is a powerful tool, a means of creation. When you start confusing the means of creation with the ontological nature of life itself, that’s when things get stupid. Again, there’s something that wants it this way. The spiritual ignorance of mankind is too preposterous to be unintentional.

Of all the crazy binary explanatory models of thought we’ve created to convince ourselves we understand what the fuck is going on, real vs. unreal is by far the most destructive. It’s how they keep us here. But warden, what’s outside of those prison walls? Nothing. But I see a bird flying around and it looks like a mountain or something. I said NOTHING.

And that’s pretty much the way we’re all raised to think about inner experiences in western society. You need people like me to re-mystify the universe for you. The Occult is about studying the unseen, unknown, or hidden. So like, nearly everything right? No, really. People are thinking thoughts all around me, at all times. I can’t pick up on any of that. I only see how it reflects in their behavior, but that’s only an itty bitty portion of what’s going down. If women knew what I was thinking I’d get punched in the dick twenty times a day. So why is it that we all grow up being sold on the odd idea that none of this stuff is “real”, and therefore irrelevant?

Funny thing about shamanic philosophy. When you start studying it, you can sort of break it down to, sooooo, rather than just pretend like your personal inner visions and dreams are meaningless, do the opposite of that (friend me on Facebook to see how weird this gets). Also, try to induce those visions rather than avoiding them. Obviously, that’s a gross over simplification but it’s not too far off the mark either. Because of the great real vs. unreal virus implanted into our psyches since birth we for some reason think this avenue of inquiry is crazy. Crazy or sane, see what I mean about the binary thinking? What about people like me that fit into both categories comfortably? Why have we been buying into the dominant materialist theory about things like dreams for so long? It’s just a theory and there’s a gajillion holes in it. Anyone who’s had a lucid or psychic dream knows this, but even when we do we say things like, “that was weird”. If we listen to the Occult viewpoint, it isn’t “weird” at all. It’s exactly what we would expect to be happening. When you’ve been implanted with the dominant human narrative regarding spirituality, it’s hard to escape but we’ve got to try. Materialism is turning us into colossal assholes. Colossally stupid assholes.

Make no mistake, the assholism stems largely from our insistence on the importance of dividing all experience into things that can or are experienced by more than one person, which we call real, and things that happen internally, hidden from the perception of others, which we call unreal. It doesn’t take a genius to say, ummm, why do we think that the inner world of thoughts and visions should be completely dismissed as meaningless? One might even propose that, gasp, the two things are related. One might go even further to say that everything in the physical world originated as a thought at some point or another. This article you’re reading certainly did. I swore less in the version in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also of the mind that these more shamanic cultures lack an understanding of why this dark sorcerer would be allowed to wreak his torturous vision on the whipped backs of us lower dimensionally bound minions. It takes a more westernized approach to grasp that. Me and the dark evil guy are tight. Dude can sure tell a story. All these brightly colored distractions are quite glorious in their resplendent mindfuckery if you look at them right. Consciousness has come quite a ways rather rapidly as of late. I now live a lifestyle of informational overload that didn’t even exist a mere 10 years prior. Eternity is reflected everywhere you look. There are more albums than I could listen to in a billion years, more books than I could ever read, god, even more stoner cartoons than I can keep up with. Everything around you perceptually points in the direction that you don’t know shit in the grand scheme of things.  This is just your friendly neighborhood Occultist reminding you to quit pretending like you do.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

5 Comments on "Real vs. Not Real: The Great Linguistic Virus Enslaving Mankind"

  1. doodahman | Jul 24, 2013 at 3:59 pm |

    I think what you’re demonstrating is that people understand the nuances and complexity of their own paradigm and tend to oversimplify and “black and white” paradigms of others. I can’t speak for science– though I’ve seen it with the science folks. I can speak a little for the religious “nuts”– and your appellation “For the religious nut, some book from 2000 years ago holds all the answers to the universe and you’re judged based on what you did or didn’t do with your pussy” is oversimplified to the point of irrelevance, really. There is undeniably a faction or segment of religious believers that are fundamentalist and there is another far larger segment that is both conservative and sex obsessed. But we are not moving in lockstep, but rather gathering in like minded communities (the largest of which are called “religions”) to follow a path guided by, in part, sacred writings. Those writings have a myriad of sources but arise almost always at some genesis (pun intended) that was an encounter with the divine.

