A Brief Guide to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensional Time-Space Perception

kingofwitchesservitorAs a student of psychology in my youth, one of the things that fascinated me most was how in other “hard science” disciplines you could come up with incredibly freaky theories about shit like dark matter and quantum physics, then actually talk about them publicly without being laughed at. I suppose this is because of math, but if you break any of the aforementioned theories down too far, you’re basically dealing with the idea that humans can barely perceive the vast majority of what’s going on in the universe. Yet, say the same thing in regards to consciousness and it’s simply not tolerated. Goes against everything we believe in.

What I find most hilarious about say, people getting super excited about things like string theory, is it doesn’t stand up to even the most basic of exploratory questioning. Really, so there are 11 dimensions? Just 11. What’s it like in those? Do they have kittens? What’s the sex like? Is there space weed? Of course, since they’re not thinking about these matters in terms of consciousness or experience, there aren’t even minorly compelling answers to these questions. Whereas if you asked a neo-sorcerer such as myself for his opinion, I could go on forever. First, what the hell is going on with animals? Isn’t each species sort of like another dimension of consciousness? They’re not tuned into the same story arc we are but they’re tied to it and they’re not thinking by even remotely the same linguistic parameters, so that’s pretty trippy. Seriously, try and get in your dog or cat’s head. It’s not a constant stream of words being strung together, they’re basically thinking in complex images of food and petting I would imagine. It’s impossible to comprehend what that would be like for us because once language sinks its exotic tendrils into you, you tend to get lost in the mix.

What about fucking insects? Lord? What the hell is going on there with all that hive mind weirdness? More importantly, what’s it like to get hard for a sexy red panda during mating season? You see, alternate dimensions. We just tend to edit this uncertainty out, because you know, we’ve got to make more…err…products or something, and you know, we’ve got to do that faster. I don’t pretend to get it. I also don’t pretend to understand why as an undergrad I paid people to regurgitate Freud’s coked out theories about the id, ego, and superego at me ad nauseum. If they would have harped on about his sex and death trip, that would have been money well spent but this was a bunch of loony tune shite being passed off as science. What value could I possibly find in thinking about my psyche in terms of the id, ego, and super ego? What good has that done us?

On the other hand, if you were to look at all the subjective qualitative reports regarding near death experiences, out of body experiences, spontaneous “alien” contact, shamanic visionary states, and turn that into a grand theory about the extension of consciousness beyond death, you get idiots calling you a pseudo-scientist. There’s no profit in that line of thinking boy.What’s amazing is how many people truly let themselves believe in this charade.

Fortunately, I got the fuck out of the academic racket as soon as I got my crappy degree and just started using myself as a test subject to explore the absolute fringes of fringe consciousness. They say everyone studies psychology to figure out what in god’s name is going on with themselves and I’m no different. I was wondering why it is that when I take mushrooms it’s like staring into the rapidly mutating face of a super-sentient insectile hyer-intelligence. Taking on that is actually illegal in our society if you’ll recall (although that’s changing slowly), but this basic unanswerable quandary lead me into astral projection, and later chaos magick. What can I tell you, when you play with the bull, you get the horns.

What I’m about to get into is shit that has beamed itself directly into me telepathically (friend me on Facebook, I talk about esoteric stuff all the time over there and it’s getting increasingly odd). Am I saying these theories are correct or valid? No, I’m saying it’s a coherent idea about the superstructure of consciousness which came to me in an intentionally induced vision, and seems to be echoed in a lot of other reported visionary experiences throughout the ages, possibly hinting at semi-objective aspects of our reality.

I’ll probably be telling this story until the day I die, but back in the fall of 2010, I accidentally summoned what classic Occultists would refer to as my Holy Guardian Angel. It showed up as me, told me it was the beings from the Sirius star system who were communicating with Robert Anton Wilson and the grey aliens, among other things which vary depending on who’s perceiving them. Then they/me went about projecting a repeating vision about the nature of The Holy Trinity directly into my mind. You know, that thing I read about in church growing up and recited a bunch of times, utterly clueless as to what I was talking about. We love to forget the Gnostic roots to a lot of our religions don’t we? According to them/me, The Holy Trinity is symbolic language meant to depict the very nature of our eternal spirit. In the following years, I’ve had an increasing amount of dreams and ganj-i-tation communiqué fleshing out this concept in greater detail, so let me drop some of that knowledge briefly.

