Welcome to Paradise


If you follow my posts and podcasts here at Disinformation and elsewhere, you probably know that I’m also a musician in Nashville, TN. Here is the new video for my song “Paradise.” The song and the video both point back to the kind of counter-cultural posts you’re familiar with.

Conceived, directed and edited from public domain footage found at Archive.org, “Paradise” combines images of San Francisco in 1941 with shots from the city captured in 1968 during that era’s counter-cultural revolution. The video takes the song’s declarative chorus as a jumping-off point to celebrate the Utopian impulse that has defined that city.

Welcome to “Paradise”

“Paradise” appears on my CD BLUE TURNS BLACK.

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Joe Nolan was born under a bad sign on June 13th in Detroit, Michigan in the last Metal Year of the Dog. Polymath, provocateur, inter-media artist, his tell-tale signs have turned up in music, visual art, journalism, poetry, fiction, video and film. A double Gemini, his interests range from the pharmacology of phenomenology to fly fishing; from mysticism to mixed martial arts; from chaos science to chaos magick. Joe Nolan's Insomnia blog republishes to some of the most read counter-culture sites on the web and the Coincidence Control Network podcast which he hosts has been downloaded more than half-a-million times.He is recording his fourth CD in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives to the east of the Cumberland river on a little wooded lot dubbed Bohemian Walnut Grove.

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2 Comments on "Welcome to Paradise"

  1. Dan Muench | Jul 31, 2013 at 3:21 am |

    No offense to you, Joe – I’m a musician myself and promotion is hard nowadays, since everyone has the same basic toolkit.

    But I often wonder about my attempt to create an account here being denied – repeatedly! – while I was still interested in sticking my neck out with info about the US domestic drone program. Yet there are many people shilling for their band, their book, their podcast, their website, etc. Obviously I wasn’t denied because I’m merely ‘looking to promote myself and/or my material’ or anything.

    One wonders if any ‘real’ info is supposed to actually leak through, or whether Disinfo.com is merely a repost site for people who read The Daily Grail and Fortean Times yesterday…Ooh, more Mothman news! Yay!

    I’d just go to HuffPo but I don’t want to dig through celebrity gossip and/or listen to Bill Maher’s bullshit, so I guess I’ll still come around and see if one or two non-self-promo posts are ones I didn’t already read days ago…I guess it’s better than some things out there after all.

    Really in the end though it’s just typical internet bs, providing content free of charge so they can sell advertising or a few more copies of 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know…I’m so very sure that The Disinformation Company will be known as a driving force in the movement that finally freed the planet from Oligarchy. *Cough…

    Then again, the BBC just up and puts wingnut ‘whistleblowers’ on TV, then kicks them off with all of the money and tools to do whatever they want all the time, right? Happened to my buddy just yesterday…;-)

    • Thanks for the comment! Speaking for myself, my posts are usually all my own writing with only snippets cut/pasted from sources. As far as the video goes – as I mentioned above – it’s a project that dovetails perfectly with all the recent San Fran/Diggers stuff I’ve been digging up – I don’t know anyone currently covering them. All of my journalism/blogging/criticism ultimately ties back into my own creative projects so I don’t see this as a special self promo post so much as the continuation of a multi-part project, looking back at our counter-cultural ancestors.

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