    Not unlike your encounters (and mine, fellow hallucinaut) under hallucinogens– mushrooms in particular, really. Their encounters were as profound, as impacting, and as difficult to decipher and relate as any notion arrived at under the influence of LSD or psilocybin. Worse, they were reduced to allegorical language, designed from minds formed by societies dead for thousands of years in regions on the other side of the globe. So you can see why any religious person attempting to find the path by using ancient writings is going to have a wide array of interpretations– some fixating on literal interpretations; some fixating on sex or some other aspect of the writing that may or may not be an accurate or complete depiction of the original encounter.

    So, religious concepts EVOLVE, just like scientific ones, or even, dare I say, occult ones. The understanding evolves out of more primitive and more ignorant societies, more insular and exclusivist societies, to more sophisticated, complex, knowledgeable and cosmopolitan societies. Hence, we do not stone adulterers any more, and eventually, we will (I am certain) place homosexual relations on parity with heterosexual ones– not because God will issue some new tablets, but because we will become better at reading the “law written in our hearts.”

    Unfortunately, people who are not disposed to value scripture believe that it is instead supposed to be some literal translation of God’s word set in stone (and gee, I wonder why that would be, other than the stories all describe themselves as coming out of God’s mouth or being set in stone tablets– but again, that is the pitfall of literal interpretation and the failure to acknowledge that scripture is largely allegory based on real experiences).

    My spiritual path is remarkably like yours. I really started my spiritual path after my experiences with mushrooms and acid (I am at the DMT threshold and a little nervous about it, but determined). I value it highly and highly respect your path. However, for reasons I won’t bore you with, I returned home to religion, in my case, by virtue of background and culture, was Catholicism, But I came back with eyes that were trained by the mushroom. And those eyes read these same old scriptures in a new way, with a more educated and knowledgeable heart. Thus far, it really seems to this old hallucinaut that with the Bible, yes, everything is in there. Teasing it out though, is not just the work of a lifetime, but of infinite lifetimes (hence, a religion forms and these are shared within it). I again daresay you can make the same statement about the Vedas, the Sutras, the Quran, and any tried and tested religious text (tested? By successfully guiding of sincere spiritual people on an honest path to enlightenment).
    Get past the fundies, who are not on a spiritual path forward but who are instead circling their intellectual wagons to assuage their fear of cultural extinction. Each major religion I know of has a deep mystic tradition, full of visions, and rhythm and knowledge not obtained from books or scripture but from a direct connection between their hearts and the ineffable. I’ve read enough of your stuff to understand that mysticism ought to resonate with you, as well as the fact that it is an important component of the religious path.

  2. DonovanCagliero | Jul 24, 2013 at 8:59 pm |

    Great article. When the subject at hand bounces around like a coked-up child soldier (as in the last paragraph) it gives our consciousnesses little sparks of creativity and insight.

    • Manichaeism is what you should look into to see the most direct example of moral dualism and a “simplified” explanation of why there is “good” and “bad”:

      Its a way of thinking that is still very present in our western societies especially in nationalist, patriotic countries, where the idea of human nature is a selection between good and evil like in superhero comic books. Most American action movie blockbuster still use that “receipt” and butcher any script that doesn’t follow the line just because a majority of people still invest a lot of money to see this predictable shit.

      I have a feeling Im out if context but I will still post this because its always cool to use the phrase “dont be such a Manichean ..”

  3. In Vino Veritas | Jul 26, 2013 at 5:10 am |

    This is one sweet post. I really dig your relentlessness. But regarding the preposterous spiritual ignorance of mankind, I find a lot of things explain themselves when I stop using the word mankind about this stage of monkey that we’re still in. Mankind I think is something that still lies a couple of thousand years ahead of us in the future.

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