3rd Dimensional Time-Space Perception

In Gnostic terms, this would be referred to as the son (or daughter). This one’s fairly easy to wrap your head around because it’s what we’re all experiencing. This is the you lost in the time stream circa whenever you’re reading this. According to most conventional thought, this encompasses everything. It’s a fun little boundary we’ve created for our minds that leads us to believing in bizarre ass concepts like normality, but did I mention that my cosmic oversoul or whatever you want to call it explained to me that it/I exists “outside of time”. Yeah, showed me that as well in the vision. Now, the more you start to think about the nature of time, the more you start to see how nothing’s concrete at all. You’re in a state of constant energetic flux, and 2 seconds ago is no more solid than air. In fact, the second it’s gone, all that’s left is your memory of it, and one of the things I did learn as a psychology undergrad is that that crap’s notoriously flawed. So, what the hell is “reality” then?

Well, in other recent meditation sessions it’s been presented to me that film is an apt metaphor. In fact, what was directly said was “This movie was filmed in the 5th dimension” (classic Disinfo from a few months back, just classic). So, you’re an actor, in a movie that’s being filmed in another, higher dimension. Who’s filming it and how?

4th Dimensional Time-Space Perception

This would be the how and if you’re following along, in Gnostic terms considered The Holy Spirit. Over the years I’ve had a ton of dreams where my consciousness just jumps from one perspective to another. I’ll be in one person’s head, and then fly out and join the plot of another seemingly unrelated individual, picking up the narrative already in progress. I’ve been getting a lot of this lately as a matter of fact. A few months back, after first getting my new puppy and walking him about on a sunny afternoon, I later had visions where the sun was energetically beaming positive vibes throughout the city. When little Ezekiel walked by people, my perspective shifted into those who came up and said hi (which was a ton because he’s adorable).

The sun was making us all happy, his cuteness made them even happier, and they in turn made him ecstatic. My perspective would shift into him, and then back into the people passing by. I’d be given a brief glimpse of the positive influence he briefly had on their lives, and them on his. Apparently often these things can affect plotlines in odd ways long after the fact imperceptibly.

In about a gajillion different reports of heavenly states of consciousness, we see the “we’re all one” theme repeated continually. So many have seen this throughout the centuries it’s almost cliché. When my HGA initially projected this cosmic discourse, it showed me that from its perspective the entire human plotline throughout history looked like a glowing white orb. Sort of like a living, still solidifying planet. The entire pristine edifice of the planet was comprised from all of our conjoined plotlines, the connection between them being the 4th dimension. Since they’re filming it in the 5th dimension, they can tap into any incident and flip rapidly through how it affected any number of interconnected and often seemingly non-related story arcs through the power of The Holy Spirit. Genius cinema, but some of these roles truly suck if I must say so myself. Someone should file a grievance with the union. But how would you do that? With magick I suppose. Magick often involves using 3rd dimensional perception to contact 5th dimensional perception and make changes in our realm by exerting its influence on 4-D perception, which plays 3-D like a puppet. Head spinning yet? Well, let’s continue then.

5th Dimensional Time-Space Perception

Or the Father (or Mother) if you must insist on the Gnosticism. This is by far the most unknowable, and why good magick is essentially trying to initiate a conversation with this arcane internal divinity. It was shown to me that this super god exists outside of the entire movie of humanity, and yet shapes us by being all far out like that. It is from this perspective that the movie will be judged. Most spiritual people get caught up on the “we’re all one” thing, but why does this “one” feel the need to divide itself into all these little micro narratives? That’s the real question. How do you get into the head of your inner deity and figure out why it’s making the seemingly suspect directorial choices it is? How do you have a meeting with the writing team? As far as I can decipher, you try things like astral projection and chaos magick.

Lately I’ve had this shit going down where these 5th dimensional freaks try to pull me out of my body and upward into their elevated spectral orgies, but I can’t do it. It gets too otherworldly and initiates a fear response which jolts me back into my body before I truly even know what the hell is going on. Until I get up that far, I can only really comment on what they’ve shown me, which is this. To them, all time appears like it’s happening at once. That planet like orb they’re looking at? One side is the future and the other’s the past. It’s all made of stories and they can go wherever they want and edit it in a billion different obscene configurations. Christ it’s just another movie to them. They’ve got an infinite database with a shitton of other, probably better films, but they haven’t given up on this project yet, although I’ve maybe gotten the impression we’ve got to start bringing our A-game if it’s not going to flop. To do this, we need to start conjoining these 3 levels of perception into a gloriously unifying psychic euphoria. Or just keep fucking over the poor. Whatever’s funnier I guess?

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

25 Comments on "A Brief Guide to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensional Time-Space Perception"

  1. Now THAT”S entertainment. Love it!

  2. I always wondered about the power of belief. Do you believe this because you had these experiences? or did you believe this, and with a strong enough lets say “magickal will” you further convinced yourself of it through these experiences.

