Daniel Pinchbeck Launches Mind Shift: A New Kind of Talk Show

Daniel Pinchbeck, just launched a new kind of talk show called “Mind Shift.” Think Real Time with Bill Maher, but with a guest panel of mystics, countercultural philosophers and psychedelic artists. The first show rounded up Michael Muhammad Knight, Alex Grey, Howard Bloom and Jay Michaelson. Sounds good to me!

The FB page says:

“This is not a talk show about politics, and this is not a talk show to plug the latest books or movies. This is a talk show about the big ideas that aren’t talked about in the mainstream media. Big ideas that may scare some people but will inspire others.”

Take a look at what CULTiE writes about the first show.

From CULTiE.com

I’m highlighting Michael Muhammad Knight’s discussion here because of his unique subject: Islam and psychedelics. He has a new book out called Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing. That’s my favorite writing recipe right there! A combination of religion, mysticism and/or altered states of consciousness, and literature. A potent brew.

CULTiE writes:

What happens when a traditional religion like Islam meets psychedelics?

Michael Muhammed Knight, author of Tripping with Allah, answers the question. He details a lurid psychedelic visitation with the naked Fatimah, daughter of Muhammed. Knight sought the feminine within what is generally a male-dominant religion and got what he wished for when he took Ayuasca. Fatimah’s apparition told Knight, “The Koran is for the boys,” and insisted that her body was the door to the mosque. He proceeded to enter.

Knight describes walking into a traditional mosque the day after the experience, doing the all the usual things, but with a new expanded understanding of his religion.

Added to my wishlist. And when I’m visiting New York, since Mind Shift is filmed in front of a live audience, I’ll blog about it!

Mindshift will be shown on Gaiam TV.

PS: If you’re not familiar with them yet, check out CULTiE’s about page:

CULTIE (‘kʌltɪ) —short for Cultivator—spotlights Art, Design, Technology, and Thought Leadership inspired by Philosophy and Spiritual Cultivation.

A sister site to web spaces like Disinfo and my own blog, Evolutionary Landscapes. Add them to your blogrolls, people.

PPS: Hello readers! This is my inaugural blog post on Disinfo.com. I figured I’d start with a quiet announcement, and warm up before I get to the real juicy stuff.

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