Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments

Abby Martin calls out MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, for promoting the notion that violence is rooted in conspiracy theories, while disregarding the importance of questioning official government narratives.

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Abby Martin

Abby Martin

Creator at The Empire Files
Creator The Empire Files on teleSUR, Founder Media Roots, BOD Project Censored & Former Host Breaking the Set
Abby Martin
  • Chaos_Dynamics

    Edison’s beatch.

  • ishmael2009

    Maddow is nothing more than the mirror image of the fringe Right Wing shock jocks and commentators she claims to despise. She mocks “conspiracy theory” one day, whilst claiming Fox News is mind-controlling the masses the next, or that some shadowy big oil cartel stands in the way of renewable energy.

    Maddow/Limbaugh et al. are what they are: talking heads who simply enact the same theatre every day.

    • bobbiethejean

      Maddow and Limbaugh are not so similar. For one thing, she tries to base her opinions on fact. Secondly, when she is wrong, she admits she’s wrong, I have witnessed her doing it. Limbitch thinks he is right no matter what and I have seen him denying fault when there was no denying he was wrong. You can feel free to dislike both equally if that suits you but you cannot claim they are the same or even really all that similar.

      • Chaorder Gradient

        Limbaugh and Maddow are not so similar. For one thing, he tries to base his opinions on fact. Secondly, when he is wrong, he admits he’s wrong, I have witnessed him doing it. Maddick thinks she is right no matter what and I have seen her denying fault when there was no denying she was wrong. You can feel free to dislike both equally if that suits you, but you cannot claim they are the same or even really all that similar.

        • bobbiethejean

          You do realize this is just plain retarded, right? Would you like me to start listing all the ways this makes you look like a moron? I wouldn’t even know where to start. ….

          Ok, how about one of my personal favorites? Rush Limbaugh, utterly and entirely ignorant about how much the average American earns yearly, suggested that people should just pay out of pocket for medical expenses because the last time he had to pay out of pocket, it only cost THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, as much as a new SUV, which he seems to think your average American can just toss around willynilly. Believe me. I can keep going. Furthermore, the guy is a patent, unapologetic bigot. Rachel, though I don’t agree with all her stances on race, is not a bigot. Sometimes she seems to be like…. apologizing for being white, which I don’t get, but whatever. I can forgive someone small faults and failures. Limbaugh is a patently illogical, unapologetic bigot who is ignorant of what the Average American is suffering through. Oh and he is also a massive fucking hypocrite and misogynist.

          • Chaorder Gradient

            lol that was delicious.

          • bobbiethejean

            I see. In other words, you were either being sarcastic, trolling, or you have nothing intelligent to add.

    • The Well Dressed Man

      Both of them are uncomfortable to watch or listen to. Maddow’s snarky mugging at the camera is almost as creepy as Glen Beck’s. Actually, Abby Martin comes across with the same sort of condescension, less practiced but just as self-righteous. Iggy Pop once said he doesn’t watch TV, cause he would never let someone talk to him like that face to face.

  • moremisinformation

    What a shock. A Rhodes Scholar and shill for the phony left/right paradigm obfuscating reality.

  • Kurt the Turk

    Russia, thanks for telling us who not to trust.

  • Orac1962

    I’ll take Abby Martin’s refusal to acquiesce to government propaganda a lot more seriously when she works for a channel that’s not the English-language propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin and his thugs.

    • ishmael2009

      I know what you mean – but on the other hand, name me a channel that isn’t immersed in propaganda of one sort or another. Even NPR and the BBC have knowingly broadcast government propaganda. The only real difference is theirs is a lot cleverer because more subtle. The propaganda at Fox, or CNN, or RT is – in a twisted way – more acceptable because being so obvious it’s easily discounted.