‘Robert’ And Other Haunted Dolls

Pic: Cayobo (CC)

Pic: Cayobo (CC)

I still remember being frightened of that damned clown doll in “Poltergeist”.

Via Mysterious Universe:

When it comes to haunted dolls, Robert is arguably America’s most famous. The Key West doll is a fixture on local ghost tours and even served as an inspiration for Chucky in Child’s Play.

Robert belonged to Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. In 1906, a Bahamian maid reportedly gave the doll to Robert and then cursed the toy after Robert’s parents displeased her. Soon after the maid’s departure, strange events began plaguing the Otto household.

Young Robert enjoyed talking to his namesake, and servants insisted the doll talked back. They also claimed the plaything could change expressions at will and move about the house on his own. Neighbors reportedly saw the doll move from window to window when the family was away, and members of the Otto household heard maniacal giggles emanating from the toy.

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  • Anarchy Pony

    Saw Robert on an episode of Mysteries at the Museum. Creepy as hell.

  • echar

    It’s amazing how a story can generate interest and eventually cash flow.

    • Anarchy Pony

      SHHHHH! Yer gonna blow the secret!

      • echar

        oh… Ummm… I was high when I wrote that *wink*

  • Ted Heistman

    I think its plausible. Objects become imbued with the energy of the people who own them. http://voices.yahoo.com/psychometry-art-reading-energy-objects-5470187.html?cat=34

  • binkilicious

    oh get real

  • binkilicious

    ok in reading i found that this dolls hair is synthetic. not possible in 1910. would more than likely been mohair. it isnt bahamian the doll itself. this is a big fish story like the annabelle doll that does not look antique at all.

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