Spain Privatizes the Sun: Issues Heavy Penalties for Collecting Sunlight

AngrysunEarth First! Newswire cleans up and considerably shortens‘s partially comprehensible translation of an article at Diario Digital Nuestro País:

If you get caught collecting photons of sunlight for your own use you can drop a fine not exceeding 30 million.

So if you were thinking that the best option was just to have some solar panels that were down 80% in cost and have the opportunity to disconnect from the mains and your bill scam, you can forget about it.

With the terror of “destabilized” power consumption, sometime in 2010 someone has decided to privatize the sun …. yes you read that right: Spain, unlike the rest of Europe, levies a toll on electricity generated and injected to the line.

Committing the sacrilege of being energy independent can be very expensive, and the sun now is only for the privileged few and the power companies. The ”Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF ), which brings together some 300 companies representing 85% of the industry, ensures that these changes would be more expensive than resorting to conventional supply.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Words fail me.

  • Cortacespedes

    Yeah, first rain barrels, now this.

    • Anarchy Pony

      An independent citizenry is bad for the oligarchy.

  • T T

    Don’t worry the USA will be next too create the same law. The only difference will be is if you break the law they’ll throw you in guantanamo bay forever.

  • blacklistednews

    This may explain the financial and criminal woes of the Spanish Monarchical Government.

  • DeepCough

    “Not while my greatest nemesis provides free light, heat, and energy: I call this enemy
    ‘the sun.'”

    ~Monty Burns, The Simpsons(S6E25)×353.jpg

  • JudgeDredd

    Nothing they do surprises
    Me anymore. Only the way the people accept this is still surprising. how far will to far be??

  • Codgitator
    • flag

      that is not a tax, and not from Arizona. its the power (un)cooperative imposing a fee on grid ties.

  • Calypso_1

    Right or wrong, if you read into this more, all they are doing is reducing the subsidies that have been provided to the renewable energy sector; including paying them above market rates for energy produced and reducing the loans that have caused the industry to grow faster than projected and have increased the cost of energy production as a whole.
    This has nothing to do with an ‘independent’ citizenry. The companies taking hits are for profit & massively subsidized by the tax payer to the extent that it is now costing them more to produce alternative energy.

  • Ted Heistman

    Stuff like this, IMO, doesn’t really illustrate a bad trend, but rather paints a picture of the way things have always been. Everyone must pay tribute.

  • wiwcha

    Clearly this article is missing some vital information. It would be retarded to think it is as cut and dry as this. Also, is that what the fine is based on? If you have a solar panel its a big fine? This is a bullshit article and an embarrassment for disinfo to even post it.