The BOOM in Motor City: Man Arrested for Driving Antique Combat Vehicle Around Detroit

m20-armored-utility-car-02Via the San Francisco Chronicle.

Although Detroit has a (perhaps unfair) reputation for lawlessness in the popular imagination, you’ve got to ask what was going through the as-yet unidentified man who decided to take a World War II-era M20 armored car for a spin through suburban streets. The vehicle’s gun had been modified to fire compressed gas instead of live ordinance, creating loud explosions and fiery flashes every time the man pulled the trigger. The man was arrested without incident, and the press has not reported where he got the vehicle.

As far as I know, the man driving the M20 was not Ted Nugent.

H/T: BoingBoing.


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  • Deteis

    Thanks for not calling it a tank.

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