Witchsploitation! Witchcraft “Documentaries” From the Golden Age of Groovy

One of my favorite blogs, A Few Years in the Absolute Elsewhere (A nice reference to The Morning of the Magicians, that.) has quite a treat on offer today. Author Tristan Eldritch has written a nice round-up on witchcraft-themed “documentaries” from the sixties and seventies. Although I’ve embedded a documentary here, I firmly suggest you check out the original article.

A Few Years in the Absolute Elsewhere:

“Being so prevalent in the fictional cinema of the period, it is unsurprising that witchcraft also seeped into the seedier corners of British filmmaking. Now appearing quaint and incongruous, putative “documentaries” were often produced as a means of slipping copious nudity past the censor, these films finding a ready audience among the so-called “dirty mac” set in Soho sex cinemas…”

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WARNING: Film (NSFP) Not Safe for Prudes.

  • Ted Heistman

    NSFP ha!

    I was on an art forum once and some dude labeled his life drawings of NSFW! Yeah, sexy! pencil drawings of fat housewives!

    I asked him if he worked in Jordan or Yemen or something.

  • Hadrian999

    Docs on the occult from the 60’s and 70’s are hilarious

  • emperorreagan

    I hope you’re ready for the lawsuit for turning me on to witch craft and nudity, Matt Staggs.

    • Matt Staggs

      I’ll present “…turning me on” as proof of your prior prurient proclivities.

  • http://2012diaries.blogspot.com/ tristan eldritch

    Thanks for the link and kind encouragement Matt!