  3. festernaecus | Aug 14, 2013 at 3:29 pm |

    Wow, neo-sorcerist, you sure are smarter than all those mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

  4. Andrew Cary | Aug 14, 2013 at 4:15 pm |

    Wonderful work man this is brilliantly crafted, easily the most lucid exposition of higher dimensional time that I’ve read.

    Academic psychology is still operating in a mechanical Newtonian world, quantum consciousness is still a realm for theoretical physicists. Why they’re still even talking about Freud as something other than a relic of simplistic thinking and sexual perversion is a baffling.

    The most fascinating insight that 11-dimensional string theory reveals is that the Qabalistic tree of life has 11 spheres of consciousness, intermediary dimensions between the One Thing and the four gross elements. Both ancient mystics and modern physicists have arrived at a nearly identical map of creation.

    There’s a quote from the Magical, enigmatic, and potently real book by the Wingmaker’s Materials creator James Mahu, Quantusum, which resonates powerfully;

    “In your world, the world of turbulence and change, your role in writing your mission is unseen. You feel like an actor who is given the wrong script, and you seek the writer, because you want it changed. You want to make it conform to happiness, because that is the Holy Grail in your world. But when you wrote your mission, you knew happiness would ebb and flow with its counterparts of despair and sorrow.

    The Key is to bring love as a state of consciousness to your world, and you can only do this if you hold the principle of the Sovereign Integral in your very being. And this mission is what we… you wrote, and every turn, every bum, every nuance of change that you encounter, brings you to this realization. when you have it, yu will find the way to enable others to have it as well.”

  5. You dropped out of academia – who woulda thunk it?

  6. Calypso_1 | Aug 14, 2013 at 7:38 pm |

    I spy an Autocosmic cargo cult.

  7. atlanticus | Aug 14, 2013 at 8:41 pm |

    You’re still a step away from figuring out that ALL of that is in YOUR head / universe (the only one that you can know)… (and I don’t mean that you’re “crazy”, either…that doesn’t really mean anything).

    I believe there is a Reality, but I will never Know for sure.

    I Know about the sister/twin-mother-me that has my arms and from the other direction looks like the insect-eye lenses gazing into all of the other “realities”, which are also her/me/it…but ultimately, I have to believe that this is just …seeing my operating system…not Real Reality…

    Sally likes to work in metaphors (like the time I became a thousand me’s which were also a couch…”right, I get it, my perception makes it so, so it is me too…got it”). It took me much longer to figure out that every person I had ever held in high regard (or despised, for that matter) was also me, (because it was never them).

    Sure, practically everyone already understands this stuff in an intellectual, removed sort of way…but they keep acting like other people are better or worse than they are (when “they” are really imaginary friends–*They* are people you will never really know…even if you get really really good at seeming to remember and predict the patterns in some particular *They*…no different from your pets).

    We may or may not be “all one” in a literal sense. But I know for certain that every *impression* I have of everyone else is in fact “all one” with me.

  8. I like this.
    As long as you don’t take it super-duper seriously, it’s interesting stuff.
    To those saying this guy is nuts…I agree, to an extent. And I would add, what’s wrong with being nuts? How do you know being “normal” is, you know…normal?

    On top of that, I would add, he doesn’t seem to be taking himself as seriously as some of you may think. He mentioned Robert Anton Wilson, who’s entire philosophy was one of agnosticism about EVERYTHING. Once you stop pretending you know what’s going on, you realize pretty quickly that reality(ALL of reality) is absurd to the core.

    Take any random thing we take for granted…say, sour cream. Nothing strange about that, right?
    Sure…until you realize what’s really going on…….

    A species of hominid, an ape with pinkish auburn skin and neotenous fetal heads, likes to squeeze the fleshy protruding tubes on the abdomen of large fellow mammals. The fleshy tubes squirt out viscous white fluid. The apes take this fluid and add billions of microscopic bacteria to it. They let the fluid age until it separates into strata of various densities. The apes then skim off a chunky portion of this. They enjoy putting this thick white gloop on engorged underground plant organs called tubers. They then put this into a box that emits microwave radiation, causing the atoms of the tuber to vibrate rapidly. The apes then put all of this into a hole in the middle of their head. The concoction is dissolved inside the ape by acids and the resulting fluid is absorbed into the ape’s body, regenerating it. The apes must constantly do this in order to live.

    Still think eating a potato with sour cream is….”normal”?

