Animal Study Suggests ‘Safe’ Levels of Sugar in American Diet May Not Be So Safe

imagesSorry, America: Apparently you can’t get by on Mountain Dew and fried Twinkies covered in crumbled Twinkies served on a plate made of Twinkies without some health-related blow-back. I want my country back!

Via Nature:

Too much sugar is bad for you, but how much, exactly, is too much? A study in mice has found that the animals’ health and ability to compete can be harmed by a diet that has sugar levels equivalent to what many people in the United States currently consume.

High-sugar diets are associated not only with obesity and diabetes, but also with other human conditions such as coronary heart disease. However, the exact causal links for many of these has not been established. When studies are done in mice to evaluate health effects of sugar, the doses given are often so high, and outside the range of equivalent human consumption, that it is hard to tell conclusively whether the results are relevant to people.

Put down the doughnut and keep reading.

  • Chaorder Gradient

    The question really though, is can you survive without any refined sugar at all, and still live a healthy life, or even be more healthy?

    If the answer is yes, then can it really be seen as much different than a drug?

  • Ted Heistman

    I actually think the causal link has been established. high sugar diet leads to Insulin resistance, Glucose intolerance leading to dysglycemia, which results in a cascade of problems such as abdominal obesity, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes and heart disease even thyroid problems.

  • BuzzCoastin

    eliminating sugar from your diet
    is easy as eliminating processed foods from your diet
    but what thinking aMerka wants
    are healthy Twinkies & nutritious Dew Dew

  • Haystack

    That’s why I always have a Diet Coke with my fried Twinkies covered in crumbled Twinkies served on a plate made of Twinkies.

  • Joseph Amos