What’s the Next Step in Human Evolution?

imagesColor-changing skins? Giant, unwieldy craniums? Lobotomized smart-phone junkies?

There was also a Daily Mail piece about how humans will eventually evolve beaks. Because why not?

Evolution is obviously a complex process. But it’s also a slow process. This means you can make claims about it and by the time it progresses to the point where you’re proved right or wrong, you’ll be long dead so it won’t matter.

So, in order to not miss a potential bandwagon, what could humans end up being like if current cultural trends and features remain relatively constant over the next few million years? Here are some possibilities.

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8 Comments on "What’s the Next Step in Human Evolution?"

  1. Adamas Macalz | Jul 12, 2013 at 6:37 pm |

    Why not all of the above? with wings, a flexible skeleton, tentacle fingers, a color changing skin I could at least get a job in alt porn… that is I don’t contact my Migo brethren first and take over the planet.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Jul 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm |

    Extinct at the hands of our robotic offspring.

  3. I’m actually on the “evolution has stopped” bandwagon for our species. We’ll be extinct soon.

    It’s not an empty cosmos, it has plenty of life. Just anything intelligent enough to build a bomb kills itself with said bomb.

  4. Personally, I suspect that the next phase for us is when we direct our own evolution, which might turn out to be the threshold for “maturity” by which alien races decide that it’s okay to contact us.

    The interesting thing will be which traits we self-select for. Will be become a race of brainiacs, or warriors? Where does empathy fit in? Will the next world war be fought between geneticists trying to establish the dominance their own human 2.0 prototype, based upon the set of principles they value most (think “Oryx and Crake”).

    Given current trends, I could see us evolving into a borg-like collective, where we each have cybernetic interfaces to some future internet, wherein we all share a degree of collective consciousness.

  5. hucksawyer | Jul 13, 2013 at 2:22 pm |

    How about they first prove there is such a thing as human evolution to begin with. That would be a good next step, and also a good first step. So far, despite a century and a half of imaginative science fiction passed for academic research, there has been no serious tendency toward bridging the gap between the animal mind (which can not produce philosophy or mathematics) and the human mind. The gap between the mind of the ape and the mind of man is not quantitative (“IQ” of, say, 50 vs an “IQ” of 70), it is qualitative. The notion popular at the end of the 19th century, that the brightest of apes are really smarter that the most foolish of men, surely remains one of the most ridiculous, insane, and anti-human pieces of nonsense ever put to print – unless it is meant to imply that apes have hitherto not arrived to a theory of “ape evolution,” which one suspects is not the case.

    So here’s what the next step of “human evolution” will actually be: humans will remain about the same as they are now.
    We might get cyborgs, though, in the sense that technological advancement may eventually produce mechanical arms such as the one Luke Skywalker sported in the Star Wars movie. That’s conceivable, possible, and perhaps even inevitable. But that would amount to technological development, not to evolution.

  6. By the time humans evolve a lot of us will be separated from each other, some will be living in Space, others will be on the Moon, and or on Mars. Our separation will allow each of us to evolve at different rates, since time in Space/moon & Mars are all different. This would of happened along time ago if they brought out Nikola Tesla’s worldwide wireless electricity, but because they didn’t our technology isn’t so advanced to do so, so the rate of our evolution will depend on our government’s negligence.

    This article is okay, but they’re not telling you everything you need to know. I don’t know why and what they’re hiding, but for some reason the internet is telling you their is no evidence of this and blah blah or they aren’t telling you everything, so I’m going to tell you everything you need to know right here;;

    As you probably already know everyone’s evolutionary stage is different, some of us are on the 6th stage, while others are on the 5th stage. Example: Most Middle Easterners are still in the 5th stage of evolution, and this can be seen by the large amount of hair on their bodies, their language, etc,etc. The 5th stage basically means the Late Caveman stage or Homo Heidelbergensis
    , but thanks to Europeans mating with the Middle Easterners, the Middle Easterners evolutionary stage is jumping up at a fast rate. Europeans are on the 7th stage, which means they are in the stage of Man or Homo Sapiens.
    If one day an Alien that looked like a Human Being came from space from a spaceship and it was on the 15th stage of Evolution, mating with a human on earth who is on the 5th Evolutionary stage would mean their offspring would dramatically increase higher than the 5th stage, but less than 15. This fast jump of Evolutionary stage will keep happening with each generation of offspring until it reaches the 15th stage, then from there is will slow down. The evolutionary stage increases by 0.1% in every new generation of offspring at a normal rate. As you can see, our offspring is looking prettier and cleaner through each new generation of offspring.

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