    I think the author of this article is coming from a similar perspective as it relates to ALL of existence. Reality is insanely absurd. If you had never been alive, and were somehow able to “pop” into the moment you’re currently in, it would be an onslaught of seemingly random chaotic and exceedingly psychedelic sense input. Without slowly acclimating to reality through childhood, reality would be as psychedelic and ineffable as the most intense DMT trip possible.

    I find it utterly hilarious how once humans reach a certain age, we call ourselves “adults” and pretend to know what reality is all about. It’s absurdly amusing to run across people who take life VERY seriously and claim to KNOW what is going on. Politicians and religious people, and the people who follow them, are the best example of this. They actually think they know what life and reality is all about…what it’s “for.” And they take these beliefs VERY seriously…and implore you to take them very seriously as well, sometimes at the threat of being locked in a cage if you do not acquiesce.

    Personally, I think this is the most interesting, fascinating, and entertaining aspect of reality. 99% of the time, we live our lives as though it all makes sense. Sure, there are road-bumps along the way, but by and large we go through life as though it’s the most normal and obvious thing there is. However, I like to try and remind myself, as often as possible, that taking ANYTHING for granted is the height of absurdity. Hell, I’m typing this right now. How am I doing that? I have zero idea. I know the science behind the muscles in my fingers and how brains work. But I’m literally watching my screen…and watching letters pop into existence, while below, my fingers jump to and fro in a flurry of activity. Yet, it’s not quite right to say I’m “willingly choosing” what I type. It’s just….happening. Why am I typing this sentence now, and not something else? I have no idea. I just do it.

    Reality is so mysterious. To pretend for one moment that we have the basics figured out is beyond arrogant. Most people are deathly afraid of not knowing…but I relish the realization that I’m a conscious being(whatever the hell THAT is) in the middle of this thing called reality(whatever the hell THAT is). Enjoy the mystery!

    • Rhoid Rager | Aug 15, 2013 at 8:30 am |

      Well put. I hope more people begin to recognize the absurdity of this ruse. That will change a lot for the better.

  9. Tuna Ghost | Aug 14, 2013 at 10:15 pm |

    What about the explanations of higher dimensions that don’t require anything traditionally associated with the occult? It’s actually not that difficult to understand the concept of a fourth dimension that contains the three dimensions with which we typically use to reason using common, everyday terms and examples.

  10. Adam's Shadow | Aug 15, 2013 at 12:13 am |

    In my opinion, the concepts of the multiverse and/or parallel universes in science fiction and cutting-edge physics can account for pretty much every possible scenario: synchronicity, the occult and paranormal, non-human intelligences, an individual’s spiritual connection to that same multiverse, etc. When you have a system where the rules are basically “there are no rules,” what other model do you need to explain reality? If everything possible not only can happen, but given enough time will happen, you are left with…what? Infinite possibilities. It’s overly simplistic, I know, but it works for me.

    “nothing is true, all is permitted”

  11. Ted Heistman | Aug 15, 2013 at 10:20 am |

    This is really good! I have been really busy but just got a chance to read this. I can relate to a lot of it, conversations with HGA etc. I think interstellar travel is through consciousness, and these star travelers on some level are us!

  12. THEUNSEENofNOTISH | Aug 15, 2013 at 9:55 pm |

    DUDE! ITS ME! 5th Dimension is the KING. You dont need to orgy for that shit. It means youre an adult in Mageickal Terms and youre fair game for ANYTHING on the astaral plane. Like you are on the streets. Careful in that world! Its where lying and manipulation start to happen when you get lost in that zone. Why I am happily Sober these days unless in sacred and protected places, or in my house and prepared, in however you trained yourself, to come back down from the creative space of the imagination as I term it when I need to come down. Its where, if you believe in telepathy, as I know you do, people can send images and create stories in your head. Its where I experience past life knowledge, some of it stories from others, some of it real, at the 5th dimension point, until I tripped one last time and reached the 6th dimension, as we’d say, the ACE, not playing in that world, but treating with respect. Most people love dallying in that 5th dimension to fuck with those enter the 5th dimension you describe until they either go insane or next level, which is being in tune with nature and not necessarily needing weed anymore. Weeds an easy ticket to 5, can get there without practice or belief. If you believe its more than a dream. Thats why it sparks creativity and some people cant smoke it or they get paranoid (or say they do and smoke in secret as “spirits” tell them – those are the fucking scary ones). For reference, trust the past life knowledge down the right side of your spine and respect if spirits tell you, you shouldnt know some past life things to stay peaceful, sane or safe, in this life. and then you find out the truth later was that spirits needed you to see how lies could be given about your past life in present life, JUST AS THEY HAD IN THE PAST LIFE.

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