U.S. Government’s HAARP Program Shuts Down

haarp Did HAARP secretly manipulate the weather? Or beam mind-control radio waves out to the unsuspecting population? If so that’s no longer a priority. The National Association for Amateur Radio reports:

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — a subject of fascination for many hams and the target of conspiracy theorists and anti-government activists — has closed down. HAARP’s program manager, Dr. James Keeney, said that the sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May.

“Currently the site is abandoned,” he said. “It comes down to money. We don’t have any.” Keeney said no one is on site, access roads are blocked, buildings are chained and the power turned off. “Everything is in secure mode,” he said, adding that it will stay that way at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime a new prime contractor will be coming on board to run the government owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility.

As things stand, the Air Force has possession for now, but if no other agency steps forward to take over HAARP, the unique facility will be dismantled, Keeney said.

  • BrianApocalypse

    Wow, even the Illuminati must be feeling the financial bite if they can no longer fund their geo-psionic hurricane mind-control earthquake doom weapon!

    • Calypso_1

      It’s obsolete. They’ve just gone live with the airborne nanodispersant rotational diffusion Tesla power transmission net.

      • MadHierophant

        That or the population is so docile and self-destructive that HAARP is inefficient– we do the job better ourselves.

        • Ittabena

          Another distinct possibility.

      • BrianApocalypse

        Funnily enough my new air freshener uses exactly the same technology.

        Mmm Ubik fresh.

        • Calypso_1

          You weren’t supposed to notice.

  • echar

    Maybe another agency is getting handed the keys?

  • Silent Waft


  • Rus Archer
  • Ittabena

    Ok, I can wrap my mind around the Gov. spending all that money to set up all those antennae and transmitters only to pull the plug because they can’t afford to pay housekeeping to empty the ashtrays.

    But I can’t buy that all they were doing through all that money was research, not with the Tesla technology patents which were invoked. I also can’t get on board with the idea that whatever they were up to,and discovered, has simply been abandoned.

    I think I will have to agree with Calypso, although his comment is humorous, and may have been tongue in cheek.

    Call me disgustingly jaded if you will, but we are not being told everything here. Of course, we never have been.

    • echar

      I sort of know a dude who works for the DOD who was a technician at HAARP. We got talking about it one day at the bar, and he said it’s purpose is to explode missiles by heating up the ionosphere. At least that’s the official story.

  • emperorreagan

    Who needs HAARP?

    The government uses NASCAR emissions to control the weather and the NFL to makes sure everyone is sitting in front of the TV to get their required subliminal programming in the fall.

    • Calypso_1

      They bounce mind control rays from the B-2 flyovers off the bare chested babes.

  • Mike_418

    Crazy conspiracy nuts will need a new horse to beat.

  • Geoengineering Watch
  • SanJean

    HOAX! There are MANY HARRP facilities world wide. Why just parrot crap instead of doing a bit of research?