Restore The Fourth Protest Organizer Speaks Out

I spoke yesterday with Restore The Fourth’s Sam Oslos, an organizer for the group’s San Francisco chapter.

The group is planning nationwide protests for the 4th of July – including major cities such as New York and San Fran – in order to oppose recent revelations that the NSA is targeting the communications of US citizens, in violation of Fourth Amendment constitutional protections.

It was a fascinating interview. Those interested in joining a protest (or starting one) in their town or city should visit Oslos reminded me that the group is non-partisan and a “unifying cause” for those who oppose warrantless surveillance within the United States.

Restore the Fourth

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  1. terrasodium | Jul 2, 2013 at 4:04 am |

    Isn’t the NDAA signing , drone strike advocate, extraordinary rendition signing, kill list endorser ect ect , a former professor of constitutional law ?you know the hope and change guy, think he’s got a new job description now , something like supreme imperial corporate puppet, maybe he’d like an invite to speak at the protest, I’ll bet he’d know who to talk to and get this 4th amendment thing off the ground.

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