‘Swamp Booger’ Terrorizing Small Mississippi Town

Via Ted Heistman:

Before you even ask, no, I ain’t been nowhere near Taylor.

Check out the less than convincing evidence in this “elaborate” hoax.

  • Ted Heistman

    That’s from Bigfoot’s supersize polaroid camera…

  • echar

    Dogs barking at nothing, that’s a sure sign.

  • Noah_Nine


  • InfvoCuernos

    I like the way the old lady at the end says ” I want it gooooone.” almost sensual-like. Was this an April 1st broadcast?

  • ThomasArezzo

    Okay, I looked again. It doesn’t look cheesy, it looks dreadful. The news cast looks more convincing than the actual film.

  • ThomasArezzo

    This is for a movie called Night of the Loup Garou in case anyone is interested. It looks terribly cheesy, but I suppose that could be fun.