The World’s First Zombie Museum Moving to Evans City, PA

20130713000640-museumFans of zombies and dead flesh have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help relocate and expand the world’s first zombie museum in Evans City, Pennsylvania.

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Dawn of the Zombie Museum

In October 2008, we opened the world’s first zombie museum, “Monroeville Zombies” in Pittsburgh’s Monroeville Mall, the main filming location of Romero’s second zombie film, the 1978 “Dawn of the Dead”. There we began to show fans and customers the history and role these films had in changing and defining zombies in pop-culture. Our goal was to celebrate Pittsburgh’s role in this area and create a hub for tourists and fans who want to visit the original filming locations of these films. Along the way we had zombie themed events for fans to socialize and meet others who share interests. Our journey was not obstacle free, however. Many of the plans we had for our space and other zombie social events in the mall never came to fruition due to mall management’s ever changing rules and regulations. In April 2013, we lost our lease in the Monroeville Mall due to mall management’s change in direction of the future leasing plan for the mall.

Zombies Come Back! – and so do we!

In late August 2013, we will come back, as “The Living Dead – Museum and Giftshop” in the home of the living dead, Evans City, PA, the main filming location of “Night of the Living Dead”, the 1968 film that started it all. The world’s first and only zombie museum belongs in the world’s true origin of the zombie. Here in our new facility we can expand and offer all the zombie history, museum exhibits, film location tours, social events such as zombie walks, and a larger giftshop full of collectibles and souvenirs.

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